Diet for Diabetic

Dear friends,

This chart is prepared newly and not yet implemented and requests all of you to share your valuable suggestions to fine tune it:-

( although I had posted this in continuation of my earlier posting since I could not get any response, I thought it may not reached to you all, as such I am posting with a new tag)


6.00 am Water 2/1 litre

6.30 am Coffee & two biscuits - 7.00 to 7.45 am walking

8.30 am D-protin with mixed nuts - No milk to D-Protin

9.30 am Long wheat ganji or one chapati, boiled mixed spout, Raw & boiled vegetables

11.30 am coffee and little mixed nuts

12.30 noon 1/2 Apple

1.30 pm One cup rice made from broken wheat & white rice, sambar, raw & boiled vegetables

4.30 pm coffee and mixed nuts

7.30 pm 1/2 apple or little papaya or one cup boiled mixed sprouts & half coffee (walking 1/2 an hour again)

9.30 pm One cup Rice made from broken wheat & white Rice, sambar & Curd, raw vegetables

10.30 pm One cup milk (before going to bed doing little light walking)


The following vegetables will be grating by a Vegetable GRATER in the morning and used for 3 times

Cucumber I Nos

Knol Khol I nos

Radish white I Nos

Tomota I Nos

Capsicum Green little

Carrot I Nos -Small

Cabbage- little

Onion -one small

Also I have few questions on my chart and request you advise me please:-

1) Mixed Nuts:- Almond,peanuts and walnut and is there anything else I can add.

2) Qty of mixed nuts :- How much qty I can take for one day

3) Whether this mixed nut will increase my weight / cholesterol

4) One cup rice:- what should be weight for one cup

5) One chapati:- what should be weight of one chapathi

6) Is it posible to workout the total calories involved on this chart?

7) What about FLAX SEED AND FENUGREEK SEED and when & how to take.

8) Should I take Mixed spouts Raw or boiled ?

Brief details about me:-

Diabetic (Type -II) - 20 Years

BP - 15 Years

• Vegetarian - South Indian

• Non-smoker

• Non-alcoholic

• Age – 54 Years

• Weight 80.7 Kg

• Height 176 CM

My medications:-

TAB- METAFORTE G-853 1-0-1

INJ - MIXTARD 30/70 16-0-10


COLSPRIN 100 MG 1'-0'-0 Not - getting this tablet now days any alternative?

TAB- PLOZ MF -15 1'-0'-0

TAB- ROSEDAY 10MG 0'-0'-1

Multivitamin – OPTISULIN 1'-0'-0

Waiting for your valuable suggestions,

Thanks once again,

Suresh Babu


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3 Replies

  • This is only my opinion backed by personal experience and good results.

    -Your diet is more or less good.I can only suggest two changes.One is giving up coffee(Difficult???).Replace it with plain milk or little bourn vita or ovaltine. Next introduce mixed boiled sprouts twice a day just before lunch and dinner replacing rice and wheat partly.

    -You have some scope for reducing weight safely.Your B M I should be on the lower range of safe level.That should be around 73 kg.Please consider it.

  • This looks like trying to live with diabetes & live to eat. Eat to live and try to get diabetes cured would have been a better approach.

    In 2006 I was declared diabetic.

    Followed LWMDR.

    In 2009 I declared myself not-diabetic; cured.

    Back to normal diet, fruits, occasional sweets.

    Jan 2012 onwards HbA1c 5.9%.

    07.08.2013 my HbA1c 5.6%.

    See blood test results at

  • what is LWMDR please explain. since you said Diabetic is cured.

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