By increasing the life expectancy of beta cells can we increase the expectancy of glucose homeostasis? if so, a type 2 diabetic


should initiate

Insulin at the earliest,

instead of waiting till

the last molecule of beta cells to disappear!

In simpler language,

Consider two men, both type 2 diabetic.

One takes tablets only, lives up to around age 70 , then finds that it is difficult to control blood sugar any longer , now starts insulin.

But in his body there are only few beta cells, and they are unable to supply enough insulin internally. He becomes almost similar to type 1 diabetic…[ all sorts of problems , insulin regimen, basal-bolus , bs measurements , cho covering , bs correction,carb counting, bs going up, hypo and so on.]

Disappointment and old age near the corner.

The second person accepts insulin from the beginning of treatment. A combination of tablets and insulin ,

mainly basal insulin and if possible partly bolus insulin too.

Now ,having insulin arriving from outside, his beta cells take rest. Their work load is reduced drastically. They live longer than the cells of the first man. so at the age of seventy he has enough insulin produced inside to complete the homeostasis cycle for glucose.

this sentence may be a bit difficult to grasp for newcomers to the subject, but the intention is clear .

blood glucose remains steady for a longer number of years with out multiple daily injections, probably a bed time injection to cover the basal requirement is all that will be necessary.

I have deliberately inflated the advantages so that an understanding of the project is made easy.

Here the most important thing to note is that , most people consider that adding insulin at an early stage is to get a steady glucose level

in order to get rid of complications.

But that is not the only point.

The point is, we get an extended homeostasis.

[in a feed back control system

if a portion of the cycle is absent or the concerned organ goes out of range in its contribution, the system cannot reach the required steady state. it can fluctuate or stabilize at the wrong level]

If we go for early insulin , then,at age 80 we will be as we were in the fifties!! just one bed time injection of long acting glargine and a few tablets.

Good luck.

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  • I was one of the subject for testing by giving lanctus insulin instad of medicine (I was taking amryl and metformin 500mg) whether dia can be reversed. I was introduced to insulin and continued for six months. My dosage was titrated and at 28 it stabilised and took the dosage at 10 pm. Unfortunately i developed auto immune syndrome and i was prescribed drug wrongly for Audult primary complex which interfered with liver function and hence i could not reap the benefit of the research. How ever my physician told that that some of the subjects got Dia reversed.

  • Dear sharma

    Sorry to hear .it is really sad.

    It may be that you developed insulin antibodies due to

    [1] some medicine or substance you had taken together with insulin[ eg: though extremely rare,alpha lipoic acid can trigger an anti insulin response ,]


    [2]you had a genetic predisposition to this insulin autoimmune syndrome.

    As about adult primary complex , that was a hard luck.

    an accident.

    sometimes we are very unlucky. Let us hope such things may not recur in future. life is like that.

    But my main worry is that,

    If this anti insulin anti body problem with you, if it is genetic ,

    in future ,towards old age , that will be a bit of head ache. what did the doctors say about it? can they confirm it now.

    There are many tests but all are foreign I think.

    What I do not quite understand is ?

    Whether your endogenous insulin[produced inside ] also will be attacked in future!

    will the animal insulins also will have the same fate?. Currently everything other than human insulin is going out of market. The diabetologists may know.

    whatever it is ,

    it is a slow process.

    As such , for the time being nothing to worry.

    But be on the look out.

    as to type2 reversed:it happens in a few , probably beginners.

    Good luck

  • Dead beta cells don't produce Insulin.This simple thing was not understood by our Indian medical community,who included insulin only when diabetes not controlled by oral hypoglycaemics.So as soon as one is levelled diabetic insulin should be started straight way to control it.No use flogging a tired horse.This concept of starting with insulin to treat diabetes has sound logic.Consumption of low carb also helps to reduce burden on pancreas.

  • In fact in developed worlds like Australia, Canada, Germany & even in USA the trend is to switch to insulin as soon as possible. One cannot ignore the toxic effects of daily chemical dosing by activating pancreas beyond its normal capacity, this is bound to aggravate the beta cells & repletes them faster than generations leading to more dose over time and more damage leading to reduction in lifecycle & life itself.

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