Why humans only overeat?


we need not tell the cow : dear cow, please do not eat all the grass :

grass more than your requiremen

Most of the diabetics who are unable control bs levels are not aware of dieting and nutrition basics – the responses they make here in the forum , makes me think


hypertension is a silent killer ,why?

similarly overeating is a silent killer. diabetics and lchf dieters when they over eat the damages are much more than in the healthy man.

biologists have proved in many cases that stimulus and perception follow the weber fechner law.damage, cellular and organ can only be the inverse of it ., expononential .

in other words, if you reqire only 100 grams of fat and if you eat 150 grams and get a damage equal to X ,

then the damage due to 200grams will be more than 2X. truly this is just a rough assessment.

so the advice to ‘limit carbs to 100 grams ,eat any thing ,make merry ,to hell with the science of nutrition’,

is not only silent killer but also early killer and blank science .

Don’t form a cult. We can have clubs, for instance,

insulin users can cluster together to discuss their problems., regarding injection sites , dose timings and so on.

Lchf people also can form clubs but not secret societies, cult.

Give respect to scientists,

biologists ,the men who invented the scientific principles and not some junk , dust bin article from internet.

For eg.

Who found out this 100 grams of glucose and its absolute necessity?.

brain requires a continuous supply of glucose in blood. It can take up glucose without insulin- glut4 mechanism as in muscles and liver.

Some amount of ketones it can use. But enough glucose in blood is a must. . the brain is less than 2 kg but it consumes

20 percent of the energy needs of a man.

Your 100 grams is discovered by scientists who found out the knowledge in the above paragraphs.

Some people are found to repeatedly prescribe the 100gram minimum, but spit venom on the same scientists on their nutrition theories , nothing but contradiction , !!

Where does the over eaten fat disappear? You have to answer this question!!!if you do not accept the analysis of nutritionists.

if fat cannot be stored, it has to be send out of he body or used. atp once formed cannot be reversed. overeaten means , beyond what can be utilized inside.

Even pure water will be bad if you

Over-drink, because it will carry many minerals and electrolytes together with it while going out, moving with urine.

[ do you remember why you have to take ORS? In some case like diarrhoea.] in the long run ,ketone overloading will kill your liver, blood vessels kidney. Slow poison , silent killer.

I had pointed out some time ago that a liver function test in lchf diet will draw blank result, in so far as , over work is concerned. liver cells doing overwork.!!

The cow in my question will not over eat grass because that is its natural food. Man also will not over eat if he does not cook and add salt and spices.

Be a natural eater like the cow, [ I don’t advice] but you will not over eat.

the modern man takes only 5 percent of his time for eating, but if we sit down to eat natural food it will take 50 percent of our time. Every paddy, the shell has to be removed with nails like a monkey. we will be like our anthropoid ancestors or the cow ! always eating. Then the healthy man , the diabetic , the dieters, no one will get time to overeat.

This over eating started some two million years ago when the homo erectus started using fire for cooking.[pithecanthropus dentition , Dubois , missing link etc, they are not considered humans like us , homo sapiens having 2000 ml brain size, they had 800 only , ]

Good luck.

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  • i am following lchf (partially) and monitoring lipid profile, triglycerides, bp, sugar, HBA1C. all the readings are in the normal range. many scientific articles have been published on lchf. in my opinion high fat (not transfat) is good if we reduce corbohydrate intake. my triglyceride was 400 before switching over to lchf. now it is 129. then how lchf becomes silent killer?. before commenting on any thing first we test on ourselves then we discuss about the results in this forum. we should not comment on any thing blindly.

  • dear sonu,

    can you just read again my article. it is against uncontrolled eating . if you say "limit to 100 grams carbs -eat anything- high fat," it simply means overeating.

    see kclvbn's reply below .he has understood the essense of this article by me.

    low carb can have meaning only from a given limited food plate. from the balanced and restricted or limited food you may remove the carbs above 100 grams then substitute ,

    exactly an equivalent amount of fat [permited fats]

    that is the scientific understanding of LCHF.all other prescriptions are unscientific. you may see my article earlier where i gave a calculation.


    see below i will paste it for you.

    [[Suppose a person is on 1600 calories per day.see foot note 1

    100 grams carbs =400 kilocals

    proteins to be limited to a maximum of 20 percent. ada restriction . ,suppose we choose 15 %[ of 1600]

    giving240 kilocals.

    total 640

    balance= 1600-640.=960

    A gram of fat gives 9 kilocals.

    So, devide by 9 giving 106 grams.

    That means we are supposed eat only 106 grams of fat.for this particular case 1600 calories.

