why people are opposed to taking medicine?

i just do not understand why people are opposed to taking medicine.

this attitude has grown up like an epidemic .

it was there even in ancient days i think.it does not have any rational foundation;in general people who do not take medicine end up in drastic damages to their body.

in the contest of diabetes , you can revert diabetes or cure it with out medicine only in cases of beginners only.

not using medicine and controlling food ,exercise etc is called lifestyle medicine.it works not for all.try it, if it works.statistics tell that around 60 percent prediabetics can prevent reaching diabetes if they try lifestyle medicine. but this cannot be grouped together with diabetes or most other diseases.

for instance consider insulin:it is not a foreign thing , it is in our body.if a person is deficient in it , give it externally.it is the most natural thing to do.so medical treatment is natural only.

consider another case . beetroot contains a nitrate which can reduce hypertension.some people are ready to consume beet root any amount ,but will not take its extract.

ok agreed ,in extracted form it also damages, though ,it cures the disease in question.

but have these protagonists of non medicine gone for a comparison of damages ,in both cases.never. it is only their opinion.true scientific reason is to compare and advocate the better.

if you take an insulin secretagogue like gliburide [daonil] it certainly overloads your betacells .damages your pancreas to some degree.

1]do not take it, then what?

2]take no carbohydrates or take limited carbs,

but over load your liver, kidney and all the rest of the body by

consuming fat and protein in excess of a balanced diet.

ok ,who will survive longer?

consume medicine -whenever necessary, that is time tested logic.

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  • Why people are opposed to taking medicine?

    Answer--Because of ignorance.

    Before the modern medicine people used to die like flies.Main causes--Malaria,Cholera,Typhoid,Smallpox,Tuberculosis,pneumonia,plain loose stool and vomiting and so on.

    Life expectancy of Indians before 1950 was below forty years.Now it is above 65 years .Think what caused the change.,

  • agreed fully

  • agreed fully

  • dear drao,

    ignorance can be handled easily if the person is not a blind believer.

    in settling the target level for a diabetic the world health organization studied more than 'one thousand studies' and

    in the DCCT trial they recruited 1441 patients and monitored bs constantly for about 10 years and gave us for the first time in history the consequences of dm complications'.

    if a person blindly believes that his petty experience is the last word in science or religion we can do nothing with him but sympathize.

    you see the vast attendance in a church or temple,. do you think they all come there with a conviction of the basics of their respective religion.


    they come with certain private convictions-giving something to God-God will give them some thing in return.

    what is the basis? you ask them ?

    instantly the answer comes.

    i can testify myself ., hundreds of testimonials they would spread before you.

    there was a boy called nalvaazhvu in tamilnadu. his father refused to accept food and water believing that he will get great powers from that.

    in the end what happened?

    i need not tell you .the inevitable end!!!

  • agreed fully

  • some mistake here.in the system

    i agreed fully to mr. drao only.

    as to med freeji,

    the later part of your reply is difficult for me to respond.

    the the first part is easy to understand and reply.


    1] what has worked for u does not work for all.see my note 1 below

    2]let me ask you a question.

    suppose there are two diabetics, diabetes started at age 45!

    1] one takes medicines like glburide

    [daonil]and metformine- gliburide 'whipping' his beta cells(not pancreas),

    finally beta cells almost dead , now at age of 75 he has to live with insulin and lives beyond 80,ok

    2]the second person goes for LCHF

    high fat over eating causes damage and over loading his liver,['whipping' his liver]

    clogging in arteries , lipid profile ,problems everywhere, etc.

    can medfree vouch

    all persons in this group live beyond 80- if so what is the basis?


    when drugs are available which act molecule to molecule in the betacells,recommending to eat fat indiscriminately is un ethical[unethical because it is just your opinion only that there are no damages in due to LCHF]

    3]in contradiction to the above the sweedish government permits LCHF.

    but why in sweeden only?where gone are the rest of the world?




