Low Cal Diet.- does it slow down the metabolism? Need a healthy debate without passion.

I have been gratefully listening to the words on Low Cal high fat diet. I must be honest that from 470 i am now 170 and have also lost 14 kg weight. I am happy with sleep of 8 hrs total and more stamina and feeling of energy. I do not let my calories from carbs exceed 100g which gives me 400cals. I consume about 500 ml cow milk which would contribute about 20 gm fat ie 200 cals from fat and totally about 310 cals. Another 20 gm coconut fat/olive oil would add 180 cals. I will add 80 gram from eggs. this means about 1000 cals. Add to this about 600 cals from nuts, light fruits (water melon/orange/musk melon/mosambi/sometimes 6-10 black grapes. A small glass of wine has replaced milk at night and i sleep better, no midnight hunger pangs and it drops my BS. I am off most allopathic medications. I got an audio presentation saying that low cal diet slows down the metabolism makig it impossible to lose belly fat any further.

Pls share your views and publications coolly as this is a self help group not peddlars of products/services.

I often get calls from community members, I share my experience- i do not charge and do not accept gifts. I request all to give fresh clean water to birds as they bless us with good health and yr medical bills will come down.

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  • @anilgupta101,

    I suppose, it must be a typo in your first line, "Low Cal high fat diet". You must be meaning "Low Carb high fat diet".

    That apart, thanks for the great break up of the cals & the food input.


  • See the total calories it is also low. Loosing weight is not possible with a high cal diet unless your metabolism sits on a rocket which is very difficult. Keep your calories intake lesser than your body need. Your insulin resistance will increase and the magic will star. Thanks for writing and clarifying..

  • @anilgupta,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Reminds me of reading somewhere the ayurvedic way of eating food, 1/3 food + 1/3 liquid and 1/3 space.


  • can the 1/3 liquid be beer?

  • How abour 1/3 Sundri?

  • Boy, I wish it could be.:(


  • Dear Med free, I check my weight as i wake up and also before i get to bed. Also my day starts after BS test. See you are like gurus to me, I only share my experience. What cals you permit, I try to extract tehm from Long wheat porridge as it has helped me seriously. The presentation was from a guy and gal in US selling some program. I like to share any info i get.

    Now Let me share one piece of Info with the group. When curd is 48 hrs old it converts into a medicine as per Yunani school of thought. I often make greek Yogurt or chakka out oif the Yogurt to strain out the whey ( rich in lactose) and then add crushed garlic, some crushed green chiilies, chilly power (boosts metabolism), some mint sometimes (also a metabolism booster), chopped olives and extra virgin olive oil. This is great with a paratha made out of whole wheat 40% ragi 20%, Oats 20% barley 20%, methi leaves, extra virgin coconut oil. The paratha goes well with Homus, Baba Gannouch, greek yogurt. I make sure i add okra to my diet as it multipiles the efficacy of Jamun Seed powder due to synergetic effect. ( Source "Ayurvedic Herbs by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa and Michael Tierra).

    My goal- to help people cure themselves at zero cost and enjoy a pleasant life.

    Fruits- only low fructose as high fructose shoots up HB1AC as per my understanding. Pls give yr inputs.

  • I think olive oil is preferable to coconut oil. Wonder if Ayurvedic Herbs by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa and Michael Tierra is available on the net?

  • Coconut oil, being MCT, is "CARBS" of the fat world. Best stuff.

  • Dear Medfree, you are much smarter than me. Masha Allah. The curd can be taken in the fridge after setting and when it has released some water. It is still sweet not sour. Then I stick it in the fridge where it hardens, ages and sets even more. After 2 days it is hard, sweet and very gut healthy. many thanks for yr recipes, See I am a guy who spent all his life in hard work, I cannot match a lady in culinary skills or knowledge. But I do Salute you for your missionary spirit. Pls forgive me I am unable to recommend or convert as I am not having the expertise and still struggling.

  • Which IIT? I am from IIT Delhi 1974 batch Chem Engg. I was also Gen Secy RCA in 1972-73. I needed to find out who you are and no better way to make a guy tell you who he is than by complimenting "her". You have brains, i have experience.

  • Wonderful,both IITians talking in the same language.Brain and experience.Let us benefit from it.

  • I like water to birdies idea.

  • You know the difference between IITians and others? We share information and experience only, not knowledge. We acquire knowledge by sharing our info and experiences. The pleasure is entirely ours.

  • BTW I am also an IITan [Kgp] may be seniormost here :( with matching work experience pof course. And therefore I may put my views freely - IITians are different no doubt they do not have any knowledge to share in the first place ;) they are simply workers and love to deliver. One can call it good or bad, whatever, depending on the viewpoint. Jokes apart, I would say IITans of my time are expected to love people - they spent the best time of their life in isolation both physically in hostels and intellectually.

  • Nice to hear from you sir. Where r u based now? I am in Pune.

