.......therefore recommending to eat fat indiscriminately and unconditionally is misleading people.

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.................it was well known in the last century itself that atherosclerosis by itself does not cause coronary thrombosis and heart attack .

cholesterol and saturated fats together - leading to high circulating lipids, which leads to atherosclerosis ,then a moving clot shuts off the blood circulation ; because at the site of atherosclerosis plaque formation,

there is this diminished inner diameter of the artery.this is proved in many measurements using ultrasound methods .and also probes going in the inside of arteries.

even at an advanced stage there are not much of a clinical symptoms for atherosclerosis. they call it sub clinical.

hypertension of course crops up in some people.

so measurements

such as lft, kft etc may not show up anything.even bp.

as far as i know LCHF is not recommended by the scientific community ,because no long term studies are conducted as to its complications- most studies were less than one year duration, i read in diabetes UK , if my memory is correct.

ketogenic food was the major diabetes treatment methodology in the 19th century [ in Wikipedia i think i read it].

type one diabetics just died within a few years before the discovery of insulin.

some time back i had pointed out that a function test will not tell us an overloading in an organ.i had also given the example of beta cell destruction.

however poly unsaturated fats omega three , omega 6,mono unsaturated etc are shown to reduce plaques and they are blood thinners too.

therefore recommending to eat fat indiscriminately and unconditionally is misleading people.

and in some people who are overweight or obese,

when we have no other alternative ,

high fat diet is recommended by scientific bodies ,for weight reduction-

that is with limiting saturated fat to 7 %

and limited cholesterol also because body does not require any cholesterol from outside. it can synthesize all necessary cholesterol inside by itself.

the body requires only some essential fatty acids from outside.

more over LCHF does not work for all .for some people even a small amount of dietary cholesterol will boost their circulating cholesterol to high levels .

.and the plaque mentioned above is composed of cholesterol , lipids, cells and debris. what else the plaque is made up of?

no one has proved or claimed that the LCHF is superior to the 'medicine and lifestyle path'

and medicine and lifestyle path is time tested- almost all diabetics live up to 80 age if they follow the guide lines with out any serious problems.

only in Sweden it has even got government approval .for the rest of the world it is sailing in uncharted waters.

good luck

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  • i totaly agree with your contention

  • thanks,


  • To follow on LCHF Diet, i took Almond 3 nos, a day to see the result before taking other dry fruits like peanuts, apricot,

    pistachio etc., i suffer on constipation / piles problem again which i controlled it for some time avoiding these dry fruits taking greens , salad, and fruits. Pls. suggest any way to overcome it. Also i feel burning sensation in the feet after taking dry fruit like almond.

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