    In head-to-head studies comparing different types of diets, all seem to work equally well (or equally poorly, depending on your point of view) over the long term. Some people respond well to a moderate-carbohydrate diet, others to a low-fat diet, and others, like yourself, to a higher-fat, higher-protein diet. - Harvard Health Publications

  • there is no lipogenesis involved at all when you take a balanced diet.storage is involved only when you eat carbs or anything in excess of the needs.

    the standard scheme approved by scientists is ;

    determine your BEE first ,multipy by the suitable number 1.2 1.4, 1.8 to find the total calories ,daily needs. [ the above numbers for sedentary,moderate,highly active]

    now you have to pick up from the usda food plate giving a balanced diet.only for this much calories. so far for the healthy individual.

    for a diabetic then the medicines compensate for the reduced insulin secretion.and metformin etc at the receiving end.

    this is the scheme ,balancing everything .

    only thing is that the betacells have to secrete more.

    this is only part of the story because that which caused an insulin reduction will continue to act whether you stimulate the betacells or not.

    but then , why you may ask, i said the pancrease is overloaded with a high fat diet?

    because organ growth stop long befoe t2DM arrives at age 45/40.

    you now topple the balanced diet. you are forced get lipase genesis more than doubled , because now it has to act for the 'two third cells shut downn of glucose route' as i mentioned below to

    akb 123., the second response-extreme last beginning with two thirds cells.


  • We tend to react and more out of habit than logic. When I first began taking medicine for BP (thirty years back), statements like 'It is life time habit now', 'handicap has to be accepted' etc. combined with stories of side effects of medicine was not a pleasure. All said taking medicine meticulously has helped me live happily. Last two years blood sugar values rising too has been assigned to BP medicine, that is no big deal. As one reply quality of life with medicines is better choice. Of course now the number of medicines is increasing due to other Add On(s)' like prostrate etc. So be it.

    Briefly 'Be happy with medicines' or 'Be happy without medicines, if possible'

  • that is true .we react more by habit. but in second thoughts ,we always react on a logical basis.

    not only a question of habit ,

    even intuition and imagination also we we throw away in preference


    the next step i do not know if you would like to agree.

    we throw away the present theory if experiment contradicts it . we retheorise.

    this last sentance is the fundamental basis of science.

    the acceptance of the same heralded the modern age[ Copernicus Galileo period together with Renaissance] .

    in this

    we radically differ from the fundamentalists and the dogmatic philosophers of the medieval period


  • I shall put in my 2 cent views on this topic as bullet points:

    1. Medicines are great but even better is to be able to live without it- I feel it is fact and not my personal opinion

    2. Medical Science (read 'Karl Popper' to understand science as a philosopher) is great but most doctors are not

    3. LCHF diet is to be time tested but medicine companies and their pet doctors do not wish this to be investigated

    4. Every individual has the Right to Information and imbibe democratic method for collective decision while for individual action it is only self opinion.

    Being diabetic for about 9 years I can tell that using LCHF diet during last 6 months has given me high level of confidence which I needed since I always felt the doctors do not read much and are guided by MRs. The market economy of last two decades have given these doctors (and many others) total freedom to earn money whatever be the means. LCHF may have problems but so far it only helped me to improve all parameters including Hb1AC. I have kept my eyes open to keep on learning. Best wishes for this forum though this also is flooded with commercials and fools (i,e, Non scientific statements pretending to be logical and great!)

  • dear akb,

    thanks for giving your opinion in step by step form.

    i may not be able to cover all steps but i will try as far as possible .

    one thing first , do you have a correct understanding of my opinion on LCHF.?

    i am neither in favour of or against LCHF.

    i believe it is to be recomended by panels of scientists.

    to the best of my knowledge large organizations like ADA, WHO, diabetes uk,patient.uk , Harvard medical school etc have not recommended it.only in Sweden it has government approval.if you get more on this fact let me know.

    i gave an excerpt earlier from the harvard university earlier in reply to a response by medfree. could you read it.


    . In head-to-head studies comparing different types of diets, all seem to work equally well (or equally poorly, depending on your point of view) over the long term. Some people respond well to a moderate-carbohydrate diet, others to a low-fat diet, and others, like yourself, to a higher-fat, higher-protein diet. - Harvard Health Publications.

    that means LCHF may not work for all.

    ok, if it works for even if only for 10 percent why the world bodies do not recomend LCHF.

    this conspiracy theory of drug mafia, how is it possible throughout the world?no comments are necessary on such wild beliefs.

    i will return to my on opinion where i started.

    i said when two options are available to u

    u should study the pros and cons of each ,compare and chose the better one.

    the options are

    1]take medicine and follow right life style,and live up to age 70 and if necessary switch over to insulin, there after.this is time tested successfully.

    for most people diabetes is not serious disease.

