How Can Starch Rich Long Wheat CURE Diabetes? Reply of the Protagonist.

How Can Starch Rich Long Wheat CURE Diabetes?

Though the question is a simple sentence, answer can not be so. The question appears to be almost obvious, basic/fundamental but is sharp to penetrate deep. Pardon me for being descriptive; it is for clarity of readers.

At the very outset let me take an anticipatory bail. My words are not against you or anybody, for that matter. These words may kindly be treated as part of a technical exchange of ideas; there is nothing personal in it.

Right from 2009 I am confronting many such "intelligent" questions on cure of diabetes, because it was then that I confirmed cure of my diabetes & began telling friends, colleagues & relatives about that unique experience.

A few other questions are:

(1) If diabetes is curable, why nobody from the west (white skinned) did not find it out so far?

(2) ... , why all these/those doctors are not able to cure diabetes?

(3) ... , do you think all the Endocrinologists are fools? (the other day somebody on this site also raised this question)

(4) How do you know that you are cured?

(5) Have you tested your HbA1c? That only can tell whether you are cured or not!

(6) If HbA1c is normal have you tested your Serum Insulin? That only can confirm you are cured!!

(7) Your blood sugar is normal now but how do we know that you had Diabetes earlier? (One doctor told that the doctor who examined me might have diagnosed me wrongly!!!)

(8) Are you sure that it will not relapse?

A good number of these questions were raised during my Poster Presentation (see albums of [/ day 1] of 3, [/ day 2] of 3 & [/ day 3] of 3) at the 'KERALA GRAMAM' (Kerala village) exhibition arranged in connection with the 97th Indian Science Congress (ISC2010) at the Kerala University Campus, Kariavattom, Trivandrum, Kerala.

I am not getting disheartened by this approach of our society for the simple reason that I had passed through an exactly similar episode during the 1980's & 90's while trying to propagate an eco-friendly, cost-effective, sustainable, easy & 100% targeted mosquito destruction method, which was developed to solve my domestic mosquito menace ( ) during the end of 1970's, that was later on patented by a South African (Google 6338220 to see the patent related sites) because it was published by me due to lack of support from Indian authorities.

During the course of events I read some bits of HISTORY OF SCIENCE & a book titled "HUNDRED GREAT SCIENTISTS" on 100 top-most, known scientists of the world till the publication of that book. It has described many experiences much worse than the one through which I am passing now in spite of the fact that I am in no way comparable to those stalwarts.

There is a saying that "TEST OF THE PUDDING IS IN EATING". Another one is "APPEARANCES ARE OFTEN DECEPTIVE". The former one applies to Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen alias LWMDR else Google 'LWMDR' or 'GEORGE CURED DIABETES')) and the latter one to the chemical drug therapy for Diabetes. We know music is to be listened; pictures & beauty are to be seen (proverb says "BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER"); fragrance of flowers & perfumes are to be smelled; heat & cold are to be felt. Similarly hunger, sleep, satisfaction, health, illness, CURE etc are to be EXPERIENCED. Any amount of arguments will not take us anywhere near conviction, I feel. "EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER" says another proverb.

We know 8+8=16. If I say 8+8=10, will you or anyone agree? My presumption is that most people will not agree. But I know many persons who will agree. No no, they are not fools or cracks as somebody may be thinking. 8+8=16 is in Decimal system of counting, which has ten digits 0, 1, 2, ... 8,9. There is another counting system in which there are SIXTEEN DIGITS: 0, 1, 2, ... 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E & F. It is known as HEXADECIMAL system. This is widely used in electronic & computer communications due to compactness. Rules of basic operations like addition, subtraction etc are same as in DECIMAL system; place-values of digits of a number also. So in this HEXADECIMAL system 4+4=8, 4+5=9, 5+5=A, 6+6=C, 7+7=E, 7+8=F, 8+8=10, 8+9=11, 9+9=12 ... .


There is no point in thinking that what I do not know or can't comprehend is either wrong or non-existent; such an outlook is immature, to put it in mild terms.

In nature nothing is linear; so also in animal body including humans. Cow, ox, buffalo etc eat grass only but their flesh have maximum cholesterol; how? Where does it come from? You may be knowing the Indian saying "USHNAM USHNEENA SHAANTHI" and the basic principle of Homoeopathy "SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENDOM".

Hence in my very limited knowledge & experience I am constrained to say that LWMDR CURES DM2 & the curing of Diabetes by Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen IS TO BE EXPERIENCED for the time being; until such time when some biochemists or researchers of related fields discover/find-out what component of Long Wheat enables it to cure Diabetes or how Long Wheat does it. Till such time those who long for scientific proof type of MOSERN -SENCE can wait, wasting their valuable time & health. Another proverb says "TIME & TIDE WAIT FOR NONE".

Correctness of the result/outcome of a physical action/deed depends mainly (or even completely) on the correctness of the deed/action AS PER THE LAWS OF NATURE and not on the knowledge, expertise or social/financial/administrative status of the performer. For example:

1. if a fragile object gets dropped on a hard surface from a height sufficient to break it, from the hands of a child who is ignorant of the breaking, the ignorance of the child will not prevent the breaking.

2. if a child throw some seeds in moist soil, the child's ignorance about sprouting of seeds, cultivation, farming etc will not stop the seeds from sprouting.

3. when an infant, child or an insane person is forcibly made to consume a medicine with very pungent or bad taste, it is not the AWARENESS of those persons about the illness or biochemical/physiological changes/developments taking place in the body that cures the illness, BUT THE CORRECTNESS OF THE MEDICINE ADMINISTERED.

It is the correctness of Long Wheat as an antidote to Diabetes that cured my illness or syndrome or both. It is not the shortage of Starch or the low Glycemic Index (GI) value of Long Wheat that is responsible for its curative ability; LW is neither of low GI nor of low Starch.

I know you would have slept several times. Have you given thought to the process of explaining what is sleep or how to get sleep, to a person who has not experienced sleep or is not able to get asleep or who pretend to be so? (Please do not suggest sleeping pills or liquor :-) )

It was my maternal uncle, an Ayurveda physician, who told me about the role of Long Wheat (Suuji Goothamb) in curing Diabetes. He also told: 'even though the starch content of different types (species) of rice and wheat are approximately the same by extent, are different by quality. That's why different species of rice like Athiyan, Chitteeni, Navara, Vattan, Pokkaali, Erumakkari, Basmathi, Chambaavu as well as Common wheat and Long wheat are having different taste, shape, size & colour.' Read more at /

If you are not a diabetic, please get some Diabetic volunteers of this forum to follow LWMDR strictly (preferably under my guidance); I can demonstrate weekly improvement (if not daily) in their blood sugar levels and ultimately reaching CURE ( / MY POST 1: Diabetes cured.) and being able to get negative OGTT results like me ( / MYPOST2 OGTT1


/ MYPOST4 GRAPH OF OGTT1&2) and gradually returning to normal diet with starch, sweet & fruit intakes and maintaining blood sugar related parameters at normal level consistently without the assistance of medicines or exercise ( B S test results numerical representation B S test results graphical representation).



LWMDR LWMDR Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM Caution Name in different languages Pit-falls The pit- falls. Some other patients.

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171 Replies

  • Mr.George,

    It's really such an eyeopening article.Though, these things are hard to believe, I still wanted to give it a shot.

    I was recently diagnosed as diabetic (2 days back) and trying hard to swallow the fact, that I will be diabetic for the rest of my life, no matter what I do.

    I ran through your blog post and willing to experiment Long wheat mash regime.

    I live in Bangalore and trying to buy long wheat..

    Hopefully your approach would relieve me of diabetic shackles...

  • Wish you a speedy recovery. Curing Diabetes as simple as DRIVING, SWIMMING or BICYCLE RIDING. BETTER TO LEARN UNDER GUIDANCE/SUPERVISION OF AN EXPERIENCED ONE. You are trying to accomplish a task which has been defeating the global medical community. After my cure I had attempted for a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the first person who cured DM2. Their reply after a month of routine scrutiny by experts was that the medical community do not consider Diabetes to be curable. Take things with due seriousness.

