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Ayurvedic treatment for Sugar Problems

Get these items each equal proportion and mix them and keep in fridge if need be..

Take a spoon in warm water every day morning and evening.

Take the reading after a month or so, and reduce the other english medicines if needed

1. Veppilai podi(Neem leaves powder)

2. vilvam podi (Bilva leavespowder)

3. Thulasi podi(Tulsi leaves powder)

4. pepper powder

5. Amla-Nellikkai Powder

6.Aavaram Poo Powder(Avaram Senna flower Powder)

7.Bay leaf (Bringi leaf-used for briyani)-make powder

8. Vendhayam powder(Fenugreek powder)

9 Naval Kottai powder (Jamun seed power)

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You should name this as Home Remedy. There are lots of commercial ayurvedic preparations available. But the one I suggested is Home remedy type which cures sugar problem as well as other for general good health


yes it is beneficial..


Hi Krishee

You have not mentioned method how to take it should we mix up all, if yes in what ratio

Please reply.


Take each of them ( all the 9 powders) equal measure eg. 25 grms or 50 grms each and mix well and keep. Take 1 tsp every day morning and evening with warm water preferably in empty stomach-before coffee/tea.


Another home remedy is to take the juice of the following in equal quantities on empty stomach every day.

1.Bitter gourd - karelua9paavakkaayi)

2.Cucumber - vellarikkaayi(Kaakadi)

3.bulb cabbage - noolkol

4.Lady's finger.


6.gooseberry -nellikkaay


How about adding cinnamon & Turmeric powder


and சிறுகுறிஞ்சா (Sirukkurinjaan / Gymnema Sylvestre)


Waste of time, money and energy.



Item no 6 of your list is not clear.What is "Aavaram Poo Powder(Avaram Senna flower Powder)"will you pl. give its correct Hindi name?


see these urls




It is normally available in tamilnadu and south india. I dont know in north india. May be you can ask some one to get it from chennai.

It is available in ebay also. check this site



krishee , the power is very effective than other powders avilable commercially can i know where can get the avram phoo power in bangalore as i did not know the name in local(kannada)language pl help me


check in malleswaram area or contonment area. This should be available with some local drug stores-Nattu Marundu Kadai. Check with some people from chennai area. they will certainly know.


check in this url. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senna... It is commonly known by its local names ranawara or avaram, (Kannada : ಆವರಿಕೆ , Telugu: తంగేడు, taMgEDu,Tamil:ஆவாரை,AvArai] or the English version Avaram Senna.


to krishee

I am getting all powders in bangalore and i have prepared for me as well as me son in law

my son in law is not started any medicine reading is fbs 112 ppbs 200 how much dose can he take where as in taking allopathy also i can reduce depend on the reading kindly clarify regading my son in laww d


Take a teaspoon full in the morning and evening. There will not be any problem if you take as they are natural herbal products.

You add or reduce the qty after monitoring for some time


i am from bangalore

i want to guide availability of powder

arvindh herbal /gururaja medicals co powders are Rs 20/each in shivajinagar/ulsoor


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