This web posts medicine suppliers in the herbal/ayurvedic/home remedies category .How does one evaluate them for genuineness and efficacy

A few days back I came across a firm posting that "steviad"

available in 100ml bottle will cure diabetes..In the reply one of the bloggers questioned this saying stavia is only an artificial sweetner and cannot cure diabetes as claimed. After a few replies and counter replies, the advertiser got so incensed that he virtually resorted to abusing the blogger who contradicted him.

There was another ad post saying "we will take care of your feet". There was a reply asking him how, whether he will sell "slippers"

Yet a few months back one post was selling an idea of a particular diet. When one nutritionist did not agree he got so annoyed that he threatened to stage "star war" for contradicting him .

One is lead to believe that more the product is non genuinely touted the advertisers loose their cool..

Is there any way to filter such tall claims resulting into unpleasant reaction to them?

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  • just ignore such claims or advertisements

  • This forum indented for exchange of views and experience and should not be used for advertising the product

  • Dear Ragivrao.

    you very right.

    some of them are salesman, agents,those mislead us Please just ignore as sonu1196 suggested.

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