Diabetics Are Getting Awesome Results

Hi guys, a friend of mine recently introduced me to this product named Unicity Balance G. It is specifically designed to moderate the release of glucose into the body, thus moderating the release of insulin. Containing a 100% soluble dietary fiber, non-allergenic nutrifiber. On doing further research, I found that in collaboration with the University of Sydney, it was found that blood sugar and insulin responses were reduced by 20-25% in healthy individuals using Unicity Balance G .For more information watch the video below to see how it works: To order Unicity Balance G, go to:



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6 Replies

  • Yes, lots of developments are taking place all over the world regarding diabetes. The day is not far away when we will have a medicine which will cure the diabetes.

  • Allah bless U if ur word will be truth

  • There are a lot of problems already including diabetes which can be cured it's just the allopathy medical mafia will never let it come out.

  • Sir, this company is promoting some other productin India too. 1. The product is very expensive and 2. It is not as good as the seller of this products claim. Please do your own research before buying.

  • sir,Fenugreek seeds are available India and can be of great use,than all these US based co,s. Fenpro is the name in in India and is made out of methi seeds as capsule and sold in the Indian market. Our country has medicines needed for all types.

    Follow LCHF food for a while and test (by shooter George) .

    k.rangaswamy from USA

  • I agree with mr. ranga

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