    Read the sections Pit-falls and My experience with fruits while being diabetic more carefully once again. NO WORD IN MY ARTICLES IS UNIMPORTANT.

  • Dear George..! I am a diabetic for the last 14 years. I want to know where can I get LWMDR & how can I take it ? Three times a day ? Please reply..!

  • I am trying to see at-least a few more people other than you that followed the regimen and got the disease cured. As the cured number of people by this regimen, increase, it gives a stronger proof to this wonderful, simple, least expensive regimen and helps the world more and more. It is more than couple of years you have started the crusade, many people must have done this. Please share the results of others and pointers to their posts too.

  • Dear Mr George.I am 62 years old and have DM2 since last 17 years.Initially for 6-7 years i controlled it through diet,walking Yoga & Pranayams only but after that on one Glycinorm M40 & then 2 times same tablet.Now FBS vary between 100-140 and PPBS between 140-180.HbA1C mostl times 6.3.

    I want to bring it to level of less than 6.Please help me where i can get genuine Long wheat at Bangalore & how these can be used.


    N K Gupta


  • I find that some members have already given you details of LW availability in Bangalore; the response just below your response also has the same!

    Please see my post to see how precisely you follow the predicted path.

  • Dear George sir i am 37 years old just diagnose with this diseases...can u help me out to get rid of diabetic??? Pls help me this is my polite request to number is 9594487746...naresh

  • yes sir u r right actually fasting sugar test was 140 to 200. you are on border. Before 1997, the fasting sugar limit for diabetes was 140. WHO put a pannel to decrease it and was fixed it as 126.

    All of Sudden 14% of world population became diabetics overnight.

    Later in 2003, American Diabetic Association again decrease the limit to 100.

    And after this 60% of Indian Population became diabetic

    And you know who are the membersof those panels deciding the fasting sugar limit consist of ??

    They are the consultants of 7 big pharmaceutical companies in world.

    So in short, it's the pharma industry that decide if you are diabetic or not.. cos they want to make their buisness.

    Be aware ! their is mdicine which can cure tis disease in this worl yes I know diabetes is not curable but new invention has came that is ayurvedic medicine name OJAMIN will cure u completely and you can enjoy sweets and leave your normal life. but conditions apply you have to follow certain diet for 1 and half year compulsory.

    You dont have to eat sugar and sugar items , rice and rice items, sage and sage items no sugar free at all and in fruit apple is ok no other fruit.

    Just follow these strict diet for one and half year and see the results . Name of medicine is OJAMIN.

  • Thanks for all the information given. Great to see selfless service. People generally dont care the health of others. It is cured for me why to bother about others kind of attitude is what we see. I have started the regimen today. I bought Samba Wheat from Nilgiris in Bangalore which is looking similar to the photograph you published. Kudos to you once again for spreading your findings with the noble intention of helping others.

  • Sorry yvjanard, it was not noticed that you have started the regimen (LWMDR) by mid March 2014.

    Thank you for the nice words/thoughts/feelings.

    Waiting to see the improvement.

  • I have also posted the results of BS levels, 1 day after starting the regimen. It was unbelievable for myself. 10 days prior to starting the regimen, 113, 196, 6.2 are my fbs, ppbs and hba1c. 1 day after starting the regimen, i checked only ppbs and it was 72, 2hr 15min after breakfast and 62, 4 hrs after lunch. I will again go for the test after 1 week or so and update. I used to take 250mg metformin 3 times. Now, after starting the regimen, I am taking 250mg metformin 2 times after seeing the low ppbs levels even after full breakfast and full lunch.

  • This is a pleasant information for me & an encouraging one for many others. Please keep posting.

  • Nowadays, I am breaking the long wheat in the mixer for about 1 or 2 seconds and mixing vegetables and boiling in the cooker and having it directly or with some chutney powders or sometimes sambar. Somehow I am feeling, directly boiled long wheat along with vegetables has more effect than broken. Looks silly but after checking my BS levels again in a week, I will again try having it without breaking it. Have you by any chance noticed such things in your experiences from you or others.

    3 hours after LWM breakfast, I am feeling week, (might be symptoms of low sugar level), so instead of taking 250mg tablet in the morning, I started taking it after lunch, lunch being heavier usually with Ragi, rice, curries (low oil used).

  • I agree and also got a logic to my mind as below:

    Unbroken long wheat in spite of chewing, most part of it goes directly into the stomach without getting mashed in mouth. I noticed it. Actual carb being covered with good fibre fully, digestion will become very slow which is very beneficial for diabetics and helps not to shoot up the sugar levels. As it is quite difficult to digest for the system, it should consume more calories which is again good for diabetics. This calory loss may lead to weight loss which I am experiencing too. I am already lower weight person, but my weight is still going downwards slowly. This should lead to reduce my metformin too. With this controlled mechanism which reduces the work for pancreas and also requirement for insulin, it may lead to cure the disease in the long run as it did for you. Welcome your comments pls.

  • Hi yvjanard,

    All what you said are logical but I used to chew LWM thoroughly taking enough time & even then I had all the positive effects in due course. You please chew well & see what happens.

  • yes, yes, I am chewing well. Yet to go for tests. I am guessing my BS levels will be slightly more this time, the way I am feeling. Will update in a week's time. Hoping they will be in control but feeling a bit of high levels. Can't say until I visit the lab in a week or so.

  • I am also waiting for the glad news.

  • Tdoay FBS is 91.4 and PPBS is 107.7. Definitely very good improvement. I used to eat chocolates once in a while, chocolate icecreams once in a while, cakes once in a while, pizzas, burgers occasionally, regular coffee (with sugar, milk), regular fruit (papaya/orange/mosambi - one of them), vegetables (karela, keera, radish - all of them), leaves (neem, amritvalli) and very high carb breakfast, lunch, medium carb night dinner (ragi roti) etc. I have stopped all of them strictly now after starting lwmdr about a month ago.

  • For the last one week, experiencing extreme itching and skin color change under the knee and just above the knee and spreading on the thighs and pain on left side of the skull in a specific spot of 1 inch squre. Afraid of celiac disease due to gluten in long wheat and stopped lwmdr 3 days ago. Would like to know if anyone in this forum has experienced any adverse effects due to gluten in wheat in lwmdr? Please advise what should I do now? continue lwmdr or do some blood tests or stop for sometime and restart......

  • If this is "Allergy" related then if you restart and get same results again then you are allergic to LW.

  • 3 days after stopping, it has not come down yet. In moderate amounts, other wheat products like roti, bread are still not stopped completely from my diet. I started lwmdr about 2 months ago. This 2 months, nicely, sugar and BP are well controlled with 25% of medicine I used to take before. I have changed BP medicine to telmisartan (5mg), a couple of months ago. Doctor prescribed 20mg. Due to side effects, I reduced to 5 mg and with lwmdr, bp is in good control. Can the medicine cause side effects or allergies after few months of usage too? I was under the impression, the side effects/allergies if at all any, should happen in a week or so, and if that does not happen in a week, it might be safe for the body.

  • If you are not a thyroid patient then start Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg once a day and see if the issue wanes. Drugs can cause allergies anytime.

  • Using eltroxin 50, for hypo thyroid. Am having green leaf tea with lemon for about a month.

  • Oops! Then it is not for you.

  • This exactly same symptoms, I used to suffer once or twice in a year or sometimes less frequently for the last about 2 decades. But this problem does not used to be in the same area. It keeps changing in different areas on the body.

  • This last reply of yours, seems to rule out LW ( unless it was contaminated with something you are allergic to ) as the culprit. Try to re-collect, whether you can co-relate, doing something differently, a new food item, a visit to a new place, a new medicine, a change-over to a new clothing or bedding item, contact with some pet, bed bugs, etc, each time the allergy has turned up,

    Perhaps, some kind of detox could help.


