For diabetic patient is it advisable to take Raagi Balls, or Oats for Lunch?

I am a diabetic since last October. In the beginning the sugar level was on the higher side. After medication( Allopathic), I could able to control the sugar level from 430 to 150.During Aug '13 I checked my sugar level and the FBS was 72mg/dL and PP was 152 mg/dL. The HBA1C was noticed as 6.8%. The MEAN BLOOD GLUCOSE(MBG) was 144 mg/dL. This could be possible only because I was strict on my diet. In the morning I was taking 1 spoon of Methi powder mixed with Daal chini, Ajwaine,and powdered Ilaayachi in a mixture form early morning after brushing teeth. My Break fast was 2 idly and a small bowl of daliya. For my lunch I used to take only 2spoonsof dry veggie curry with 2 glass of butter milk. For night 1 raw cucumber, 1 onion,2-3 tomato nicely chopped and mixed with curd and a pinch of salt and pepper then added and the same was being consumed by me.I am on medication as prescribed by Doctor. I reduced the dosage of Allopathic medicine gradually but still continuing.

Now I was advised by my friends that I should go for Raagi balls for my lunch or Oats. I want sincere opinion, whether it is advisable to take Raagi balls or Oats in the afternoon or in the night just for a change? will it effect in any way for a diabetic patient? I would invite different suggestions from our friends ,who are suffering from diabetes and also from Doctors, who can advise me regarding the consumption of Raagi or Oats+.

I would appreciate, if I get number of suggestion from well wishers as well as friends.

Expecting replies from friends




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  • raagi or oats must take care of you, but raagi balls are not that easy to be on our breakfast table one need to tide for the taste, but oats its not so , but high qty of oats leads to knee pain for some i was a victim to this,iam using a home made stuff it is good for diabetics the sugar levels are within the pak broders, if you like to have a feel you can call on me it can be only as a complimentary,, all the best

  • Dear Shri Iyer,

    Yr fasting sugar level is low and you may get into problem.I find that you are not taking any Carbohydrates like Rice both for afternoon and Dinner. This is not good. Pats and Ragi are also carbs, with different Glycemic Index and therefore will help. In my opinion, you must have lost weight. Pl have some rice or chapatti or Oats etc for Lunch and Dinner. After all you should live to enjoy the Life.

  • Dear sri E Sivaraman,

    Thank you very much for your advice. I will take care for the suggestion, which you have given. My weight is 78 Kg as on today. I am trying my best to maintain the level. Since you have suggested in the morning, I will tray to take Salted PONGAL in which rice will be the main content. I will try to take 1 or 2 spoon of Pongal every day and once in fortnightly I will check my sugar level. I will in touchwith you all through this website and you will get the necessary feedback about my sugar level.




    DATED: 25-08-2013.

  • You can have broken wheat pongal which is a substitute for rice

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