What is secondary diabetes?

in text books of medicine, it can be seen that diabetes is classified as primary and secondary.

"Secondary diabetes is diabetes that results as a consequence of another medical condition.''............

"Secondary diabetes will often be permanent but for some forms, it may be possible to reverse or eradicate the effects of hyperglycemia.'"


this secondary effect is somewhat universal in desease.

for eg.

you have leg pain.

u go to many doctors. the pain remains. then you go to some local man,village vaidyan, who treats and massages your back bone with medicated oil.

. pain disappears permanently.

it was a dislocation in the spine which got corrected by the massage.the dislocation was pressing on the nerve leading to the leg.

we have explained it ,but the local village vaidyan, medical man, CURED it.

but what is fallacious is that people making a long jump to -science is poor and our old systems are superior!

thanks for listening

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  • i know a case of a person with asthma.

    sometimes it was very difficult to manage.

    but one day she found there are a sort of microbial life in her bed and pillow. almost invisible creatures, millions of them, a colony of almost invisible creatures.

    they purchased a new bed and burned the old ones .now her asthma is a rare thing , once in an year or so while on journey etc,,very light.earlier it was a horrible thing.

    asthma often has a trigger. if the trigger vanishes the disease becomes some thing silly.in college other students used to call her dust indicator.

  • of all diabetes taken together secondary diabetes forms only less than 2 percent,this knowledge may help many in resolving the case of the mystery cure.

  • It is true. Sometimes modern medicine does not work. I had a similar problem. Due to slip disk, I had severe leg pain. The doctor, who is an Asst. professor of Medical college put me on traction after a MRI SCAN which costed me much, but of no use. I went to a school teacher who did some work on my spine. The result is remarkable. Until today I am not having any back pain or leg pain.

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