  • I used to think, the medicines for BP and lipids might have caused this in the past. But I stopped all of them for few months now. I am now on only metformin250 , eltroxin50, telmisartan-5mg. I suspected telmisartan as culprit and stopped it for 2 days which did not help so I restarted it again. About 2 weeks I used to suffer usually, whenever it happens. Now I am getting suspicious, may be, wheat might have caused this in the past too, which I never got that doubt. Only recently, after starting to check the internet, came to know about this gluten. This has really become a puzzle now. Need to check with dermatologist if it is some fungi related thing. I dont go out for eating. Fully controlled with lwmdr for last 2 months. Used to mix lots of vegetables with LW and boil and eat. The pesticides in vegetables also might be culprit. Unable to figure out. No changes in life style as such except lwmdr.

  • Till you visit the dermatologist, try applying a paste of neem leaves ( hope you can get them ) over a small area, leave it on for approx 20 mins ( till it dries ) & then rinse it off with plain water. See if it is of any help.


  • Thanks. I have been eating neem leaves regularly. I will apply the paste and see if it helps.

  • LW contains less gluten than normal wheat. Fiber and protein is higher compared to normal wheat. Indians are not allergic to gluten compared to americans.

  • Very useful details; thank you for sharing it to the society.

  • This time, after stopping all medicine, this allergy did not occur for quite some time, much longer than before and I thought I am relieved from it for ever as I stopped most of the medicines and much reduced medicine for BP and BS. Contrary to my hope, it relapsed again. I never knew the cause of that. Since we take wheat once in a while, I got a little suspicion, that might be the cause in the past too. I am planning to restart the regime again once I get relieved of this allergy. Or if you suggest something else or restart it right away, I will do it.

  • 1. Once Long Wheat stabilise blood sugar, BP also may get regulated.

    2. After the allergy subsides, should try stopped things ONLY ONE AT A TIME; then only you can find out what causes the allergy. If you do not get any one then should try all pairs, one pair at a time for sufficient duration.

    3. If that also fail, try combinations of three things, only one combination at a time for sufficient duration.

  • George Sir

    Please provide your e.mail or contact no.i want to personally meet you regarding diabetes cure.i m desperate to cure it

  • Have tried LW for 25 days & did not get any such problems.

    But then, the same food has different effect on different people. For all that we know, at times, it is not the food, but the contamination of the food, that could be the problem.

    Has the allergy reduced after stopping LW ?

    If yes, then do not take LW till complete disappearance of the symptoms & then as medfree has suggested, restart LW & see what happens.


  • Hi yvjanard,

    Sorry to hear that. Being allergic to something is a big problem for anybody. In general, many people will not be allergic to same thing & same person will not be allergic to many things. Only a rare combination body constitution & things (or combinations of things) that go in or get in touch result in all allergic reaction.

    So far nobody has reported me allergy to Long wheat.

    It takes time & patience to identify the culprit.

  • glycemic index of foods:

    barley has GI of just 26. Less than 55 is considered low. Someone mentioned long wheat is similar to barley. Long wheat should be having GI of about 30, which is very effective. So this food does not contradict any theories and agrees with most of theories. This regime ensures low fat, low carb, low GI food etc. I am following lwm diet for breakfast and dinner and low carb and some fat (curd, few gms of oil used in the curries) in the lunch. For lunch, i am taking finger mellet (ragi, red mellet) and the red rice with usual curries, curd. I am also taking sugarless lemon tea once and coffee with milk and light sugar around 12noon if I feel too weak and feel low sugar in the body.

  • And whats the GI of barley and long wheat flour? We mostly eat flour as regular habit of eating chapatis. If you eat Low Carb, Low fat then where does the needed energy come from? There's no such diet as low carb low fat.

    Here's the barley flour nutrients :

    85% energy from carbs

    Flour will definitely have a higher GI as compared to the grain. We will need to look for GI in the form that we eat.

  • barley is showing very low glycemic index (GI) of 28 in this table.

    some info about other wheats:

    The following is against wheat use:

  • Here's a PDF. GI varies on type of barley flour used to make the bread ranging from 27 on lower side to as high as 70. So it all depends on what form one is eating.

    Cracked barley after hulling has GI of 50. Convert it to flour and you land in high GI territory.

  • Some people have intentionally brought in Barley to divert the attention of diabetic patients from Long Wheat. As expected by them, many people are joining the fray.

    The article ( ) quoted above (as against wheat use) is seen to be published on September 6, 2011. I SMELL A RAT THERE because my experience with Long Wheat & cure of Diabetes was published almost two years prior to this. :-) :D

  • You probably are at a point you should systematically reduce medicine...if you are taking blood sugar med

  • I am diabetic for the past 10 years. Can the long wheat kanji be replaced with long wheat flour chappati?.

  • Hi nairrajis,

    I was using kanji because I feared a problem in pulverizing/dry-grinding.

    Please give your latest FBS, 2-Hr-PPBS, HbA1c & C-peptide results. Also tell age, height, weight, medicines & dosages, details of food/drink intake like what, when & how much from one morning to next morning; that only will give a picture of your state for us to give you some specific advice.

  • Hi Sir,

    Sorry for the dealy in replying. Due to various health issues in the family, I could start the LWMDR only yesterday. I am 59 yrs /F/5ft 2inch/61.8kg as of May 2015. I am diabetic since 2005.

    Latest blood results since July 2014

    FBS 119/PPBS 133

    Jan 2015

    FBS 128/PPBS 87 /a1c 7.7

    May 2015

    FBS 109/PPBS 95 /a1c 6.9

    I am a vegan mostly 99%(since july 2014 due to ayurvedic treatment for back pain. )

    Medicine is glycaphage 500 in the morning/

    glycophage 850 in the night. since jan 2015.

    I will be checking BS using onetouch and record them and inform you regularly.

    My previous lab results, I will collect them and update them later.

    Please advice. Thank you for your patience.

  • Hi nairrajis,

    Thank you for the response. Wish & pray a speedy cure.

    There scope for weight reduction but need not do anything for that now.

    Let us wait & see further results.

  • Hi Sir,

    Thank you for your response. I am following the diet recommended by you. No friuts, no sugar, and LWMDR. BS is getting regulated. Hope to get better soon. Thank you, will keep you,updated if any changes happen.

  • Should we take only long wheat kanji all the three times bf lunch dinner along with vegetables, no rice, no chapathis, no tea, no coffee, no fruit, no sugar at all for at least 3 months. Want to follow you George sir. Please advise and guide sir.

  • Its not 3 months. Its 3 years if u think yr diabetes can be cured by eating some spl wheat.

  • Please do not get misguided by speculative remarks on LWMDR of some 'experts' who might not have even seen Long Wheat, leave alone experience of Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen.

    I have written down the details of my experience with Diabetes & LWMDR in posts here as well as article at

  • My dear George,

    What is this long wheat and where and how to get it and how do we recognise it

    J K JAIN

  • Dear SC

    You have been posting the result if your case only so far. A procedure to be acceptable to general public there needs to have more sample study. Why not take cases of people who have taken this therapy with your help and collate the results. If more people have been benefited, more convincing is the theory. Give it a thought.

  • Dear Mr George,

    Thanks for your posting. I would like to cooperate with you for your experiment of Long Wheat diet. I am coming to Trivandrum next week and if you could mention the name of store where the item is available in Trivandrum I can buy it. I have been diagnosed as diabetic since last July 2012 when tested for the purpose of eye operation and it was 408 on fasting & 542 on PP. By exercise like morning walk etc I could make it under control i.e. near 100 and I am going to take my Hb1AC test tomorrow and I will inform the result.

    My mail ID

    Thanks & regards

  • Dear suji, Thank you for the interest. Glad that you could bring down the sugar level.

