I am 40 years old and suffering from diabetes for 3 years my glucose level was 398 when I was tested first time

But after following every aspect of controlling the glucose level, now my glucose level vary in between 140 to 260 and during exercise the level even become down below 100 but after leaving the exercise the level again gain above 140. Still I do not use any medicine please suggest me weather should I use any medicine or not


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  • You should take medicine if you have got hyperglycemia or glycosuria. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise in early stages.




  • Your advises are very accurate & correct, I have noticed it. Keep it up.

  • Sir.your advice**refrences are very accurate,i usaly follow these whenever posted here,i means study these and try to follow.Thanks lot

  • thanks Mr. George for suggest me such a positive advice. But I have no idea about LWMDR and where can I found it and how it is to be used? Please describe me every aspect about the matter

  • Thank you very much sir. Sir, if you kindly mention that how many time should I eat the mesh can I take the mesh with other vegetables or with milk etc.

  • Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions, hope that your hands always will be remains helpful for me, Once again many thanks to all of you

  • I have come across this Ayurvedic supplement - The herbal diabetes control supplement is manufactured by an Indian MNC. The company's history and credentials are remarkable I sincerely believe the products should be beneficial for you also. I personally know of people who have benefitted from use of this supplement in controlling there Blood sugar levels.

    You shall be aware that allopathic medicines in general and Sugar medicines in particular have very major side effects on kidneys and other body parts. ONCE YOU SHIFT COMPLETELY TO GLYCACARE YOU CAN BE DEVOID OF ALL THE SIDE EFFECTS AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF THE ALLOPATHIC MEDICINES.

    you may contact me for any more clarifications or details at buildhealth@hotmail.com

  • Yes med. is must beside exercise & precautions for control of BS !

  • Hi,

    I am Bryan from Kenshido which recommend you consume optiberry which can solve the problem in 3months


    Free can contact me ask details

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