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What Causes Arthritis?

Arthritis Pain Relief

Did you know that if you are suffering from arthritis ...

you’re certainly not alone.

In people over fifty-five years old in industrialized countries, arthritis is the main

cause of disability. It affects the musculoskeletal system, especially the joints

and causes pain through inflammation.

The word arthritis comes from the Greek arthron meaning "joint" and the Latin

itis meaning "inflammation".

Arthritis is actually a term covering over 100 medical conditions. Although some types of arthritis can strike people at a very early age, the most common form, Osteoarthritis, generally affects the elderly.

It All Starts At The Joints ...

A joint is obviously the place where bones join together ... where one bone moves against another.

Where they touch each other, the bones surfaces are covered with cartilage, to stop them actually rubbing together. It acts as a cushion to allow the joint to work smoothly.

The two bones are held together by ligaments, which are like tough elastic bands, and they hold your bones where they should be while your muscles relax or contract to make the joint move.

The joints are surrounded by a capsule type structure and the cavity around the joint is filled with synovial fluid, which nourishes both the joint and the cartilage.

Arthritis starts when something goes wrong with the joint, and that depends on what type of arthritis you have.

Maybe you have a lack of fluid, your cartilage is wearing away, you have developed an autoimmune response (your body attacking itself), an infection or a combination of different factors.

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It is natural process that if you don't use any part of the body for sometime; it will get rusted, as body's immunie system will think that there is no need for that function for the body. If you keep sitting whole day, no movement, no exercise, no walking or running, (using lift & not stairs), then your body will stop producing synovial fluid, which in medical term is called Arthritis. There is very simple cure. Do three things.

1. Start physical exercise immediately. Restart using that body part. Initially, it will be very painful, but don't worry, be positive. Don't take pain killers, as that will damage your brain and other body organs like interstine, liver, etc.

2. Start doing massage with coconut oil (for south Indian) and massage with mustard oil (for North Indian). Or massage with any other oil which is locally produced.

3. Start eating green vegetable & red vegies (carrot, tomatoes, red capsicum). This will help in regeneration of Synovial Fluid immediately.


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