    I do not remember the names of shops. You please inquire at the GROCERY street parallel to the vegetable street of CHALAI bazar. I think there are more than one; one is on the Chalai street itself, if my memory is correct.

  • I would like to try your therapy. How to go about it? Please guide me step by step.

  • I would like to try your therapy. Please guide me step by step. My e mail id is

  • ShooterGeorge, did you get a chemical analysis of the specific long grain wheat? Did you put your case to GNC?

  • Hi norreal,

    I did not get a chemical analysis of the grain which cured my Diabetes. [... the specific long grain wheat? As far as I know the "LONG" is a part of the name & does NOT indicate size. Its name in many Indian languages does NOT contain translation of the English word 'long'. Tamil & Malayalam names refer to NEEDLE & not length.]

    I have not put my case to GNC. I do not know GNC & the format to put a case to GNC.

  • Nane absolutely right. There could be an unidentified ingredient. However, unless someone with exactly similar condition and track record except for 'Long wheat..' as GeorgeShooter was available for comparison, it would have made some possible sense. At the moment, it does not convince. I agree with you.


    George.from 17-01-2014 I am hoping to go on this 'LONG WHEAT KANHI' trial if mr George concurs. LET ME SEE IF ICAN MEET HIM AT MY COST AND ARRANGEMENT/INITIAT-

    IVE.AM AWAITING HIS RESPONSE 4 mob/ld line/e.mail ID etc.


  • Dear George

    There are 6 or 7 gentlemen showing keen interest. Why nit guide them and monitor their progress. They can be provided with a simple chart to record data and followed. Mat we request the friends who have shown keen interest to be volunteers in assessing George's treatment for curing DM 2. Pl provide your email address to him and further coordinate. May be in 3-4 weeks time we may have first progress report. God bless and all the best.

  • Thank you Nane. Mr kaildiyer's response was not positioned properly & hence I did not receive an alert mail. I do not see all postings due to shortage of time. Today, after two days of his posting, the response caught my eye by chance & have sent a mail to him which would give him my email ID. So I hope things are in motion now. Thank you for the efforts & interest. Let us pool our resources together and become the torch-bearers in solving a serious global health problem. May God bless us all.

  • Why dont you give your email id for the benefit of your readers through these columns.

  • Emails will be read by one & only one person; replies here can be read by any number of people. I will have to expend same effort & time for both. Utility value of email is much less than replying here, as far as I am concerned.

    If you are very particular about email contact, you will have to pay for my expertise, time & effort. Are you ready for that?

  • Dear Mr George,

    I would like very much to cooperate in this venture. I am 78 yrs old, living in Delhi and a diabetic for the past 28 years. Presently I am controlling BS levels by reduced intake of carbohydrates, but I would like to get rid of this problem permanently. My mail ID is Please send me a one line reply so that I can have your e-mail ID. Thanks

  • Dear Shooter George,

    You have told that you have never used the broken wheat. But you have also told that we must take Samba wheat Kanji in the morning and in the ight. How can we make Kanji with the whole grain. Whether we have to cook the whole wheat and eat? if so what quantity. I would like to have your guidance and like to follow the LWMDR. My Fasting sugar level ranges from 175-196 and fasting from 180-296 according to my food intake. I take RECLIDE 80 gm and Vogli bo 2 gms in the morning and Reclide 40 mg in the evening and insulin Lantus solostar 15 units in the night. My HBA1c is more than 8 , a month ago. I am afraid and become tensed up if I see my readings.

    Also please let me know whether i can take Coffee and tea with Milk. Of course i take twice in the morning and once in the evening. People say the milk intake will also increase the Insulin Resistance. Please advise me. I would like to bring the sugar level to normal level.

  • Thank you Nitins. I tried & am still trying to get Gujarati name of Long Wheat. If I get it, next moment it will reach you.

    Mean while if you can locate a University student or teacher of BOTANY & ask for the Gujarati name of Triticum Dicoccon alias T.dicoccon (alias dicoccum) Botanical/Latin(Scientific) name you may get faster than me.

    If I am to send you a sample, it is to be bought now. Instead why not you take a colour print of the published picture & show it to the traders. The photos shows almost actual size of the grain available here. The comparison picture with dot-pen-tip will give you a better idea of the size.

    All the best.

  • Hi Nitins,

    I have some more details now, which may help you locate Long Wheat in Gujarat/Gujarati.

    1. Hindi - Jau Ghehnoo

    2. Marati - Khapli Gahu

    3. Punjabi - Javi Kamak

    4. Konkani - Suve Gov

    5. Tamil - Samba Godhumai

    6. Malayalam - Suuji Goothambu

    7. Latin - Dicoccum Triticum (Scientific/Botanical)

    Also try DURUM WHEAT;

    grain from which Dalia Broken Wheat is made;

    grain from which Suji Rava is made;

    grain from which Ghau name fada is made;

    grain from which Ghau na fada is made.

    One of them will be the Long Wheat; confirm by comparing with the pictures at

    Please inform result of your search.

  • Mr. George, the long wheat (Jau) I purchased in Delhi has the husk on it. Do I have to de-husk it before cooking?

  • Dear sir,

    Husk is not edible, cooking with husk will be very difficult & even if it is cooked with husk, you can not & should not eat husk. Husk will damage the stomach walls.

  • Hi Nitins, I think I have a partial success in finding the Gujarati name of Long Wheat. I remembered about a Gujarati Hotel in my adjacent city & went there. It is Hotel Sourashtra. Unfortunately there was nobody who knows Gujarati now. Fortunately the manager was knowing one businessman, about a kilometer away from there, who knows Gujarati. Immediately walked there & located him without much difficulty. I had taken my demo packet of ordinary wheat & Long Wheat samples. Even though he recognised both, could remember the Gujarati name of ordinary wheat only. He said it is GHAU. Then he asked somebody over phone, with no useful result. Then he called his mother. Unfortunately she did not pick the call. He was kind enough to offer to find out & share the name from her the next day and gave me his mobile number & name. Next morning to my call he promptly gave the reply: it is JOUV. When I asked him to spell it in English he said J O U V. I feel it can be searched as JOUV or JOUV GHAV. Now it you or somebody in Gujarat to locate or ascertain the correctness or completeness or incorrectness or incompleteness of it for the benefit of the Diabetic community. Please share the outcome here.

  • Thank you so much George for taking all that trouble, I really appreciate it. The problem is that, like elsewhere in India, Gujarat has many dialects and many speak different types of Gujarati language and use different names for the same product. Therefore, this wheat may be known by different names in different parts of Gujarat. However, I did some research myself and found that in and around Ahmedabad this wheat is known as Davudi Khan wheat. Maybe, some other Gujarati can second it.

  • In Gujarat Lamba Gehu ( Long Wheat) verity is called "BLIYA"


    Dear Mr.George,

    Kindly see the picture( above link)...Is it the same Long wheat ?

    Kindly Reply.


  • Dear SG, I will return this month end to India and I will also be a part in the team. I could help people who do not get the item.Again I wish to state I am not a trader. Most cities in India now have "www.homeneeds supermarket'consept and I sourced the required item through them. Google it you will find the store and place order.

    For everything rishimoolam and nadhimoolam to find then only use, your balance life time will elapse ,then based on trust and results published we need to test. The treatment is only godumai ganji which is cheapest way to attempt a trial.

    If one has priscrition of medicine then let them continue with this treatment and if found satisfied then can reduce the medicines.


  • Dear Ranga sir, That is a fantastic idea. Sir, traders & trading are essential; otherwise how we will get the items? Why I was stressing that I am not a trader is that people have suspected me so & have asked that is it because I am a wholesaler of Long Wheat that I am telling that it can cure Diabetes when the whole world believes that Diabetes is incurable.

    When I attempted for a Guinness World Record for curing Diabetes Mellitus Type II their reply was that their expert committee reported that nobody in the medical community believes that Diabetes is curable.


