I am diabetic since jan 2010, I am taking glimulin 1 mg and glycomet 850 twice daily. due to Ramadan fasting medicine dose increased

i am taking oleanz plus and zeptol cr 300 each half OD for mild depression and rosumac 5 for cholesterol and earlier I was taking tri glynase 1 and glycomet sr 500 OD for diabetes, but this Ramadan fasting without advice of doctor increased my blood sugar 200 before fast 207 after meal, so the dosage increased last month, can it be normal like my dose mentioned in my question and when

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  • Sounds like you were doing more feasting then fasting other wise why should your blood sugars go up. on top which you came to such wise decision as not to consult your doctor?

    Wah re kuda tere duinia kamal hi.

  • You should not take any diabetic medicine without Doctor's advice.To be honest I have found in many instances Doctors prescribe additional medicines or enhance doses just for experiment to see how best it work.While taking medicine you should therefore be cautious .I have seen by keeping regular check on my sugar level I could reduce the doses of my medicine having the same result I got by taking the medicine as prescribed by Doctor.And after I got the test results informed the Doctor and he approved my decision.Doctor prescribed Metformin -1000mgm twice daily along with Europa 5 mgm. By taking the prescribed doses I started having some side effects like itching etc.I reduced the doses to metformin1000 and Europa daily once.And I checked the BS ,the result was the same and side effects were reduced.Go on checking BS almost every month and keep the record along with the doses of prescribed medicines taken ,you yourself will know how it is working.


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