Ideal Steps to be followed by the persons having Diabeties (Including Change in Life Style and Food Management)

HI Dear All

I m also diabetic from last 2 years. Earlier I took allopathic medicines but it was not so effective. Then I started taking ayurvedic medicines and my HB1C got dropped from 9.5 to 7.00 in 2 months. I have changed my lifestyle and eating habits/contents and the results are considerable.You may also follow the following course of action if it appeals you-

1. Get up early in the morning, before the sun rises, go on terrace and do the exercise of INHALE & EXHALE of oxygen, just for 20 minutes.

2. Go for a normal work, morning and evening, 30 minutes, each time.

3. Take a glass of hot water (As hot as tea), 15 minutes after Lunch & Dinner and it will wash out the sugar so created by the food so consumed.

4. After 30 minutes of lunch, take a teaspoon of powder of Dry Awla and Saunf (both in equal quantity) with normal water.

5. If you want to take Rice, as part of food, take it after taking out the water from Rice or preferably take Brown Rice.

6. If you want to take Potato, as part of Vegetable, always take boiled potatos and take it in liquid form and not in dry form.

7. Take Chapati, prepared of wheat combining of -Wheat Flour, Black Gram and Barley-All in equal quantities. Black Gram will support the function of heart and Barley will clean up and strength the kidney functions.

8. Take Fruit and Vegetable Salad, as integral part of food, without pouring Salt and Chat Masala or any other spice on it, at the time of Lunch & Dinner.

9. Mix up 1/4th teaspoon of Haldi Powder in winters and reduce it to one pinch in summer season (Yellow in color) with a glass of hot milk, without sugar and have it 30 minutes before going to bed. It will purify the blood in the body and also eliminates every type of pains and weaknesses in the body and further strength the body.

10. Avoid taking vegetables like Pototaos, Sweet Potatos, Carrot etc. having the sweet contents and fruits like, sugarcane, oranges, Bannanna, grapes etc.

11. You can have vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage, Methi, Palak, Raddish, Lady Finger, Tinda, All types of Falies etc.

12. You can have fruits like, Gowua, Apple, Pomigrantte, Watermelon, Pappaya etc.

13. Take the leafts of Raddish and have it in raw form as part of salad.

14. During Summer Season, always take Buttermilk-salted one, as part of food. It will improve digestive system and reduce the overburdening of Liver function.

15. Avoid taking normal tea & Coffee. Always take Green Tea.

16. Avoid taking Oily and more salty food. Reduce the consumption of oil, butter, Ghee and always consume easily digestable food.

17. Always go for medical tests of brain, heart, liver, kidney and eyes, once in a year. For Blood Sugar, always go for HB1C and Sugar PP-every three months, in order to observe the developments.

If you wish to take the ayurvedic medicines, which I am taking, You can watch the programme, namely Swasthya Sanjeevani on Shradha Channel at 1.25 PM and on Sansakar Channel at 2.20 PM. The name of the organization is Vedic Upchar Sanstha and the name of the Doctor is Dr Anil Bansal. If You wish to discuss anything with me, you can call me at 9811335534.

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  • Dear it is not story. rather apart from carb, intake of fibre is equally imp. the most affected portions are heart and kidney- so fat should be restricted. further it is not about restricting the diet rather substituting the diet.

  • How to keep track of Carbs intake. Pl advise.

    P.N.Kannan, Chennai ( Mobile : 09381062307)

  • Refer point no 7 and follow- it will improve fibre intake. further refer point no 03- to flush out the sugar so created. further for tracking the cabr intake-refer point no 5-6 and 10. bye

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