    Keep chatting.

  • Dear SG, In Japan there is a Diet House,they don't deal anything related to diet.(I was there).we should enlist some serious people of type 2 and really conduct the trials. All these need not be in one place but we are connected by net ,we can bring about data,s of all personnel.What ever assistance required I am willing to do.I shall reach India by this month end.

  • dear SG, my comp.was not there and hence i could not communicate.

  • Dear sir plz let me help ma father to cure diz disease ...cud u plz send me the mail @

  • What mail?

  • Bout long wheat how does it work n all Plzzzzz.....and how it supposed to b used .PLZZZZZ HELP ME

  • M very much thankful to u for rplying me...sir ma dad wants to talk to u for once .cn u plz giv me .ua number..i will b very grateful if u .cn do so dad is so sick n he have gastric problem n bcuz of that his bp goes up n diabetes plz i beg u plz sir HELP ME to cure him plz .....

  • Talking to me is not going to help you or your dad in any way. If you are so keen, give me your number; I will call you.

  • I am a Type 1 Diabetic for almost 20 years. I've been on insulin since I was 4.

    Have you had a type 1 diabetic try the long wheat diet and what was the result?

    My body is very sensitive to starch, so I eat low-carb to keep my insulin levels reasonable.

    Do you have any advise for me?

    Thank you and God bless!

  • Day before yesterday (28 Mar 2014) FBS was 95 mg/dl. As could not test PPBS after BF (rice based), had it after lunch (rice & side dishes); it showed 104 mg/dl ( ). That is why I keep repeating "cured".

    May I ask you whether you have come across anybody who have followed Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR) for sufficiently long period?

  • Even I had chapati and rice for lunch yesterday with chicken and my PPBS as 119. Am i cured? No.

    I even take ice cream occasionally, sweets too. But still I am not cured. Cure would be if i drink 2 cans of COKE and then take PPBS and see if sugar levels remain same as it as after lunch yesterday. Someone today out here have even said that I am not diabetic :)

  • I am Tanweer (35 Years) from India. 2 years Back I diagnosed that I have diabetes with PPBS 402 mg/dl. after medicine of 3 month (metmorfin 200 & Glimpride 0.5 mg) twice a day make my some what in line.

    But again it is coming back and always FBS near to 150-165 mg/dl and PPBS 200-300 mg/dl.

    Right now I am using only Glimpride 1 Mg. twice a day.

    I feel little weakness in lower back and just behind my eyes.

    I want to reverse my diabetes please help me.

  • Could you give me your opinion on having deep fried low starch (or low glycemic) vegetable curries like Bendi, bitter gourd, cabbage etc., in good quantities (as much as we can have with less rice of course or without rice), if it is good for diabetics.

  • Eat as much of vegetables (no potato) as you may want to. Dry veg preparation, curry based vegetable preparation, koftas, pakoras etc. Mixed dry veg with small amount of paneer (preferably home made) is also good. Add coconut flour (fine gratings of coconut) to curry for making it nice and thick as this ill also be filling and tasty. Use less of tomato for vegetable preparations.

    As for rice, 1 - 2 TBSP cooked rice for psychological satisfaction is OK. If you want to have the satisfaction of having rice just take 1 TBSP scoop of cooked rice. Bottom line -- count your carbs in every meal and stay in control of the figures. Once in a while cheating is allowed but that should be left for special occasions and not more than twice or thrice a month.

  • Thanks for your time for explaining in detail.

  • I am not good at such things.

  • Thank you for replying, Mr George. I would be happy to receive any advise you may have!

  • Hi,

    I tried to send messages to you George and I also emailed you. Did not get any response yet , I am sure you would be busy. I live in Hyderabad. I just got long wheat today. I am going to follow your path from tomorrow onwards. I started using Fenu Fibre ( ). I was identified diabetic in 2006. This product was not for sale then. It was prepared by a scientist who worked for NIN. Prior to come up with this product, he was taking Methi husk for 30 years (1 spoon before breakfast, 1.5 spoons for lunch and dinner). I landed up with him and he suggested me that. I started following the same method and after 1.5 years when I checked my sugar levels (without taking methi) and I did not identify my sugar levels. But without using for another 1 year I continued my life (this time without control on my diet). I got it back after 1 year. Any ways thats when I found this scientist came up with this fibre thing and now I am using it. However it was only to control to certain extent but not to totally stop medicines etc. I never used English medicines. Now I am using homeopathy medicine which is controlling (I still use this fenu fibre). Both put together my sugar levels are okay but still there are swings either. I read this article of George and I would like to try with this method. Somehow I felt Glue is playing a role, let us see how it goes. I will keep posting my developments (If George could reply and guide me that would be really helpful in this process) .

  • I also wanted to check with George, if I can use this fibre thing as usually before my breakfast, lunch and dinner (this one and homoeopathy as well , coz this is the stuff I am currently dependent on).

  • One should not discontinue any medicine or medicinal stuff to start LWMDR.

  • Oh God, how awesome it is, it has been 1.45 mins now, first time after having this LW food (I had stomach full after very long time), my sugar level is just 108. I will update after lunch and dinner tonight.

  • Being able to take stomach full of starchy food is ONE of the advantages of Long Wheat; it will get rid off tiredness without pushing up sugar level. LWMDR will make you happier as time passes.

  • Thanks Mr. George for your response and encouragement. My both sugar levels are within the range. Its been 2 days since I started LWM. Also I take homeopathy medicine and the methi fiber as i told above. I dont use any other medicines. But in this busy world of things when you travel etc, it is very difficult to continue lwm. Mr. George please if any breaks in LWM usage is fine or it will have any other impacts.

    But I am able to fill my stomach well unlike old days.



  • Hi sir

    Iam dignoised as predibetic last year,

    With FBS 115 and post meals as 195

    Please advice how to control or cure my condition and also where can I get long wheat in hyderabad.


  • I am in portugal. Can i use spelt wheat as a substitute?

  • Hi aneesh84,

    I am extremely sorry to say that I have neither experience nor knowledge about any substitute for Long Wheat as far as the treatment of Diabetes is concerned.

  • I have been struggling to find a comparable wheat. I found Kamut.

    But on closer observation i saw that the outer shell (husk) was not there.

    Is it necessary to have the full whole grain?

    I must ask someone to bring for me from india then. I didnt find it being sold online also.

  • Hi George. Can you please confirm if this looks like long wheat that you have used.

  • Wonder if there is some undetected ingredient in Starch Rich Long Wheat? [ShooterGeorge and medfree if this dimension is not probed, it would be good to solicit network members of this forum to check out possibility of voluntary input from biologists, botanists and research pharmacists]...

  • Hi aneesh,

    Your comments always takes more time to open up; more over the "Reply to this" button is mostly inactive. What is the problem?

    I visited the site you linked & saw the picture in 200% magnification. It appears to be something between the common wheat & Long Wheat; closer to the second one. Please see the picture of the wheat I was using

  • Dear George,

    I dont know this problem.

    I actually bought one kilo of this wheat "Kamut" to try. Before that I had been eating no carbohydrate diet and had actually got better. My fasting was close to 100.

    1 Kg Kamut lasted me 5 days. I ate both morning and evening. The first 2 days my PP glucose was not too high aout 120. Probably my pancreas had got better and was controlling my sugar level well. But third day onwards my PP sugar starting going quite high, about 165 plus. Then even my fasting started going up. So in short my experiment was a failure.

    Now I have stopped eating kamut, but still my body is not working as well at reducing sugar as it was before my Kamut experiment. Today my PP sugar was 150 just after eating a few beans. I think I will go back to no carb diet like before and try to keep my sugar below 110 most times of the day.

    As I said Farro is not available here. I can ask my italian friends to send me from italy, but now I am scared to try. Maybe after the month of no-carb diet, when I get better I will experiment.

