What is the biochemical basis of LCHF diet and what are the nutritional limitations?why it does not work in all people.?discussion 6


Those who have time,please, read my discussion 5 just below as a question.that is a prolegomenon to this D6.

When fat and carbohydrates are taken together the body uses carbohydrates first for energy and fat is stored.

But if fat alone is taken, storage cannot take place because , insulin is required for storage.

and insulin is primarily[ mostly] invited from pancreas by blood sugar. ,. –here bs is a minimum . so is insulin. and now for energy body looks to fats.

Net effect- the liver converts fat to ketones , and ketones are used as fuel for the body.

In the diabetic blood sugar cannot rise as the consumed cabs are a minimum.

and in place of glucose we have fats. Wonderful scheme!! is it not?


LCHF -low carbohydrate high fat diet.

Human body stores extra food in the form of fat for starvation days to come.

this fat is used when dietary food is not available. ie,starvation-,.

when starvation comes body converts fats to ketones [ not as glucose,]and uses it as fuel in place of dietary food.

this prompts us to think ,if dietary fat can do the job of carbs , then the diabetics can get an escape route ,a parallel path,.

Let us collect some facts.

1]when we eat starch and other carbs with other nutrients, the body preferentially uses carbs for energy.

2]but if mostly fat alone is eaten liver can convert it to ketones and most organs can absorb and use ketones instead of glucose for energy, atp formation.

Obviously the diabetic can live with out glucose and depend entirely on fats for energy .[ of course, small amounts of carbs and proteins are necessary. It will be considered shortly.]

3]resorting to dietary fat is similar to the starvation days , and is within the laws of biology. naturally nothing physiologically illegal.

4]so if we can consume mostly fats alone ,protein and carbs to th barest minimum ,we can get rid of the glucose crisis in diabetes.

5]but some tissues in the body like brain and nervous system, erythrocytes, etc, require glucose from the blood as their only or major fuel source .

As such we can add a 100 grams of ration glucose for them.

It will appear as a pertinent question –how brain will absorb glucose with out insulin?

The brain cells are permeable to glucose without insulin present , it has a different transportation technique–it does not require the insulin glut 4 arrangement of skeletal muscles , liver etc

6]when ketones are generated from fat , if the rate of production is more than the rate of absorption , ketones accumulate in blood . this is ketosis. this is different from ketoacidosis.

7]small amounts of ketosis may not be serious but higher amounts can cause damage ,-kidney , through which ketones can reach urine.

Thus lchf dieters may watch for ketosis , especially if they over eat fats.

8]this is why unlimited fat intake is not advisable. But in the forum some people are advertising –‘ limit carbs to 100 grams per day , eat anything ,enjoy’.

This is clearly misguiding. anything overeaten will damage.

But in lchf diet overeating is probably difficult as a sense of satisfaction comes earlier to them due to fat , unlike in carbohydrate consumption.[ this is my opinion, and I am not sure if this is true.]

Choose the 100 grams carbs and fats and protein as per the usda food plate or Harvard eating plate. The laws of nutrition are the same for all .diabetic or not.

Then how to calculate carbs and fats etc in an lchf diet?

Suppose a person is on 1600 calories per day.see foot note 1

100 grams carbs =400 kilocals

proteins to be limited to a maximum of 20 percent. ada restriction . ,suppose we choose 15 %[ of 1600]

giving240 kilocals.

total 640

balance= 1600-640.=960

A gram of fat gives 9 kilocals.

So, devide by 9 giving 106 grams.

That means we are supposed eat only 106 grams of fat.

Thus we have limited the quantity of fat.

We should discriminate further.

Saturated fats to be limited to 7% of the 1600.

So unlimited and indiscriminate fat eating is detrimental and it is crude lchf.

So sit down to design one’s own diet..

People on lchf diet are not a species. They are like other human beings.

they are liable to the laws of nutrition and biology.do not form a ‘cult’ in a science corner.

9]lchf ,the two secrets are, 1), because of high fat , it does not cause hunger pangs 2)because of low carbs it cause low blood glucose and blood insulin giving low storage as fats. though fats are available ready for storage.

But then why the world of scientists do not approve of lchf? . may be that studies in this are not longer than one year. but lchf is advised in case of people who do fail other methods in reducing weight.

Why it does not work in all people?

I do not know, may be that ketosis like problems arise ,.kidney damage,liver, atherosclerosis etc .

This is a discussion and I will be happy only if any one can point out errors.

Thanks for patient listening

Good luck


foot note 1

Discussion 1


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  • unpolite words. no comments

  • Med free: can we have statistics as to how many in India have practiced LCHF and what is the result.

    I know you are following LCHF.

  • Good analysis and educative. Forget impolite comments and keep writing.

  • thanks mr sharma.

  • what about lipid priofile and chloesrol build up when fat is consumed,.wh canno ou r onl a low carb diet and no fat.probabl LONG WHEA MASH die is very good

  • India crates,

    Congratulations for this brilliant analysis of LCHF.I totally concur with your view that which ever dietary regimen you follow ,understand the logic behind it and do not become blind follower.There is no two opinion that reducing carb.definitely help diabetics and limited amount of protein is essential for survival.So we are left with fat.Recent researches to indicate that fat may not be responsible for CHD or plaque formation in arteries in NORMAL experimental persons.But question is what about person who is already suffering from CHD or whose lipid profile is in dis array and is suffering from DM 2,should they eat fat including omega6 and poly unsaturated and saturated fat in unlimited quantity!so, please think, in those cases is it not prudent to advise eating fat using discretion .A detailed appraisal or self study should be under taken and individually a decision arrived at regarding quantum of fat to be eaten.

    Above discussion took place a month back and I came to it just now,so my reaction is delayed.I do not know if it reaches the person concerned.

  • Thanks for reply.It is time I should. Confess that I am going through a period of dilemma ,hesitancy and confusion.My diabetes was diagnosed more than 30 yrs. back.may be I was suffering from DM for more yrs than I remember.I was Lin and thin and never gained weight.

    Since more than 25 yrs.I am on insulin along with several oral hypoglycaemic drugs.I also take several anti hypertensive drugs

    After I under went CABG statin was also added .

    Over the yrs.bs remained under fair control and HB1Ac hovered around 6.Tried to control diet,did physical work(never had inclination for walking).ate very little fat,some protein through DAL(lentil) and occasional non veg.Tried to reduce carb.but not much.

    Meanwhile bs started fluctuating some times nearing300mg.Insulin dose crept up from10 unit to16 unit at night.then twice a day 14 units M/N.

    Searching for diabetes I stumbled on this site and joined.lchf was anew term for me.I did not know any thing about it.so I tried to assimilate as much as information I could get,trying to figure it out.I became a school boy and started study from very beginning,going though carb ,fat and protein metabolism,and about insulin and every thing.history of human diet,Atkins,Dr. Bernstein,Ancel Keys approval of LCHF by Sweden ,rising voices in USA and Europe against high fat diet,advocates coming in open in favour oflchf.

    So for me it is a transition phase,but I am shifting towards LCHF diet in my own way,slowly and gradually.Next month when I get my test done I may be in a better position to say some thing.

  • Hi Patliputra,

    I have absolutely no doubts about the efficacy of a low carbs, high fat diet.

    Perhaps, because I like the high fat foods :-) But, seriously, its worked for me. Sooo, I shall continue with it.

    Wish you all the best in your learning and experimentation.

    A book which I like very much is "Grain Brain" by Dr. David Perlmutter. Its a September, 2013 first print, one of the latest. Read it if you can.



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