    Thus we have limited the quantity of fat.

    We should discriminate further.

    Saturated fats to be limited to 7% of the 1600.

    So unlimited and indiscriminate fat eating is detrimental and it is crude lchf.

    So sit down to design one’s own diet..]]

    practicals in ones own body with out the teachers advice is not good thing.

    internet articles are full of misleading informations.kindly think over. medical text books, authentic web sites are the only solution.

    thanks for the response

    good luck

  • LCHF diet is may not suitable for every one. The best way Low carb, High Fiber ( Not High FAT) , Medium - Protien & Fat , preferable OMEGA-3 , unsaturated FAT ; Minerals, Vitamins etc every thing must be balanced. Excess of every thing is bad.

  • thanks you have understood my presentation.

  • Thank you very much for your valuable compiled & crisp information in series which seems to be convincing one and follow able.

  • thanks ranj

  • Your presentation from the beginning was read. You explained to be understood by a lay man.But LCHF has definitely helped me to control sugar levels. Only difficulty is 100 gms 200 gms etc. My total food intake for the entire day is around 100gms of which moong dal is around 40 gms and soya granules are 60 gms. and each time Butter one teaspoon.

    But your articles are absolutely to the point and having good logic. But at the same time you need not have enter argument. Patiently listen to them there are good points as well unacceptable facts like each coin having two sides.

    For example the food taken in Europe and Northern America is entirely different than Indian food. Similarly the Eskimos are having entirely different type of food.

    We must adopt the basic principle involved and proceed.

    I got the result after conducting testing repeatedly after 1 2, 3, 4, hrs and standardized the present food.I might have used around 100 Accucheck strips.

    The present food gives around 150 after 1 hr, 120/130 after two hrs with help of only metformin 500 mg.I also take supplement of multivitamins and Isabgole one tea spoon daily I also take palak juice with lime twist around three times per week.

    But one thing is certain my medicines have greatly reduced. Around ten months ago the doctors were strongly advising me to go for Insulin now I don't/occasionally take glimpride tablet. I don't go for morning walk but I walk around 3 to 4 hrs per week.

    The food I take is comparable for European or Scandinavian food which are rich in Meat and fish.

  • dear gondu,

    thank you for your response. quite understandable.

    many people do not understand what i believe about lchf.

    any way in one single sentance if i am asked to explain-

    i mean lchf is a wrong name it should be lcc or lccf- meaning

    low carb compensatory fat!!

    ie, reduce carbs ,but substitute an equal or equivalent amount of fat, so that you do not over eat.

    this scandinavian diet , eskimos, innuit paradox etc i am fully aware , i think some 15 years ago it self.it was from an article in the readers digest actually , the above thing i read,. then i just reduced my weight from 70 to 60 kg and of course as they [the article]advised me, i just avoided all animal fat , but retained some fish oil.

    basically , stopped over eating . most of my problems like bp ,

    arthritis , sleep disorders etc everything disappeared.in a few months.

    these things happened just before i began studying diabetes in detail.

    another thing -about lchf i do not have any opinion of my own. it is a harvard publication , which i consider opinion forming by me,

    which means -it works in some people, but not in all.

    about your diet .

    i am not able to fully catch your full diet

    --My total food intake for the entire day is around 100gms of which moong dal is around 40 gms and soya granules are 60 gms. and each time Butter one teaspoon.--


    your carbs are much less than 100 grams since soy beans 50 percent oil and in the dal is around 50 percent carbs only . your protein intake is very low and what about many vitamins minerals etc etc?

    you get only only some 460 cals from your 100 grams and for the 3 or four spoons of butter another 130 cals .

    all making some 600 calories.my rough mental work out.

    this is incidently the newcastle experimenters dieting.

    you have drastically reduced your food intake.

    are you taking fruits or any other vegitables?

    the nutrition chart for u i am not able to fill up in your case.you are not on lchf .

    you are on very low calorie diet.

    arguments with some people , of course , thanks for the advice. u are right.it happens sometimes, we enter a trap un able to come out.thanks and

    good luck

  • cow urine therapy, what cant be useful is sent out . And you say it can cure


  • Yes overeaten fat is equally damaging. I believe.If one consumes extra fat than the body can digest it is harmful or will be expelled out of body. For e.g. consume 250gms or 500 gms of Ghee followed with one glass of warm water and see the reaction.

  • Dear Indiacratus,

    You have scientifically explained LCHF,LWMR,etc for us.You cannot change people"On Arguing".To a good extent applications of all these principles are personal which may vary from person to person.

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