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Message to Mr. George


Hello George,

My name is Ram. I have seen your posts/articles about Diabetes cure by having the LWMDR. Please see the below listed information and kindly advise whether I am in right track or not.

- I am 48 years old. My body weight is 83 kgs and height is 180 cm. BMI is 25.9

- In Sep’2007, I was diagnosed as Diabetic during my first foreign trip

- I have started taking medicine from Mar’2010

- I have started taking LWMDR from 22 Dec’13 (Cooked 80 gm of Long Wheat Mash along with Sambar/Rasam/Dhall/Veg Curry in the breakfast and in the supper)

- I am having three chapathis (roti) with some curry / dhall and butter milk in the lunch. I have stopped taking rice from 23rd Nov’13 as my BS readings are very high.

- Please see the Image file for my BS readings. I am planning have HbA1c test in the next month.

Please advise.

Regards - Ram

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Dear Mr Ram

You from which state

Please let me know where did you get long wheat

Please send me 50 Gm of sample of wheat

and send me yr contact Number

I will pay the courier charges

I want to see the wheat grain since many people have different opinion 09760232350

imbu2008 in reply to veerendras

dear Sri veerendra,]Long wheat is available in SANTOSH SUPER MARKET 2nsd avenue Annan Nagar Chennai40.Yesterday my wife purchased 2 Kg @ rs.75 per Kg. If you want I can send you their Phone Nos.

Hi Mr Veerendra, I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. You please let me know your address so that I can send you the sample grains through courier. I guess you are from Uttar Pradesh and in UP they call it has Jau Ghehnoo for Long Wheat.

Thanks - Ram

dear sir can you pleae send 2 kgs of longwheat by courier. I can send you the payment in advance. I want to grow it in my farm house.and use it . this is not available in punjab.Please help me

Hello Sir, I am not very sure whether the Wheat grains can be send through the courier or not but I can certainly try. Do let me know your address.

Thanks - Ram

I am sorry sir. My internet was not working for a long time. My address is captain Kashmir Singh gill house no. 4740d guru nanak wara near Khalsa college for. Women Amritsar 143002 punjab India. Telephone 09530653935.would be very grateful to you.regards

Hi JRam,

To get a prompt reply from Mr.George, write him a personal message from user settings (ex: Personal messages will go to the user's registered mail box (ex: gmail yahoomail etc).


JRam in reply to swamyonline

Thank you Mr. Swamy. Mr. George responded to my quires and I am in touch with him.


is it available in pune or Maharashtra ? Please tell the name in which it is called in Hindi or Marathi.

Yes, Sir. I am on LCHF diet for more than 10 months. I am taking 1 tab of Glycomet 500 SR before lunch and dinner. My FBS is 115 and PP is 130. I think it is normal. These readings are on one touch Glucometer at my home. Actual reading in Lab might be 10% less. I have added yoga and pranayam for 45 minutes to my daily walk of 50 minutes ( 5 kms). Pranayam was learnt at Haridwar in Baba Ramdev's Ashram. It is very good especially for Heart and stomach. I would like all people must do it regularly to have good health.

Please get a CD of Baba Ramdev on Pranayam. You can learn 7 types of Pranayamas which hardly takes 30 minutes. But the results are very very good. I have been doing it for few years. It is best solution for any ailment.

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