True Story

True Story

Sandra has a family history of Diabetes, that lead to the death of her parents and grandparents. She eventually lost some of her toes as a result of her severe Diabetes. She even lost the vision in her right eye. Her Hypertension was out of control and at one point she spent 3 months in the hospital.

She started to see results within days of starting Unicity Balance G. Today her Glucose has dropped from 32 to 5.5, (576 to 99, using the US standards)!! She takes her blood pressure for fun because it's come down from 260/195 to 110/76. And she has regained 60% of the vision in her right eye! And did I mention that she's completely off her meds?

Who do you know that needs these type of results?!?!

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  • BEWARE of ALL advertised and promoted expensive products.

  • Where do you get these packs .? Are they available in Delhi ? what is the cost and procedure of consumption ? Please elaborate on it . Thanks . Harjit

  • Where will I get this

  • let me have details of product and source of supply.

  • Dear , I can see there is no reply to date. Why Natashabarrow is quite.

  • Hello

    Thank you for the information .Pl let me know some of the commercial information like the size of the packing and the recommended nomber of doses one pack contains, its cost with forwarding charges.How soon the effect of the medicine/food suppliment will be noticeable.

    Thank you

    Yours truly

    Srinivasan D A

    16 Th oct 2013

  • Thank you for the information


  • Dear Raksman.

    My be you r right.

    Let them send us full details for this product.

  • dear Natasha.

    Could you please give us details and availability in Indian. from which city ?

    and costing etc.


  • but what is this product shown and where available

    Please write to me


  • Dear Mr Franz,

    Thanks for the update. Yes of course, I agree with you. The diet supplement might have created good result. I think, you are marketing this product through net work marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing). There are many food supplements available in the market, that are claiming wonderful results. It could wok for some and may not work for all.

    My question is very simple. Can you guarantee that the product will bring the desired result?Amway, Herbalife and many other companies are selling these kind of food supplements.

    Shall I expect a reply from you?


  • For more information on this product visit

  • The information looks rather amazing to beleive as your diabetes is gene linked and the magic drug can never mend genes to correct Pl inform me whether the diabetic patient is continuing to take all the other medicines which was taken earlier or has the old regimen is stopped to exclusively take this MIRACLE!? drug?

    Not that I advocate allopathy but we are helpless when the diabetes attains the stage of gangre or ulcer.Pl furnish information only when it is very well authenticated. From your article I am driven to conclude that you are attached/attracted to the selling agency of this product some how for benefits/fringe benefits.Pl disclose very valid information and factuals before you project such an image of that product which may mislead other ailing patients to jump to conclusions as ALL ARE FRANTIC to control /eliminate diabetes succesfuly .does your wonder drug rejuvinates or regenerates the pancreas as the whole inslin production and monitoring is done by the brain Pl explain where your product exhibits its action and the path line of action. .Pl be very specific as one should not play with others life for pittance.Pl reply Naturo .ratna 9443176633

  • I would never play with another person's life. The product is not a magic drug. It is an all natural product. Seeing that her results have improved within weeks of taking the product, her doctor discontinued her medication. For more information on this product visit

  • Dear Natashabarrow,

    Thanks for the response. I think you are beating around the bushes and not trying to answer the direct questions. Please be straight and come up with logical answers. Nair

  • I m reading many brand such as UNICITY BALANCE G,..SAMI LAB..I Confused .also two other product is forever living and r MELABIC to cure i choose best product ?

    If any product is really curable.pls suggest to our forum.pls dont make this forum as business forum.

  • Hirk_ramzan i full well concur with you.The search is on for natural products to corect rejuvinate and regenerate the Pancreas. Ther could be improvement with a couple of products or formulations but there isNO PERMANENT CURE OR RESETTING THE PANCREATIC FUNCTIONS AT THE MOMENT IN HAND. iF THERE IS ANY THAT HOLDS THE MAGIC KEY FOR THE DISEASE.I am not pointing at the statements but surely at the validity and curative trustwothiness of the claim of Mr.Nateshabrow. But one should be convinced . If the doctor has stopped all medications how this will work? For example.If one takes two iddlies and after sometime anear one offers s weet as her birth day present and if the person takes will that natural herbal medicine switch over and gear up metablising the new supply of carbo hydrate?I may be permitted to stay that the intricacy of the activities of pancreatic function is to be fully understoodThe sight of sugar why the very thoght of it triggers salivation adn then the prehension and deglutition and stiation and the thoght of sweet memories are sensed by the brain which processes the whole and arrives at computing the quantum of release of the insulin with ulterior motive of retaining some for the body needs and storing the rest in the liver for exigencies.So if some wonderful product is there to synchronise all these functions well we have achieved great succes!.Pl ease correct me if i have deviated from facts I need enlighten ment.

    As there is no one prodcut which fulfills all these qualitie.In Ancient tamil siddha texts it had been made clear that there are some madumegas which cannot be corected.Naturo.ratna

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