  • I am in Kolkata now and work as advisor in IT domain with some Banking bias and things like Data Analytics and Management training etc though my start was as Mech Engr, IE & OR etc..

  • Kolkatta is the Queen of cities. Hv a great time sir, and good health too.

  • Greek yohurt, baba gan-ouch, okra it's cuisine fit for rani Elizabeth

  • are u a rani or a raja?

  • Very enriching . Medfree and now Anil ji, thanks for sharing your views in this Forum !!!

  • chandraji, a Shayar is wasting his time if audience does not participate. Unless it is interactive I will slow down.

  • Yes, I fully agree with you. I take a very little amount of rice and only two small dry chapattees with vegetables during lunch and dinner respectively in addition to butter/milk, egg, meat, bannana, grapes, oranges, apples and sometimes grapes. My FBS varies from 90 to 110 depending on the intake in dinner. One more thing I would like to mention that everybody should be very careful of eating fish, because though fish is a source of soft protien it may not be good for diabetics because of water pollution preservatives.

  • All the fruits you have mentioned here are a no no for a diabetic. In fact, fruits should be avoided as it contains fructose.

  • hey you are doing good. Bananas and Grapes are a lot of sugar.

  • Talking about Fish- an "imported" fish is in high fashion these days. Named, Basa it is very popular. It comes from the seas of Vietnam whose seas are one of the worst polluted. The fish from these seas were banned by developed countries due to the rich cocktail of poisons. Then the brilliant Indians got in."We can sell anything in India as long as it is Imported" . Eat Bassa fish fried, baked, as steaks and enjoy yr drinks. Watch yr organs destroy you the way you destroyed them. Happy eating. Just keep away from Bassa even if you are paid to eat it.

  • I never recommend the imported fishes. Basa fish is well known as contaminated with pollution and should not be taken at all. The Hilsa fishes from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Big fishes from several parts of India are marketed after soaking in formalin solution to make these appear fresh. Moreover, river fishes are being contaminated with deadly mercury and other things because of the industrial sludges in the rivers. So in general it is better to avoid fish.

  • what about Tilapia?

  • Scientists have found that the inflammatory potential of tilapia is far greater than that of a hamburger or pork bacon!

  • Small Tilapia fishes grown in unpolluted water may be taken occasionally.

  • "low cal diet slows down the metabolism".......maybe it does and maybe it does not.... if you are in complete starvation yes a little but if you have plenty of fat and muscle to burn I doubt it. Its all calories in calories out (and HFLC for diabetics) if you plateau (stop losing the fat) reduce your calories ..simple...it is that simple no matter what the diet! I was 143kg and a diabetic I am no longer considered a diabetic and my weight is 95kg I am six foot 2 inches in height follow a HFLC life style with a deficit in cals approx 100g or less of carb per day approx 120g protein and 170g fat. I use my body weight to exercise pushups, pull ups, etc and walk 5-8kms 5 times a week Medfree the man that ain't just a name thats a place to be ! he knows his stuff. Stick to the plan that works for you ignore all the other conflicting stuff. Stay well all! Love From Australia Peace all!

  • Dear Bent, what are your sources of protein?

  • Hi anilgupta101

    Salami, Beef, Chicken, lamb, and fish all organic ..I hope I also eat a lot of green leafy veg, coconut milk for cooking olive oil and butter or ghee and mushroom and about one boiled potato a day approx 2400-2600 cals per day. also my gums no longer bleed when I clean my teeth, no more burning feet, or sudden tiredness.

    Stay Well

  • I have been practicing LCHF from last 5 weeks.I have achieved a gradual weight loss (5kg)and drop in PS(103).But my PPS keeps varing(117-140).Could you pls eloborate on 100g Carb/day?Is this also inclusive of fruits and vegtables and nuts/seeds?

  • Great achievement .. reduction of 5 kg in 5 weeks. Definitely, 100 gm carb is inclusive from all sources.

  • Without drug.Limiting rice, roti and fruits and 1and half hr of exercise a day.I am off non veg and eating lot of raw salad,vegetable juice,sprouts,nuts and cooked veg.I have been having lemon juice and coconut water.

    Few days back started with oli swirling(pulling).http://oilpulling.com/

  • My lipoprotein and uric acid levels are high.So I have stopped non veg.Before 5 weeks I have been eating non veg(egg,chicken,fish, and occasionally mutton and pork) for lunch and dinner, all days.

    Hope these results will get to normal after 3 months!

  • everything except the air u breathe. Now do not worry about variation 117-140 it is minimal. Insulin is a harmone. It is not the same everyday just like your mood or happiness level. Insulin is seriously affected by any mood swing, just like yr appetite. Now you are fine. Enjoy. a little bit of cheating will be okay for you soon.

  • Hi Veenahedge

    PS is ? and PPS is ? if your talking blood sugars 140 is considered ok for diabetics an hour after eating (such measurements will keep side effects almost non-existent) 2hrs after a meal 120 mg/dl or less is a good aim. Mine are 120 and 87 respectively, they were way more than that!