  • Bottom line: All digestible carbs convert to glucose and glucose is one thing that a diabetic cannot handle properly.

  • UPDATE: 2 days I stopped carbs again. We had a party tonight, had lots of turkey, chicken, fish, with steamed cauliflower and cabbage. After that ginger tea. PP was 85! I think I will cure much faster this way than with long wheat or any other carbs! And feel much more healthier too! Anyways I am not doing so much physical work, why I need carbs!

  • Bottom Line: Any digestible carbs will convert to sugar and that's one thing that diabetics cannot dispose efficiently. Every vegetarian stuff, dairy has carbs and cereals are worst offenders. You have found your way out -- practically :)

    Restrict Carbs to 100gms/day max from all sources combined.

    Don't worry, if you curtail your carbs to 20% of your daily energy need saturated FAT will improve your LIPIDS. Only in cases of FH (a genetic disorder) does LIPIDS have issue.

    Diabetes cannot be cured. It can be managed very well on LCHF for sure. FAT skeptics can keep eating carbs and call it a healthy diet, but the fact is CARBS KILL!

  • This is very true! But also what I observed was that being on a low carb diet improves your ability to process an occasional carb that you may eat. So if your daily diet is low carbs then maybe you dont get "cured" in the traditional sense that you cant go back to eating rice, bread with every meal, but you do get better. Thank god I am not vegetarian, because I feel for a vegetarian it must be much more difficult to go without cereals, lentils, etc and they are all sources of heavy carbs.

  • True for vegetarians it is a bit difficult. As for being able to handle occasional carbs load better, this is because Insulin Resistance comes down for a diabetic on LCHF. But cheating only once a week at the most is permissible as such, lower the better.

  • Dear Aneesh84,

    I am sorry that I do not know anything about KAMUT wheat & have NO EXPERIENCE WITH IT.

    My results are with Long Wheat ( Barley,LW&OW ---MYPOST 12, Long Wheat, Barley & Ordinary (common) wheat together. ---MYPOST 13, Name LONG WHEAT printed on packet. ---MYPOST 14, Long Wheat Name Printed in 5 languages on Packet Name in different languages )

    & it has not happened in a day or two.

    On Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR) my FIRST B S test was AFTER ONE MONTH. LWM is not a chemical drug to bring down B S overnight.

    Experiment can be to prove or disprove something.

    Don't you see a mismatch between your words:

    "... but still my body is not working as well at reducing sugar as it was before my Kamut experiment" AND "... I will go back to no carb diet like before ..."?

  • Hi George, I dont see a mismatch because, before I started eating Kamut, I was not eating any carbohydrates. So when I had kamut for the first times, by BS did not go up as much and my body was reducing the sugar level, and as I continued my BS started going higher and higher. Hence I decided to go back to my no carb diet. What is the mismatch here?

    You are suggesting that long wheat first causes the BS to increase and then makes it decrease during a period of one month? These days you can test your sugar on an hourly basis, so if long wheat does start making your PP sugars go up to 170 from 120, I cant understand how that can be helpful?

    Or you you mean ignore the sugar levels for a month and continue eating long wheat?

  • Hi aneesh84,

    You have repeated the mismatching statement. The mismatch I saw is like this:

    Before starting that wheat diet, you were not eating any carbohydrates (obviously you would not have been eating any sweet things as well). This means there was NO GLUCOSE INPUT TO THE BLOOD STREAM FROM FOOD, DIRECTLY. Then the question of your body reducing sugar level does not arise at all because your non-starchy diet does not increase the blood sugar.

    If this is clear to you, the last two questions can be answered by yourself.

    If that is not clear even after the above explanation, there is no point in answering the last two questions.

  • Hello ShooterGeorge!

    I love reading your posts as they are very informative and enlightening. I have been from last couple of weeks trying the LCHF diet and had lost few pounds. After my last visit with the MD, I just decided I was going to take care of this DM because I don't like being on meds period. I had seen my dad's health worsen with meds and they kept adding more and more until he became totally invalid, depressed with no sign of blood sugars coming down. I don't want to go that path at all. So in researching the web and looking for substantiated evidence of "curing" or "reversing" diabetes, I ended up on HealthUnlocked site.

    I am interested in trying the Long Wheat but I have to avoid gluten due to Hashimoto Hypothyroidism. Do you have any suggestions as to what can I do?

    Thank you for your response!

  • Thanks AxEffect for your response and clarification. I find LCHF very do-able and will continue. Also will try browsing

  • Hi

    I am 30 yrs old and came to know that I m having diabetes my BS is way to high FBS 240 and PPBS 483 I am scared to eat anything and everything, read your article all of it but I an in US and finding Long Wheat is difficult for me can anyone suggest where can I get long wheat here pls tell me

  • Dear George, I am from UP, India and confused the name of LW (Long Wheat). As you mentioned in your different language name of LW table i see that for us (Hindi) it is written as JAU.

    I can see that JAU is known as Barley in English. And you mentioned that it is not Barley.

    But in pictures you post it seems like JAU only.

    So, I am confuse now what exactly it is and how to recognize.

    I am not willing to take Barley instead of LW.

    Please advise.

  • Hi dinesh_rut,

    In my office there was a colleague cum friend A K Rut by name :-)

    Regarding LW, Jau & Barley lots & lots of discussion has taken place & for some time things were quiet.

    In the table you saw about Names in different languages, I have given the name of the person who gave me the name in Hindi. He is a UP man born & brought up in Delhi, and living in my town from the 1970's till date. He told about Dalia also. I trust his words.

    I have never been to Delhi or Uttar Pradesh.

    I am not particular that you should take either.

    Even if you are willing to take Barley, I will say NO because I am clear about LW & Barley.

    Please give the link of the pictures in which it seems like JAU so that I can correct it.

    Please have a look at this also & we will discuss afterwards ---MYPOST 12, Long Wheat, Barley & Ordinary (common) wheat together.

  • Its not jou or barley....its long wheat....called Khapali Gahu in Marathi....u may visit any good shop and ask....they will know in maharashtra....Emmer wheat is botanical name...

    No more confusion plz....

    There is basic difference  in in numbers of chromosomes of normal wheat and this wheat.

    It tastes very good.But almost double rate.

    Day before yesterday I had Bati made of this

    Any one tried 'Dal bati' of long wheat???

  • I am on ZERO Wheat since Mar 02, 2016. :)

  • Yeah...was reading your ketogenic diet experience on d

    You are simply great...guess I need some more time to reach to your level.

    I am trying.

    But are doing great Job...enlightening ppl about real problem.

    By the way...from my own experience..... Prima facie it shows... sugar meter shows that long wheat do give less spike than normal wheat.

    I am yet experimenting ......I need some more time to conclude about long wheat .

    Sure LCHF give immediate results.

    But how about combining both???

    If at all we want to eat chapatti then why not eat of long wheat?? it tastes far better.

    Guess Anupjee you are Rajasthani....hmmmm some day you should try 'Dal Bati' of long wheat. So yummy.....mmmmm

  • (1) I am a Rajput so have love for Rajputana Land. Daal Bati yes, when I fast for full day I may break fast with that :)

    (2) I am off from wheat and rice and plan not to be be going back to it ever again. 

    Average of 60 readings (80% PPBS -- 20% FBS) since March 2nd 2016 -- 110 by meter which reads higher than lab. I would love to hit A1C of ~5.0 in September 2016 :)

    Exceptions to rule -- Parties or vacation trips. There too will be minimal.

    (3) If you are playing by the LCHF rules, anything that helps in pushing A1C towards 5.0 I am in. But, keep the LCHF rules in sight. This is WRT LW chapati.

    While you experiment with LW chapati:


    2 hr, 2.5 hr and 3.0 hr numbers ( LW and normal Wheat chapati).

    (4) Ketogenic Diet -- It's a bit tough diet.

  • hmmmm there is some problem with me i Guess....I get 1 hr reading less and 2 hrs reading more....and then 3 hrs goes this problem with my gastric emptying ??

