Diabetes and Long Wheat (DICOCCUM WHEAT)

Dear Friends,

Kindly have a look on the link given below, which gives more information on long wheat (DICOCCUM WHEAT). I got this link while searching information for long wheat (DICOCCUM WHEAT).

My special thanks to Mr George, as I already under long wheat diet as advised by him


Please share your opinion.

Thanks and regards,

Suresh Babu

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36 Replies

  • Dear Friends,

    Please have a look on the following link also.


    Once again with special thanks to Mr George

    Thanks and regards,

  • Shooter George and your self have done very good job. Best wishes

  • Mr.Sureshbabu,you have given us lots of valuable information.Thank you.

  • I totally agree with Mr Venkatramana.

    Real valuable information.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I live in Pune and am trying to find out where I can buy this variety of wheat. I shall appreciate if you could write the generic name for this variety so I can explain to the shop keeper. Thanks in anticipation.

  • I am from Bangalore and its local name is "ZAVE GODHI" and I got it from:-

    1) Sahaja Samrudha Organic Producer Co Ltd

    No. 569, Sajjan Rao Road, Near Times Of India Office

    V.V. Puram, Bangalore- 560004

    Ph- 080 26612315 / 7483088144

    2) Jaivik Krishik Society

    Lalbagh Double Road Gate,


    Ph- 080 65624197 / 9986083656

    I think it should be available in any Organic Producer dealer/shop


  • jave godhi is translated as Barley on the net. Is it same as barley?

  • Sorry no idea, but JAIVIK SOCIETY are raising the invoice in the name "Dicocom Wheat"

  • Dear sureshbabu, can i get this jawe godhi from namdharis thnks

  • Sorry for the delay. presently I am buying from a shop in Gandhi Bazaar, Basawanagudi, The shop name is " Gheewala" I think it is 4th building from HB Samaja building.

    Yesterday there was no stock with him, he told me that, he is getting today, if you find any problem to locate shop, please inform me I can post full postal address (now readily not with me )

  • It is available in Nilgiris store as Sambha wheat


  • I think LONG WHEAT is "Doudkhani" wheat of M.P. which is best in quality as well as long in size.

  • Please have look on the following link to find name in different languages:-


  • great info

  • why it's not working for me. I'm doing this diet from past 6 days and after eating 50gm dry and then cooked and mashed wheat my 2 hrs after breakfast sugar goes as high as 196 to 210 (10 to 13) That's all I eat and a cup of tea for breakfast. During day time I have only one chapati for lunch and again 50gm wheat for dinner with vegetables or meat. No potatoes or added sugar and take a glass of milk with turmeric powder at night. Take metformin two in the morning and two at night. My reading is same as it was before I started long wheat diet and nothing changed. How long it will take to show any changes, please suggest.

  • Hi shy,

    Generally by a week of LWMDR some improvement should have been there. Even with 2+2=4 meformin tabs the 2 Hr PPBS is 196 to 210 means you already have high diabetes. Hence LWMDR may need more time to catch up. LWMDR is rather a slow a process contrary to chemical drugs.

    Could you please give ALL test results from the test done on the immediately previous time of starting LWMDR onwards; that will help me evaluate progress without delay.

    Now that 4 months have passed since posting this response of yours, there will be tangible improvement for sure. Why not you report it at the blog post linked below.

    It is reported by some members here that LWM reduces the Blood Sugar peak to some extent; but that is not the major thing. LWM rejuvenates the Pancreas & that results in increased Insulin production leading to better sugar control. (BUT THE BOTTLE NECK IS THAT THIS IS A RATHER SLOW PROCESS COMPARED TO THAT OF CHEMICAL DRUGS.) This in due course will make the present dose of chemical drugs excessive. Then we will reduce medicine dose slightly. Thus in due course the patient will be liberated from diabetic drugs.

    For the sake of better interaction I have opened a post at healthunlocked.com/diabetes....

    Why not you please report your progress there so that I will notice it soon.

