Is Rheumatic( Joint pain) is any way related to diabetes? One of my close friend, whose sugar level is normal is suffering from Rheumatic

Pain.since one year., especially in the night time the pain in the joint is severe. Is there any Ayurveda treatment or Homeo treatment available for this pain.?

I would request all our readers to suggest any remedial measure to overcome this pain. I will be looking forward all kind of suggestion which is a must for me. As my friend is a retired person and can't afford costly medicine, hence I am requesting all of my friends for any Ayurveda medicine, herbal powder etc, to get relief? Your valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated



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    rough usage by most people to

    a condition of the muscles, , joints, bones, or nerves, characterized by discomfort,swelling , pain etc.

    people use it for any arthritis.

    Rheumatoid arthritis is the case where one can use it appropriately.otherwise say just arthritis only .arthritis literally means swelling of the joint[ arthron+itis]arthron = joint,itis= swelling.

    but English usage , as it is ,let it be there.

    have you verified which arthritis it is?or is it arthritis?

    the major forms are

    osteoarthritis ,rheumatoid, gout, pseudo gout etc.

    go to an english doctor.

    preferably general medicine first .to diagnose correctly first.

    then only try to begin treatment.night pain can be many things!!. it can be very serious life threatening or simply old age arthritis.has he sweating in the night?

    the right philosophy is to diagnose first . treatment is another thing.diabetes is far away.

    i have elaborated so long because this applies to any disease.

    self treatment or internet treatment are bad.

    we can get better explanations ,from the net, over and above what a doctor scribbles in a few minutes, . no doubt about it.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is,I believe,an auto immune disorder and cannot be treated like osteoarthritis.He may need attention from an orthopaedic surgeon and also an immunologit

  • Pain in joints, worse at night from warmth of bed calls for Phytolacca-30; 2 drops three times a day in1/2 a cup of water. Side by side give Rhus Tox 1M, 2drops in 1/2 a cup of water, once every month. the day Rhus Tox is given no other medicine should be given.

    Pulses, grams,peanuts should be avoided.Spinach (palak) & tomatoes will increase the swelling.High concentrations of protiens (in pulses etc) deposites urates and palak, tomatoes cause folates to deposite in joints which increase swellings & pain. These are Homeo medicines, are very cheap & can be used without any fear but Homeo med should be taken preferably 1 hr before or after meals. Take these for a long time.

  • Will you please explain as what do you mean by peanut - Is it ground nut or any thing else. Similaly pulses - is it all type of dhals Grams - is it bengal gram

  • peanut is ground nut only, it came from south America.

    it is not a nut in the common sense of the term.

    it belongs to the leguminous group of plants .

    lentils ,pulses ,grams all are from leguminous group.

    these plants have a symbiosis with nitrogen fixing bacteria and thus around 26 %protein in it.

    ambi, it is called kappalandi in kerala.because it it came by ship.

  • You may try one banana early in the morning empty stomach for fifteen days. This will replace the grease loss in the joints. Banana should be if possible " chiteriwala" - a banana that get black spots on ripening. Otherwise you can try with normal banana. If he is not diabetic. If he is diabetic you can go ahead with half banana daily.

  • What abt half ripe banana & steam cooked !!!


  • you can try even these. These are eatables and will not create any problem.

  • I do not know the name in Tamil but you can find out from the market. The banana gets black iin many many shapes but chiterwala gets black round spot only.

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