what are the best websites to collect information on diabetes or medicine in general?

it is always better to follow the opinion of scientists and professors in text books of medicine , or some websites which are reliable.

which are these reliable websites ?

1]the NIH of USA [ada being their advicers]

2] the WHO guidelines

3] the Harvard medical school '

diabetes uk, mayo clinic and so on .there are many in this group.

web md ,e medicine etc are sites which

give more information quantity-wise,

but authenticity and being up-to-date, the above given 3 are best in my opinion ,because they always are presented by a panel of professors and edited, revised ,every now and then.

[they carry better information than a text book of medicine in some restricted sense,, the text book which is always at least 5 years delayed when it reaches you and , the ideas are of one professor only ,the one who authored it]

remember we know only English , there are not many English speaking countries.

USA,UK,Canada, Australia and Zealand -over.,only five.we have no other option but select from them.

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  • as right thinking citizens of india,

    we are not worried about devayani or sangeetha- who is at fault?

    only the court can decide it'.

    we are worried about the way she was arrested and handcuffed in street.as against international law, where she has diplomatic protection.

    similarly be a right thinking person !!

    your allegations about ada how do i know, is genuine.

    truck loads of evidence has to be produced in an american court of low.

    for which Americans are better than we ,individually,who does not even have a proper computer or net connection.

    don't teach Americans ,how to quarrel .they know better than us.

    what is the use ?in the end they would say, democracy is turbulent and it is the coward who loves the tranquility of dictatorship.

    the same democracy great Nehru [and indiacratus ]has accepted

    suppose someone in the states goes on making allegations and propaganda about Indian diabetes association in world forums ,what we should say-

    the right thinking indian person should tell, :

    mr. american , please come to a court of law in india and produce the evidence against indian diabetes association.do not tarnish our image in the eyes of the world

    if you cannot do it,

    it means you are victim in the hands of some disguised anti American groups .not ada itself.

    you can of course make a passing reference , nothing wrong.

    i also made two references

    1]-about gi which ada is reluctant to recomend,

    2] when the glucometer came ada took long time to approve it.history proved against them. no doubt they are a bit orthodox.

    but you are not doing that.

    you are constantly trying to tarnish the topmost world organization in diabetes.

    you are not permitting any reference about ADA.

    anti American propaganda is clearly anti Indian[ indirectly , anti national].

    this is a science corner.

    in one of your posts, you said .''this is early warning'' ,you told me. what do you mean by that?

    that is terrorist like?

    people understand the the truth or honesty of anyone[mostly]

    on the basis of the truth of all that he presented in the past.

    it is universal dictum.

    in the numerous issues i discussed with you in the past , when i give a systematic scientific analysis, biochemical or physiological,

    or demand an analysis from you ,similarly, mr .medfree is seen running away.

    in Kerala there is a saying about a knife being taken to repair. [alakum pidiyum maaranam], change the blade and the handle.in effect purchase a new knife

    in case of mr.medfree both his knowledge and the method of aquiring it are to be changed.

    examples you want? .

    1]58 percent protein....no reply

    2]recombinant dna insulin -is precisely human insulin.--no reply

    3] ada has shifted from 110 to hundred, but WHO remains on 110. but medfree the great accuses ada for giving people the wrong advice.against his own fbs level some where around 80 . of which i said med free is self contradictory---- no reply

    4]ppbs will give more false negatives compared to fbs --no reply

    lot of typing - sorry .

    lchf may work in some people.but its long term side effects beyond an year are not established .

    if standard treatment does not work in a man, who is opposed to low carb high fat or protein diet?. there are many diets.

    when you say ,'absolute nonsense '

    to my presentation you have to specify which step u disagree.i present always in a chain reasoning [easy to falsify by anyone]

    if you do not understand ,ask a clarification or say whether indiacratus is nonsense or the world opinion is nonsense.

    i have no theories of my own .

    i present from text books and websites where many scientists sit together to recommend patients.Eg. mayoclinic

    dear medfree,

    your biochemistry and pathophysiology of diabetes is insufficient to question even an average graduate in india -

    not to speak of the great professors and scientists of the world.

    better do not swallow what cannot fit in your throat.

    good luck

  • your answers are not that of a science person.

    it is just like some politician motivated anti american , journalist.

    no use trying to convince me.

    i accept only in two modes.

    1]give a biochemical or physiological analysis.for which i dont think you are competent, as i asses you from your replies = blank science .

    and you run away from the lab to some political school makers.here you may be or may not be right ,i am not the person to judge.not my department,subject .

    2]quote from a standard medical text book or a web site like NIH of usa or diabetes uk and the like .

    3] if you dont accept committes of scientists and renowned professors , how do i know the internet dustbin articles from where you pick information is authentic.. and "your low fat nonsense".

    one thing i know people who go to europe ,america do not return. but those who go to gulf returns-

    they say life is better in the west.

    when my daughter went to usa

    and on losing her job [during the financial crisis] ,

    which due to obama's reduced jobs for outsiders, she had to return immediately.

    i told::you were of so high esteem for us president obama ,but now u have to run?

    she:his policies affected me badly, when taken all the rest of the world together ,his policies are better .

    i said -doesn't matter ,stay with me.this made her at peace.

    i knew her mind goes after how i think on anything.

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