Alternate Medicine for Diabetes

Friends, I have been reading lot of queries about the alternate treatment for Diabetes. We have an excellent product which is of plant source and Bioactive. Patients who are on this medication are happy and comfortable as they are getting excellent results. If any one wants to know more about the same, please mail to

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  • We have been watching many advertisements for alternate cure for diabetes in India and even in US. If we keep trying various systems, we may lose control.

  • don't feel shy! don't hide, pls be BOLD< reveal it all, no secret to hide since you're helping all fellow diabetics and millions of blessings wud be with you, upon you and let's also bless your family members, friends et all!!! HAPPY??????? stop childish behavior; at least I don't like such attitude; whatever formulae, whatever medication, name the plant or all ingredients known to you. Its for everyone's benefit; else, your asking forum people to write to you outside public domain tantamounts to trying/making efforts to augment your business, your income, such practices I term as unethical and morally bankrupt. My apologies for any inconvenience caused,

  • I agree with you Mr Tejkumar. These people are making fool of us!

  • :-) @suji.

  • i agree with you, if somebody really know remedy of such types they should reveal it to the world, or else it is their gimmick to make short term money. if they have good alternative medicine why do not they publish that will be of very useful to this world and society, they get every body's blessings what else they want?

  • @acharvijaivir, very nice thought & idea is this. :-)

  • Well said forum friend.

  • I claim & proclaim to have cured my diabetes in just three years (2006-2009). Yesterday HbA1c was 5.6% with four years of normal diet. I have been giving ALL details through my Blog posts, Web article & emails. In my experience Most of the people do not comprehend/understand it as intended when ALL things are told in one stretch. Most people think that they are cleverer than the rest of human population & so do EDITING on what I say & sometimes run into problems (once someone did not do periodical blood testing & had to be hospitalised due to hypoglycemic coma; In his wisdom he adjudged that LWMDR will not take blood sugar that low that soon!) . More over there can be variations in application from person to person. Hence a personal interaction is almost mandatory most of the times. You will understand it only if you play that role yourself.

    Even after realising it, why I tell as much as possible is to avoid blames like this. In this forum for the first time one has reported a very positive result within one month of following the Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR), but unfortunately it is in a private message.

    Several practitioners have gathered details from me, both in this forum as well as elsewhere, to make money out of it. They may be making money but I do not bother because some diabetic patients who are not reachable to me will be getting benefited by that.

  • Kudos to you!! You have succeeded in your formulae, your suggestions and advice all noted; seems your intentions too are noble; you're a noble human being!!!! deeply appreciate your contribution; your remarks also endorsed; somehow, temporary solutions or others capitalizing on your suggested remedial measures keep narratives unexplained, incomplete and ask us all to write to them in private which leaves apprehensions on who they are, what industry they form, etc. general apprehensions which leaves one and all to conclude these guys trying to make a quick buck, not amplifying at length on their solutions or remedies but just keep propagating by asking us all to write to them outside this domain; thus my deploring such acts form such people; many thanks once again to you, keep spreading happiness and reveal all that you know pertinent to diabetes and may God bless you with trillions and trillions of blessings, Rgds,

  • Thank you @tejkumar.

  • Well said.

  • Dear Tejkumar,

    I fully endorse the view expressed by Mr. Tejkumar in this block.. If anybody wants to help, he should come out with the medicine which he is sure that will cure and control diabetes. One can name the medicine for the benefits of patients who are suffering. Monetary benefits should not be given main priority.

    Hence I feel what Mr Tej kumar said in his column is absolutely right. I stand by his views.


    PHONE: 080-28600202.



  • @tejkumar,

    I am forced to think that those who hide things and make money are the ones best suited for the present society. I HAVE DISCLOSED EVERYTHING ABOUT LWMDR & MY BLOOD SUGAR TESTS and there are only very few people to utilise it!

  • HealthUnlocked is non-profit making organisation. Some vested interests always try to make good profit out of it is a bad and inhuman behaviour.


    What else could be added as "MORE"


  • supra 617. I suggest any three people in the above list. We will try your nuksha. and if really works we will spread the news about the success of your product.

  • have you been benefited?

  • Aravind sir,

    Thanks a lot for providing this information. This exactly says all of us to go back to our old generation styled life. It's really fantastic. I don think this will work out for the new genres techies. But all the other group of early 60's can start a life of this n get the benefits.

    kindly tell us which of these, U r following to reduce ur sugar level. N kindly let us know wat was ur sugar levels before u start this treatment n after this follow up. Very essential to know by all of us in this group........including ur 3 months test average.........

  • Dear Arvind Dhakaji

    Excellent experience and description of sharing the control of Diabetes. Appreciable and further It is said to be modulate and the balancing of FIVE elements of the body(anatomically) receiving the energy from the FIVE elements of the external resource,UNIVERSE.

    As a human being we say too many things to individual and to public also in varieties of formulation,methodology,technology as and when a human being gather from his own limited resources and speak about to others unassumingly it is good for them.But it can not be so because every body's anatomical soil is constitutionally different.

    Therefore follow our own ancestral tree followed by our own ministries in their past carefully and be benefited.(Here I insist no questions from any one; because the discipline of paying respects to our own elders or the elders either the creation by the FIVE Elements of the UNIVERSE)Because every tree had the lives with possibilities and impossibilities by their virtue of parities and impurities of habits of living.

    Agreed to publish Pranayama and muscular massaging just before the sunrise in the open area is very good from the age of 8 on-wards to absorb,observe and attain and reject by the ACCEPTED the effects from the Universe.

    Be with and try to accept,adopt,enjoy,share and merge into universe through NATURE only.

    Failing NATURAL PUNISHMENT mannered as LIFE; titled as DECEASE and the FATE as DEATH.No, it is the departure to the original destiny from where every atom hails bouncing.

    "aham bramhasmee" - "satyameva jeyathe"

  • So many alternative medicines are recommended. How can any one try without any data? It will be fine if research data is attached for any new drug recommendation.

  • It will be a great justice to all the diabetics if the name of this excellent product is furnished here . moreover, everybody should make it a point to name the same along with the information without keeping people in suspense.

  • These people make such tall claims that I some times wonder if they have any real stuff why should they try to propagate them here?If the product is so good as claimed,then people will automatically flock to them.We should be careful against these elements.

  • I agree with the forum if they know any alternatives they should disclose them on forum platform and should not ask email communication.I have also taken some Herbal life products for about 6 month and experience that as long as I was taking these products my FS/PP values were ok also these are expensive products it costs around Rs 5000 to 6000 pm.also if you stop taking these you are back to your original level.

    So my suggestion to the forum is you stick to advice of your doctor and do not fall prey of these advitisers.

  • another victim of that.....several years had taken many kind of tabs n powders , n find absolutely nooooooo use at allll. Now I stick to LCHF for more than 3 months,n very perfect. Reduced my medicines more than half. Best is control the fud n maintain .....

  • All members are saying the correct fact. May I request SUPRA to distribute your medicine FREE OF CHARGE for minimum 10 members of this forum and let us see the result.

  • All are fooling the patients .I was thinking that Healthunlocked will have advice of experts of Diabetic cu re but it is based on the experiences of other patients which is not helping anyway

  • Unless you reduce CARBS it will never help. Forums normally wok this way. Why should a doctor come here and give advice for free? Doctors write prescription for a fee. All doctors would just put you on drugs and keep increasing the dose/combination. So change your diet if you are on HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsensical diet.

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