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I am a naturopath curing or controlling the following conditions:improving Hb gms percentage in week , improving cervical spondylitis

giving relief to patients with vertebral disc prolapse and disc dilsplacement curing the hip thigh and leg pain in women who had gynecological surgery with epidural anaesthesia and subsequent pain and benumbness due to sciatic nerve damage or injury,.curing knee arthritis, controlling diabetes esp when the sugar is not under control even after insulin therapy! and curing diabetes in stages in stages Shall meet to organise a forum on this with like minded people who can be benefitted. and knowledge shared

Pl cntact me for necessary details of treatment at your place.Pl send me email to singijack@gmail .com or naturo.ratna@gmail.com

cell :0 9443176633, or 09345719249

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Dear Mr. Babu, your mail here Pl inform me about your diabetic history what is your level Fastin and post prandial and what are the medications you are taking do you have any unhealing wounds etc Is there a fami;y history that runs in your family Pl include other details also in your reply.Are you interested in Herbal or altrnate therapy? Pl reply


instead of particular email the information should be general to all.


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