    Is it good or bad???

    As diabetic I guess its good....don't know....

  • One hr we look only for cases when we are experimenting with some carbs. Yr peaks could be between 1 and 2 hrs in that case. Not an issue, as long as you are within non diabetic range of numbers.

  • on one day one hr 118...2hrs 124 ....3 hrs 111

    other day one hour 127.....2 hrs 130 ...three hrs 102

    Lol.....guess my meter is faulty....

  • Oh that is fine. This is well within permissible meter error limits.

    Unless experimenting, I test at ~110 minutes after first bite. 

  • Hmmm these reading are with just half per day 50-500 istamet and 1000 MG Metformin.

     Not spiking over 130 at any time...

    Don't know about what happens after dinner.

    FBS is hovering 95- 118

    The day I chew tobacco( I chew tobacco baba 120) I get higher FBS. May be due to increased IR.Or some 'Heraferi' in liver.

    Hoping that my next HBa1c which is due on 15th March will be around 6.

  • (1) Drop tobacco. I am in midst of quitting smoking once again. 5th day on zero fags (used to be 20 a day)

    (2) Do strength building exercise if you can.

  • yes.....yesterday visited a nice gym....(membership already son)LOL walking 5 kms a day(I know not your choice) But I enjoy....meeting so many ppl while walking (and spreading LCHF message-Hope you would like).

     Some time back (About 10yrs ago) I use to walk 12 kms a day.Reduced weight by 21kgs.

    Let us see what best I can do to fight out with this deadly thing.

    This forum is my inspiration.

  • (1) I prefer weights to walks. My preference :)

    (2) Yes spread LCHF to as many diabetics as you come across. Diabetic parents are now switching their children to LCHF and best part is kids are enjoying it :)

    (3) I come here to BUST the MYTHS and LIES spread by few guys who know absolutely nothing when it comes to LCHF and they only  talk nonsense every time that speak about LCHF

  • @cure,

    1. If glucometer calibration solution is available, one can verify whether the meter is fine or faulty.

    2. Could you tell what all things you ate/drank, including medicines, (specifying time & quantity) during the four hours prior to  the first test?

    3. Neither the meter nor the readings need be wrong.

    We can find out.

  • Yeah....calibration solution is available...Johnson & Johnson couriered that just two days back.But not yet checked.But when I did my last checking..I tested same with lab.I mean when Lab took blood sample checked from same sample. Meter showed 126 when lab confirmed 118.

    I am every day taking half istamet 50-500.

    Telma 40 one tablet.And 1000 mg Metformin.(Total metformin is 1500 MG+Sitagliptin 25 MG)This for sugar.And Telma 40 for BP.

    When doc put me on istamet (Telmisartan) dose was increased.Earlier I was taking Sartel 20.

    I really don't remember what I had that day for B/f.But generally I take sprouted Mung/Chvali/chana like that.About 2 katori.

    Lunch I eat one and half chappati.( don't know weight.)But may be approximate 40 Gms each.. so about 60 Gms plus sabjee. or may be fish.

    Well...I am trying to follow LCHF...may be LCNF.I mean I am not adding any extra fats...but not avoiding  fats.As it is normal food in Maharashtra is oily.

    I am getting fantastic results with this LCHF diet.

    However,as far as long wheat goes...I agree that long wheat gives less spike than normal wheat. Plus long wheat is very tasty.

    I think if at all I am consuming 2/3 chapattis in day why not made of long wheat??So I started long wheat from 23/3/2016.In long wheat flour I added some 250 Gms on fenugreek seeds for enhanced effect.

    I tried 'Dal bati' of long wheat.....also Puran poli of long wheat on this Holi fastival.(when I was my home town many ppl use to make 'Puran Poli of this wheat'I don't know if now they use this or not.But in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra I guess they still use this wheat for 'Mande'/ A very large Puran Poli.)

    I think even some one can add 'coccinia Indica' or ivy the mash for enhanced effect.It will be yummy and also helpful for sugar control.(Plz experiment and tell results)

    So its very early to say anything much on Long wheat besides its very tasty and as meter says less spike.

    I need some more time for this experiment.Its not one day job....may be same like you I need to go for long three years....And I will do its...

    You and Anupjee are my inspiration.

    Further long wheat is well known in rural Maharashtra.

    I read about long wheat when I came across your claim....I found that there is basic genetic difference between our normal wheat and long wheat.Number of chromosomes are very less in Long wheat.

    If we go by figures....during 1990 till 2014 there is 123% increase of diabetes in India compare to 75% at all over world.

    Now, the ppl who got diagnosed as diabetic in 1990 must be at least about 30+yrs ??? Born around 1960?? or ppl who went some dietary changes at early life??

    As we know Green revolution started in India around 1960.And after that we Indian started consuming genetically modified wheat and rice..

    Is this the reason for such big increase in diabetes???

    And long wheat is not genetically modified ( barring experiments by Dharwad University).

    Hmmmmmm one funny thing.....Today I met my old friend from my home town (Northern Maharashtra) And we were talking about long wheat/Khapali gahu.And I told him about you..that you claim that Khapali gahu is cure for diabetes...

    he told me some thing very funny....I need to experiment about this....He said' in olden times when ever ppl wants to purchase long wheat they use to go to shop with cotton cloth...and use to cover wheat with that...if few grains gets attached to cloth when lifted....then wheat is good.

    (Hey...I don't know truth about this...the fellow who told me doesn't know that you talk about something static energy of long fact your theory about static energy struck me then when he told me about this)

    I need to experiment about this tomorrow and will check and come back.

  • Sorry George jee...

    Today in spite of extra work load due to march ending...I visited long wheat shop....Experimented with cloth if few grains gets stuck to cloth due to static charge....

    Sorry....Non get stuck...I guess this is purely myth....

  • Please go through my posts/responses on this matter; it may clarify things.

  • I did not talk about static charge OF Long Wheat but effect OF static charge ON Long Wheat during dry grinding. I think somebody mislead you in this matter,

  • @cure....daal ...baati baigan bharta is very famous in north UP too...I love it ...weekend treat with sattu filled bati with baigan bharta  :) :)

  • Litti chokha??

  • yes ...yes ..exactly :D

  • Great.....Try that made of Long wheat....

    I don't know if long wheat cures or not....But it is better tasting than any other wheat...

    Even when my daughter in law made bati of long wheat...she said cooking time is very less.

    My maid is asking me to eat that chapatti with Ghee.In fact in rural Maharashtra they know this wheat very well.And very few ppl cultivate this wheat for own consumption.And got habit of consuming chapati of this wheat with ghee.

  • Hi George,

    Please let me know where I can get long wheat here in US..

  • Hi ramanas,

    I live in India & you seem to be in US. As a common man it is felt that it will be easier for you, than me, to find out the availability of Longwheat in US.

  • Did u find where to get it here in US?

  • I got the wheat here and I am on second week now..Lot of improvement is all I can say..I have a question...Can I eat onions,ginger and garlic? I think they are also root vegetables..Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Hello George Sir,

    I am from Chennai. Just yesterday only found out your article. I am really impressed on the detailed analysis. Thanks for sharing such information for good cause of the society.

    I am diebetic and HBA1c is 8.2 2 weeks back. I am having whole Samba wheat at home. My query is, can i give in machine and make it as rava kind for making the receipe as mentioned by you.

  • Hello George Sir,

    Thanks for the response. I will follow as mentioned. I am having XMet SR (500 Mg) sugar tablet 1 each in morning and night. Kindly let me know when to stop the medicines.

  • Keep reporting the results. I will tell you at the appropriate level.

  • The Dharwar University study ( ) show that machine breaking or pulverising is not harmful.

  • Starchy root vegetables only need to be avoided. More over in my place Onion, Garlic, Ginger etc are not considered or known as vegetables; taste makers rather.

