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I AM 43, DIABETIC FOR 3 Yrs. Wt, 85 Kgs, HbA1C is 7.9, loosing body wt.,metformin Hcl500SR-1 morning,1 evening,Diataal D-1 morning as per Dr


advise,small businessman,moving business,have little tension in worksrties,have to make & attain parties. Give me advise of my lifestyle do's &donot's &fooding chart & medicine.

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since u r only 43 and yet 85 kgs. u r over weight. Your doctor must have suggested u to have exercise.

WARNING: u need to change ur life style as the first thing.

if u r suggested to have walk for more then a KM per day; just ignore it.

1.the best exercise for u is SURYA NAMASKAR. learn it if u do not know how to.

2. if ur nature is not cough producing have juice of atleast two lamons dayily for only one month.

3. while bathing rub your ears a little bit brutally for 20 to 30 seconds.

4. prepare hot water approx. 1 ltr with one tea spoon of Asvagandharisht. use it for teeth cleaning , face wash

and drink a cup of warm water in morning as the first thing.

continue this for a fortnight and call me back .

remember ; you are a lucky person since u seem health contious.


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I am definately going to try this Dr.I have been walking for about 20 min and doing suryanamaskar 12 times(not regularly though) but I will be regular henceforth

thank you for your guidence, sir please give tips about lifestyle& a diet chart &medicines and its doses,if i can jog is it right or wrong for me?suggest.

dear friend cool sir don't worry take medic-ans and take diversion of mind with pooja are yoga are meditation are walking evening are morning no tention pl


dear sita,

twamagdashchar !

go thru the lines given.do not let the suryanamaskar be avoided as far as possible..

to challange the weight problem start the kalonji oil treatment.

you have to consume one drop of kalonji oil with decoction of tea in the morning.do not eat or drink any thing for 30 minuts.

I could have shown u the best exercise on whats ap if u have any number on whats ap.

anyway ; for time being follow my above instructions and let me know the progress. remember we are going to correct the damages done in 40 years . it will take a little bit time but once it gets started then the corrective process is very fast.

I pray for your good health.



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