  • For how long you have been on LWMDR. Has it been cured for you.

  • Hi Axeffect, Would like to know if there is any basis or some example that corroborates it. Is there someone you know or anyone in this forum that followed LWMDR and did not get cured. We have one strong example of Mr George that proves the cure. My BS readings are also similar to Mr George when he has not started lwmdr. So, looking for a couple more proofs either positive or negative. Me and most of the world has the same opinion that diabetis can't be cured. Mr George has broken that opinion and if we have similar example to say George's findings have a flaw, we will have better validation than George. You mentioned "Low Carb High Fat Dies does wonders!' Is high fat good?

  • At the same time, nobody has disproved it too. No one has said, they followed the regimen and did not work. There is at-least one proof but somebody is yet to say, it did not work for them. Without such proof its inefficacy via practcal example like George, we will be missing a golden opportunity to cure it, in case that is a solution. I am waiting for George's comments, he might have come across the +ve and -ve cases. Whoever has followed must have kept him informed. I asked George, how long it is going to take to cure by following lwmdr, I am still waiting for his golden answer. Since there are too many proposals for cure, control etc., we can afford following one regimen with proven credentials, which is the reason, trying to check with all about their experiences. We have seen some experiences stating it is helping. I am yet to see someone saying, it cured them, or at least the medicine is substantially reduced after lwmdr...

  • Why not try it yourself. Many of us would wait for five years for you to come back and claim that it cured.

    Cure Means you should be able to gulp down a Can of Coke regularly without spiking your sugar. If that doesn't happen then it is not cure (diabetes can never be cured as of now) and it is "Managed".

    Meanwhile, if you are wiating for someone else also to ratify cure, you can switch to LCHF -- low Carb High Fat --Diet which helps from the moment you switch. Search :LCHF on forum and Google. Very recently 2 users have switched!

  • I have started. It will be encouraging to continue till cure, by having as much data and experiences as there are too many things on the net, like LWMDR, LCHF etc., we can't try all of them and need to choose most reliable one. I was not aware it takes 5 years to cure per George experience. I have been requesting Mr George to ratify on this duration. I was guessing it may take a less than year, by the way I understood George's study graphs.

  • today, i have given blood sample in manipal clinic, ppbs is 76.5. This is 2hrs 15 minutes after LWM breakfast. 10 days ago, 2 idlies with very less chutney, it was 196, 1.5 hrs after breakfast, in jayadeva hospital in bangalore. Took the tablet immediately after breakfast today, but last time, took tablet 45 minutes after breakfast. Started the regime yesterday only. Today I walked a KM for giving the sample.

  • Actually LCHF is more prevalent around the globe. Best is buy a meter and start testing at home. Idlis and pohas are definitely not the breakfast for a diabetic. I have tried upma made from normal wheat in breakfast but garnished with 20gm grated cheese, small amount of peas peas and it works fine. Doesn't spike me. I just keep may daily wheat (in any form) intake restricted.to even less than 60 gms/day, preferred being 40.

    Remember, I don't walk at all. I haven't walked since start of last monsoon. I did put on 6 kg weight as a result but sugar levels have been all good. Last A1C i had 5.6 in September 2013 with absolutely no walking from May end. I have never taken any sugar control drugs!

  • Are you diabetic. From the data you provided, you do not look to be diabetic at all. I have got the test redone again 4 hr after my lunch in the same lab as I got the doubt on the ppbs results. It is 62.2. I dont know what is causing this. I have added new item in the last 2 days. Instead of coffee, tea, I took jeera, dhania kashayam My usual lunch is a little bit of rice and Ragi (i think it is called finger mellet) mudde. I walk and jog for about more than an hour every morning. During day too, there will be a bit of activity. I am on diabetic medicine for the last about 9 years. I take metformin now 250mg 3 times a day after seeing 196 ten days ago. Prior to that, 2 times a day, I used to take.