  • HI shootergeorge

    seems your suggestions are very positive. i had my fasting 168 one month back and changed my diet and my fasting came to 120 and my Ac1 first time i checked was 6.5. Dr. put me in pre-diabetic, so want to start ur diet ligme for a positive results. 

  • Wish you all the best. Get well soon.

  • hi ramanas inbox me ur number i stay in texas would like to start this diet.

  • >triticum aestivum is grown in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Parts of Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and it takes 95% of total cultivation in india.

    >triticum durum is grown in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Southern Rajasthan and few locations in Punjab and it takes 4% of total cultivation in india.

    >triticum dicoccum is grown in Karnataka, Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu and it takes 1% of total cultivation in india.

    >reference : pdf

  • Thank you for this very useful information.

  • Hi Shooter Geroge

    Kindly share ur email details or ur phone number i would like to start it and seems i was able to get the long wheat grain in USA it is called as 

    Emmer Farro wheat. Kindly confirm 

  • Emmer is the name I also know& is there in my list on web. I usually don't share my Id or # with members of this forum as we can discuss here or you can open a new post & send me the link so that we can discuss. It may become useful to others also.

  • yes sir u r right actually fasting sugar test was 140 to 200. you are on border. Before 1997, the fasting sugar limit for diabetes was 140. WHO put a pannel to decrease it and was fixed it as 126.

    All of Sudden 14% of world population became diabetics overnight.

    Later in 2003, American Diabetic Association again decrease the limit to 100.

    And after this 60% of Indian Population became diabetic

    And you know who are the membersof those panels deciding the fasting sugar limit consist of ??

    They are the consultants of 7 big pharmaceutical companies in world.

    So in short, it's the pharma industry that decide if you are diabetic or not.. cos they want to make their buisness.

    Be aware ! their is mdicine which can cure tis disease in this worl yes I know diabetes is not curable but new invention has came that is ayurvedic medicine name OJAMIN will cure u completely and you can enjoy sweets and leave your normal life. but conditions apply you have to follow certain diet for 1 and half year compulsory.

    You dont have to eat sugar and sugar items , rice and rice items, sage and sage items no sugar free at all and in fruit apple is ok no other fruit.

    Just follow these strict diet for one and half year and see the results . Name of medicine is OJAMIN.

  • Hi Sir how are you

    I want try this LW can you help me

  • I am fine, thank you. If you are diabetic, I will help you for sure, @suredrabedsa.

  • I don't know the answer to the question and that's because I don't understand that what causes the blood sugar to rise and if it's in normal range then no one is diabetic

    I am sure you will help me with long wheat diet

  • If you don't know the answer to my question there is no need to try LW. Even if you do not understand what causes the blood sugar to rise, if it rises it will have its problems for sure. I think you are mistaken and have landed up here by mistake. This is a forum for people who are diabetic.

  • Hi George,

    I have been going through your old posts to learn about your invention of cure/treatment of diabetes based on long wheat diet. I fully agree with you that in many instances new experimental results are reported first and theoretical explanations follow later. This is a fully acceptable approach in the scientific world. However, the experimental results should be repeatable time and again. In this particular case, if it is repeatable even in 50 % of the patients, I will say it is a huge success. Any idea how many people have tried this approach and reported success/failure?

    As you may be aware I am currently following LCHF + IF regime. When I started following this, it was mainly for losing weight. I was not even aware of my diabetes but around the same time I got my results of routine medical tests( annual) and discovered that I have blood sugar issue. Researching further, I found that LCHF would also be suitable to keep my blood sugar spike low. So for me, it is an added benefit.

    The current regime of LCHF + IF will come to an end in the month of Dec. and I have to decide on what next. At the moment if I take carb based food, blood sugar spikes much beyond recommended range. with LCHF it is modest.

    In the new year, I would like to try LW diet and I am perfectly capable of following this as per instruction you have posted. In fact, before LCHF my breakfast used to be based on Oat/bulgar wheat/ semolina kinds of stuff. Switching to long wheat should not pose any problem.

    The main problem is the availability of LW as I am based in the UK. I know it would be too much to ask you, but I have no other means just now. Is it possible for you to name few suppliers in some major cities in India whom I can contact and see how I can source LW?

    Another question:

    Let us say I take 60g LW cooked as per instruction first thing in the morning for the first time with fasting blood sugar of 110, what would be blood sugar level after 1hr, 90 mts, and 2 hrs?

    No other food item is consumed.

  • Presently

    if I take my regular breakfast e.g. cooked oatmeal + semi-skimmed milk, the blood sugar goes up by 80 points.

    If I take LCHF breakfast e.g. Bacon, fried egg, and some green salad, the blood sugar goes up only by 15 points.

  • the above rise if after 2hrs.

  • I don't want to speculate the numbers because the components of the meal are different; milk has glucose but oatmeal may have less starch per gram than LW. Let us wait and see.

    I like your approach and the way of handling the problem.

  • Hi Praveen55,

    Regarding number of success/failure reported it is nearly zero in both cases. I am neither a Doctor nor run a hospital. People who follow my guidance stop reporting as soon as BS begin to decrease. Nobody has ever reported adverse effects.

    Blood sugar levels spiking beyond the recommended ones when taking starch rich food in between LCHF or LCHF+IF is natural and obvious in my opinion. This is because the Diabetes level is only sustained or worsened by the routine, not improved.

    Glad to hear that switching to LW should not pose any problem.

    Regarding LW sourcing I am helpless. Google search may probably help you find some. Earlier some members had listed shopnames, their location as well as numbers here. I did not save those. I have a list of name of LW in different languages, as part of my online article at Appropedia.

    On the first day of LWMDR your PPBS at 60, 90 & 120 mins are very likely to be high due to different reasons.

    1. FBS 110 means you are still Diabetic.

    2. Till previous day you were on low starch diet.

    3, Your daily search intake was low.

    4. Due to 2 & 3 your Pancreas would have been on an idling mode.

    5. Any system is likely to have on-delay, rise-time & warm-up to came to normal level of performance.

    6. 90 mins will have the highest BS value and 120 the steady state number.

    7. LW will not work like tablets or Insulin injection.

    You or none will enjoy LW diet unless taken with tasty side dishes. I used to take it with all curries others in the family take.

  • Hi George,

    Thank you very much. I did some research on the internet to find Long wheat since sending you my queries to you. I am very hopeful, I should be able to source LW. In Europe, it is called Emmer wheat ( Farro, In Italy) and they do refer it as Triticum dicocuum as you have mentioned in your paper. The easily available variety here is in precooked form for ease of cooking as a breakfast cereal. Like the one below in our local grocery stores

    I am sure I will be able to find some source who can supply the whole grain raw variety.

    Meanwhile, I did some cooking exercise with the ordinary hard wheat. Rather than soaking in water overnight, I put it in a slow cooker with water overnight at low heat setting. By the morning, the wheat was optimally cooked with no excess water and soft enough to chew comfortably without the use of any food processor. I hope slow cooking should be okay if not better. Appearance wise it looked very much like one shown in the photograph in your paper.

    Hopefully, I should be able to obtain TD variety wheat in order for me to start LWMDR in the beginning of new year.

  • You are pegging good progress in getting prepared for your experiment. Congratulations.

    I like your approach and way of handling.

    This post has too many responses making editing uneasy.

    Shall we start another thread with similar title to make editing easier/faster?

  • Yes, I agree I would like to start a new thread so that it will be easily traceable and benefit other members also. I would like to include everything that we discussed so far. How do I do?

  • The picture of wheat at the given link do not match with the LW. This may be another variety of Emmer.

  • Yes, I fully agree I am still diabetic trying to control BS. Also, I am not expecting that LW will cause a drop in BS immediately like a drug. In fact, I expect it to behave like any other starchy food and with time when pancreas heals I should notice an improvement. The purpose of asking the question was to prepare me for the need of short-term medication if required.Just as a part of risk assessment.

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