    This of course will take a good three months ...at least...... to achieve a very short time frame considering the benefits!

    I started at 20 gram of carbs or less and have moved to approx 100g you should aim for 20g or less for the first 3 months then adjust. If one day you eat more is ok it is a learning curve and life is a journey not a race!

    I recommend for the first three months carbs that are vegetables (except starchy ones potatoes, carrots etc you reintroduce them later) Seeds are great nuts too go for the fatty ones macadamias , fruits I restrict we are diabetics! Berries ok after your 3 months just be sure you check how they affect you. No rice or noodles or wheat dude I know thats harsh but stick to that...forever well as much as you can if you know of low carb source great!

    Keep away from all soft drinks and processed food...if it comes with a label do not touch unless you are really sure it is

    try and be strict for the first three months, we call and nutritional ketosis, ketogenic diet and HFLC.

    Some excellent resources besides Medfree on this site who is awesome! I have included plus two books i found to be the most informative.

    (book) phlaunt.com/diabetes/205854...

    (book) amazon.com/The-Art-Science-... (this book is a good technical discussion not to be the be and end all it is for competitive sporting people but still very informative)




    Last words of advice do not make it complicated just write down what you eat your weight and blood sugars EVERYDAY keep them all within guidelines it is ok to eat a little more or less just record it so you know whats going on . Get a notebook and just write it down. Hey dude and exercise 30mins to an hour a day get up early walk some of the distance to work whatever make a guy made and make him chase you lol!

    Oh yeah meditate, do yoga, practise being in the now be present during the day, eat your meals as if they are the most precious thing breath deep when you can remember, enjoy the flower, the pretty Lady! (Guy?) you know what I mean the Buddha did come from India!

    peace my friend!

  • Got my blood test after 2 months of LCHF DIET. Hb1Ac is reduced to 6.1 from 6.9.But my triglyceride is gone up to 184 from 124.Any reason?

    How to increase the vitamin D level?

  • Take VIT D capsule/tablet.

    For triglycerides, reduce CARBS intake.

    If you are losing weight then LIPIDS can go haywire for the interim period.

  • What do you eat in a typical day?

  • Beef and other red meats are cancer causing! Hydrogenated oils and fats also should be avoided...

  • Hydrogenated oils were never good. Saturated FAT is best fiends for a diabetic on LCHF. Sweden has already rejected the failed LOW FAT hypothesis.

  • Saturated fats do have drawbacks. It raises triglycerides. We probably need optimum mix of fats.

  • Studies linking red meats with cancer group them with processed meats, which is akin to grouping water with vodka and calling them clear liquids.

    Cancer is caused by excess carbohydrate that is necessary to fuel anaerobic respiration.

  • Water With Vodka :D :D

    Exactly on Cancer and Carbs.

  • Perhaps, is it not this way: Excess carbs is food for cancer? (In other words, it may play a role in accelerating progression)

  • Medfree you the man let them know the truth!

  • Thank you for the great support.Keeping motivated is the key.With all your inputs I should achive the target.Thank you!

  • Bentmax, medfree, It is individual opinion and efforts. Bentmax from AU and the life style is different from India.

    Let us practice what is good for us, LCHF .Hope people will get rid off pills soon. Thank GOD bless them all.


  • My perception is dairy and coconut worsens cholesterol and normally diabetes, hyper tension and bad lipid profile co-occur. Cutting out on carb does not mean you increase fat, at least not the wrong kind.

  • Nope! It improves HDL and not all LDL is bad. FAT is bad for Ancel Keys followers, but not for diabetics who live LCHF life worldwide. Ancel Keys laid down the foundation for "Politics Of Food" which has only caused misery.

    4C+4P+9F = 2000kcal.

    So fat has to go up provided carbs are restricted to 100gms/day.

  • There is a controversy regarding the intake of carbohydrate. In India common man diets are mostly carbohydrate based and so for a diabetic person it is a must to control the carb. intake, but at the same time maintain a minimum level. We must have some balanced diet with the ingrdients available in the market. Some friends have commented not to take bannana and oranges. But I suggest to have all fruits locally available in moderation in order to maintain the body immunity. This help us to resist from other complications. The target is whatever we eat we must maintain our BS level close to normal. I am now 65 and suffering from Diabetes for last 40 years. I am on insulin for last 10 years but recently my endocronologist has reduce my insulin dose and advised me to keep it around 140.

  • Banana is the worst thing that a diabetic could ever take. This applies to diabetics who are trying to cut down carbs and or are on LOW CARB High Fat diet.

  • I don't agree. I take one banana during breakfast every alternate days i.e. in moderation. However, juicy fruits should be avoided.

  • Marijuana also should be taken in moderation. How about testing after eating one banana. Haven't you seen sportsperson given banana? Its all CARBS -- and deadly. You are rarest of diabetics who thinks bananas are great.


    One banana is 27 gms CARBS.

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