  • I have borderline high cholesterol, in general high lipids. And suffering from high blood pressure for the last 25 years. Can I still follow LCHF?

  • Low Carb High Fat will let your triglycerdies fall like a rock. I do not bother about total cholesterol as long as ratios are all fine. I am a diabetic since more than 3 years and when detected my PPBS were on 2 weekly checks 229/200. I have never taken any medicines for sugar control. Carbohydrates need to be restricted. Even those who have been diabetic for close to two decades have gone off all diabetes drugs after switching to LCHF.

    Today being holi I took two stuffed poorie (stuffed with another not so good items -- peas) and lots of kheer made with jaggery as sweetener. I knew it would spike and sure it did ... PPBS 174 (on glucometer) and this was when after eating i just sat and watched TV and did not work at all.

    Yes i try and keep my A1C in non diabetic range as that's what good control is and not what ADA says is good control. I'll re-start light walking soon ...

  • Please let us know what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between, snacks and drinks. What are your lipid levels? Your sugar levels without medication, without excercise are as good as for a normal person. Your food habbits must be definitely useful for diabetics.

  • This was posted many times but few Anti-LCHF guys here somehow managed to get it removed so all my old posts are gone and i don't have energy to post the same thing again. I don't have the energy to post those 900+ posts back anytime soon.


    That said, Design your own diet around

    CARBS:PROTEIN:FAT == 20%:20%:60%

    Easier if you are non vegetarian.

    Restrict carbs to 100gms/day. Search LCHF on forum and on Google. Two are tying LCHF So u can contact them also. If you are looking for CURE, the LCHF is not for you.

    As for LIPIDS, firtunately that post is still here --


    So FATS don't conk of LIPDIS ... CARBS Do!

  • Please keep reporting, yvjanard sir.

  • Though I can’t oath for the influence of Long Wheat to cure diabetes, but in the same way I can’t deny its role to reduce the BS level. The main reason for not getting desired result like Mr. George might be that, I am not 100% follower of LWMDR like him. I am following my normal diet and taking Long Wheat in the place of Rice or normal wheat and this change alone itself having its impact on my BS reading.

    I also under opinion that, I could not get the result as Mr. George due to my own weakness, .i.e I am not showing required level of sincerity to my walking habit due to my leg pain and same way I am unable to reduce my coffee drinking habit (No sugar) and as such, this two negative points are also might be having its own impact to my BS level.

    And further, though I am having my diabetes since 22 years and this platform has really helped me to understand my problem in a better way and given confidence to manage them also. But, I have not given up my hope of becoming medicines free or at-least less medicine, as such I became a big very big fan of “HEALTHUNBLOCKED”

    I once again offer my special thanks to Mr George for his advice and sharing his experience to control BS or cure diabetes.

    Thanks to all my friends here

    Suresh Babu

  • for how long you have been taking LWM. What are your Blood sugar level prior and after using lwm? After starting using, have you not reduced the medicine? are you also on insulin? Did you get a chance to check your lipids with or without lwm?

  • I think last six months I am using long wheat & reduced 4 & 2 units of insulin and for lipids reduced from 20 mg to 10 mg.

  • Also I started using Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg along with multivitamin tablet namely OPTISULIN each one tablet daily- as per the experience of Mr.Medfree

  • Dear suresh babu and Shooter George:

    i have downloaded the paper and intend to study the same shortly. On a cursory look, the work done seems

    impressive. I wish the carbohydrate content of long wheat, regular wheat, ragi, was published in % to weight terms.

    I must compliment the authors and the PhD guide, for the exhaustive work done.


  • What if for people with intolerance to gluten?

  • In Maharashtra it is called Khapali Gahu, before all hybrid wheat grains, this was the only available variety from the ages. Its gluten free, and that's why control sugar and weight.

    Even now in some districts its is produced but growing and maintaining is quite difficult because of thin cover on wheat. And this thin cover has fiber which is easily digested. No need to search for organic and all, what ever way you get it, start using regularly and see the difference.

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