Diabetc & Viral Fewer

Hi Friends,

About 20 days back, I was down with VIRAL FEVER for 3 days and I was under medication for 5 days and recovered from fever from 4th day on-wards.

Though I have recovered from my fever about 15 days back, but I am still having following problems:-

1) Joint pain including hand & leg fingers

2) My both the feet have swollen (ONLY FEET) and unable to use shoe.

3) More than above is my sugar level, from the 5th day of Fever, the sugar

level has gone out of control. I am giving the numbers as below:-

6.30 AM 240

2.00 PM 287

8.30 PM 295

4) Tiredness and uneasiness

5) Also I have gone for blood test during fever and it is normal.

6) After increase of sugar level my medication changed as follows and it is almost double then earlier:

a) INJ: MIXTARD (30/70) 30 - 0 -20 units

b) TAB: VOLIX 0.3 1 -1- 1


d) TAB:TELIPRO –H 40 1-0-1

e) TAB:ECOSPRIN.AV 75 0-1-0

Also I also got my blood test done after one week of changed medicines and result are:-

FBS 79

PPBS 176


HbA1c 9.60 %

Could you please anyone advise me what went wrong for sudden increase of sugar and other above problems. Whether it is a impact of Viral Fewer and if yes how long?


Suresh Babu

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  • Hi dssureshbabu,

    You seem to have very high diabetes as indicated by HbA1c 9.6%.

    It also appears that diabetes has started affecting kidneys, as indicated by creatinine 1.4 mg/dl.

    The swelling could be an after effect of the viral fever or diabetic neuropathy.

    Fever or infection do shoot up the blood sugar levels of a diabetic patient beyond control.

    Blood sugar 240, 287, 295 etc are sufficient to cause tiredness & uneasiness.

    Even though doubling of medicines have brought down blood sugar considerably, same medication may have to be continued to maintain FBS/PPBS low like this.

    These values indicate that you had been diabetic for several years; is it so?

    I remember to have come across a similar name earlier in this place; am I right?

    It is because such UNEXPECTED developments ARE EXPECTED, that i took a different route & suggest other diabetics to follow suit. Due to same reason only I say do not be satisfied with "controlled" state but go for cure.

    Almost ANY illness is sufficient to give such SURPRISES to any diabetic. That is why I developed LWMDR (Google this word for details). My results are available at healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MY POST 1

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST 2

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST 3



    Ask more if any.

  • Thanks Mr. George for your valuable suggestions and you are correct, I have posted earlier about my diet etc and in meanwhile I got this problem and also I am diabetic patient since many years.

  • Yes Mr.George, actually this was seen during my earlier post, in-fact i have searched for long wheat in Bangalore, but not got it and in fact I have downloaded the photo of wheat and given to the shop, still I could not get it, If you have any idea about its availability, kindly inform me, I can try to buy through courier. thanks again

  • Dear dssureshbabu

    Your result of Hb1Ac is the real mirror of all your problems. Please take care of your diabetes and the result of HbA1c should be at least below 6.0, Rest all your problems are linked with it.

  • Thanks Mr. KKJNG, Yes you are correct I really need to plan and work hard to bring down my HbA1c. I will discuss with my Doctor and any suggestion and tips please

  • When I got viral fewer recently, I have gone to new doctor who has changed medicines as above.Though he is not delicately treating for diabetics but general physician

  • Whether it is X or Y they would have studied the same syllabus & text books; so do not expect much improvement in the approach.

    Did you see my blood sugar results at the links given in my earlier reply? Why you are silent about it? If you have seen those & ignored, I don't mind. If you could not see, I can help you to see. There is no hidden danger in seeing those; most of them are in this healthunlocked website itself!

  • Yes Mr.George, actually this was seen long back and really got impressed and regain hope that, I can also bring down my sugar level and reduce the problems. And to implement this diet, I have searched for long wheat in Bangalore, but not got it and I have downloaded the photo of wheat & given to the supplier for his ready reference, but still I could not get it, If you have any idea about its availability, kindly inform me, so that I can try to buy the wheat through courier. thanks again

  • Thanks you for the information & on searching through Google, I came to know that it is available at "sahajasamrudha.org" and also I have confirmed its availability with them. Name as per them is "JAVE GODHI". I will update you further progress on the same. Can I have your e-mail id please, thanks again.

  • If you give your email ID either here or through a private message, I shall mail you. My ID is given in some pictures in my appropedia article. You may take it from there also. My co-operation as far as possible is promised.

  • Thanks and I got the item yesterday and started using as advised from to day. Thanks again.

  • Wish you a speedy recovery. Keep reporting regularly.

  • Plz let me know the address and number where did u get it in bangalore


  • Thanks for the info. but my luck they are running out of stock. Did you buy kalaunjifrom anywhere(Onion seeds).

  • Hi, Shal82, It is also available at JAIVIKA KRUSHI UTHPANNAGALU, AT LALBAHG MAIN GATE.

    I could not try for onion seeds, can you explain me about it.

  • A woman (65) was diabetic for the last 20+ years


    was taking insulin

    twice a day.

    She used the enclosed homemade medicine for a fortnight and...

    now she is absolutely free of diabetes and taking all her food as normal

    including sweets.

    The doctors have advised her to stop insulin and any other blood sugar controlling drugs.

    I request you all please circulate the email below to as many people as you

    can and let them take maximum benefit from it.



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    3 - Barley 100 gm

    4 - Black Seeds (kalunji) 100 gm

    Method of Preparation :

    Put all the above ingredients in 5 cups of water.

    Boil it for 10 minutes and put off the fire.

    Allow it to cool down by itself.

    When it has become cold, filter out the

    seeds and preserve water in a glass jug or bottle.

    How to use it?

    Take one small cup of this water every day early morning when your stomach is empty.

    Continue this for 7 days.Next week repeat the same but on alternate days. With these 2 weeks of

    treatment you will wonder to see that you have become normal and can eat

    normal food without problem.

  • Black seed locally called as "Krishna Jeerige" (found from google)

  • please check the following guidelines for diabetes when sick.


  • please check the following guidelines for diabetes when sick.


  • Thanks you for the information.

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