    2] go for LCHF

    its long term side effects are unknown.no studies conducted by trustworthy bodies.

    if it is there, you can tell me .i am only happy to hear.the so called LFT KFT etc are insufficient . because they just tell us if the liver or kidny is fuctioning. they dont say if the liver pancreas or kidnney is overworking.

    and overworking of the betacells is the main contention against secretagougs like gliburide[daonil].they are stimulated.'whipped'


    i will not elaborate because it is lot of typing.

    i will give a situation and conclude.u have make out what i mean.

    consider beta cell loss

    1] soppose 20 percet of betacells are lost .

    the rest 80 percent over works

    to compensate and we never know something has happened inside-

    the classic c-peptide test will tell us nothing.[ignore the gad 65 test .it came pretty late in history]

    2]betacell loss 30 percent,40? 50? 60,70 we never know the loss is going inside by a c-peptide or a 'function test'

    3] At around 80 percent loss, suddenly like a tempest type1 diabetes heralds.!!!!!

    only a study group of biochemists, physiologists, doctors etc can give an opinion .not isolated individuals.thanks for patient listening..

    sorry i cannot elaborate.

    am not competent to take sides in this ,neither u are i think.

    but i am competent to advice to follow the guidelines of the world bodies like WHO or ADA.

    the drug mafia conspiracy theory is to make everybody else a fool and its advocate alone is ,'great and logical'

  • Dear Indiacratus

    You must be from India but seem to have a good opinion about the Doctors and Medical systems in India. You believe that if one follows the medicine given by doctor one can live 70+10 years! Great indeed. Obviously our experiences and knowledges are different. True the Medicines are great inventions of modern era and meant to be good for us. But I am not sure doctors do use that knowledge with a true professional spirit.. you may feel different and act accordingly. I will not. I prefer to study a lot before I accept a medicine in current Indian context , my wife hates me for that. She believes total faith to doctors is must though many of them simply robbed her and caused severe financial dent without any benefit. Like me many patients are scared of doctors. So there is a collective opinion while when I decide for me I am directed by my personal choice and similar will be your approach I suppose.

    In my view the medical science is still evolving. For instance about homeopathy there is no scientific confirmation, just not possible under current level of physical science. But I have spent more than 1500 hrs studying it thoroughly and I know what it is and what it is not. Therefore my views are moulded accordingly.

    LCHF diet is only a means and not the end result. One will choose this or not is one's own choice. But all the facts must be made available along with some expert's unbiased opinion.

    I like this platform that shares both to those who want to reduce medicines if not avoid altogether (only if it is feasible).

    At this point I recall a story I read in Reader's Digest some 30 years back which go like this... An old lady visits a doctor who told her to take some fruits like apple etc in plenty. The lady was surprised and told-but doctor when I visited you 6 months back these are exactly what you warned me about. The doctor gave a sublime smile and said - dear lady the medical science has made a giant leap in the last six months!... The moral of the story is in the eye of the beholder and it will be foolish on my part to try to elaborate. God bless us all.

  • 1500 hrs, u must be a homeo doctor now.

    what u said about some doctors is agreeable . but in diabetes this problem is not severe . because ,few protocols, few medicines.doctor is not the main factor in diabetes care. moreover u can take a second or third opinion.

    two thirds of the cells in the human body ,for fuel,requires a mechanism involving glucose ,insulin and glut4.

    and cells like nerves -brain ,require non glut4, but glucose is needed.

    suppose a person is deficient of 10 percent insulin -give it internally or externally is the natural and fool proof alternative. Not to shut down

    all those 'two third' front door easy go paths, and go for a back door lipid metabolism to tide over.it then causes double the work in the lipase production in the pancreas.

    not to speak of the many other lipid based consequences.

    it is incorrect to think that man is made as a fatburner.carbohydrate is the natural path for more than 70[?] percent of our body .lipids and proteins are not not at all intended as fuel , but are used in standby routes.lipids is easy to 'store'as lipids but not easy paths for energy. though their gram to calorie is more.

    cells waiting for ATP in the citric acid cycle,only after acetyl CoA work is common to fat and glucose. before that it is high work load in the fat route. this may me why biochemists disagree to approve lchf or lchp,not that the whole world is under drug mafia threat.

    more over,these things are to opined by biochemists, physiologists and doctors.[there is no

    recommendation from the large institutions of the world for lchf.] i am not competent to recommend, but i am competent to advocate the learned scientists advice.

    the 32 feet alimentary canal is proof that we are vegetable starch organisms.

    anti medicine is just blind belief.

    thanks. your your reasoning habits are nearly perfect. and you are polite too. come often .like to listen to you.

    kind regards to your wife too, don't worry much about women.they are easy prey to fixed beliefs.

    my wife thinks any medicine is bad and thinks that i am a scholar but not intelligent .and advices me that i would have reached higher positions in life had i not married!!

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