Very good diabetes management software

I was very impressed with online software’s to help patients like us monitor their diabetes. My doctor was impressed by the way I kept track of all that I did like what I ate, what exercise I did and how my blood glucose readings were properly managed.

I used this online program

It has some very good analysis based on what you have given it as input. I was able to point out to my doctor about the variation and deviations and get advice to improve.

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  • Cumbersome & disorganised site.

  • How to get this software ?

    Ranjit deb kolkata

  • I appreciate you for being so disciplined, although many would not be able to keep a track of every minute detail, I wish I could do it like you do. Thanks for sharing the site with us.

  • thanks a million for sharing this site/info. God bless us ALL with good health,

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