Authentic Diabetic Footwear

Patients suffering from the dreaded menace “Diabetes”, have a tendency for developing Foot Ulcers. The lower limb lost to diabetes is equal to 1 million people per year, and the primary cause of lower limb amputation is FOOT ULCERS.

The major risk factors for Diabetic ulcers are – Peripheral Neuropathy, Autonomic Neuropathy, Peripheral Arterial Disease(PAD), and foot trauma.

In almost all the cases, ill fitting and improper foot wear is the major cause of foot ulcers, osteomyelitis and amputation along with Neuropathy.

As a result, we at Diapro have come out with a unique footwear that is well fitting, pressure offloading, soft, no shoe laces, and seamless and anti-skid in nature.

DIAPRO footwear has been designed addressing the special needs of Diabetic Feet, which a general purpose shoe does not provide.

Based on studies, we, at DIAPRO, have developed a diabetic footwear that attributes to

1) providing room to accommodate deformity i.e. shoe with wide toe-box.

2) providing adequate depth to allow thick insoles/orthosis without putting pressure on the dorsum of the foot

3) reducing load at critical areas of focal pressure, such as MTHs.

4) transferring load from regions thought to be sensitive to regions- such as mid-metatarsal shaft area or the arch- that are able to accommodate more load.

5) changing the gait and the motion of the foot during walking by making the shoe (sole) rigid.

Other attributes of our Diabetic Shoe

1) Upper made of pure leather- breathable & removes perspiration.

2) High toe-box for redistribution & load relief.

3) Antimicrobial.

4) Wicking.

5) Low compression.

6) Tested Anti skid sole.


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