Mr. Denial's ayurvadic medicine TEROGENA

Mr. Denial has sent me a message in which he suggested me to use the ayurvadic medicine TEROGENA to control the blood glucose but I have no idea therefore I request all of you please give your valuable suggestions . My present fasting 135 and pp is 180 I control my glucose level by exercise and diet control and I am 41 years old


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15 Replies

  • exercise more and have a healthier diet. Send yr denial to Denial.

  • Guptaji namasthe. There are diabetics who may not necessarily do exercises regularly and have healthier diet and after all what you meant healthier diet for a diabetic. Let others try the medicine and if they get relief it is good for others also. Regards.

  • Exercise is as necessary as going to shit. Regarding Diet, if you are a diabetic and have not read anything on what is good and what is bad diet, the road to misery awaits. Trying medicines, there are more than 100 medicines sold and claimed to cure Diabetes. What do you mean try the medicine? Why this one only?

  • I am diabetic for last 34 years. I know diabetic diet well. I just wanted to know what a healthier diet. Generalising with healthier diet for Patients who are above 60 years and may normally not able to do regular exercise need your further advice. Regards

  • Tell me what yr diet is now, yr age and exercise regime if any.

  • 63 years. Breakfast mostly rice based. Lunch also rice. Evening snacks and tea. Night chapattis. All ver limited in quantity. I take insulin 3 times. My blood sugar results were normal till recently. No regular exercise. I know my diet is not just for a diabetic. I have diet charts from different super speciality hospitals but I find it has no relevance to practical life of an Indian with more other priorities in his life. Help me. Your valuable advise solicited. Regards

  • You are not to far. dont worry.

    what kind rice and what kind/brand wheat flour? Where do you stay? R u veg or non veg. If non veg what do u take?

    Do u h a vibratory walker where u put yr feet on and run it for 15-25 min in yr bed?

  • Boiled red rice and branded ashirvad atta. I stay in kerala after retirement from a company in North. I have no walker as you said. Regards

  • very good. If u hv retired try do your shopping on foot. You will be well. Kerala has Insulin plant in every home, chew a couple of leaves morning and evg - you will be fine and fit to remarry.

  • What is Terogena ?

  • I have used this product. Two things, one I could not determine that my BS is in control becuse if this product, since I was on LCHF diet, taking allopathic, ayurveda and homeopathic meds at the same time. Second, it's cost is unsustainable. Rs400 for 60 tabs. If you were to get individual ingredients of the tabs, it is lot cheaper.

  • Use Himalaya DIABECON DS, 1 morning one afternoon. Much cheaper and with many more ingredients. No one can match the processing skills of Himalaya. Dont get fooled by fakes. Love yr body.

  • Does this medicine create heat? Should be we use along with our regular Allopathic medicine?

  • everexotic which omeo med were u taking? Any good?

  • Good good, but you must control your diet

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