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I am having heel pain & walking with the help of soft cushion inserts to my walking shoe. I think I must have tried all most all type of inserts. Though I am managing but it is not comfortable level. Earlier I was blaming only for diabetic neuropathy and now I came to know that Plantar Fasciitis (Heel spur) is a major contributor. I have no problem during normal walk, but morning walk is more pain. Any suggestions /advice to walk comfortably please.

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  • I had bought these for my daughter and she had experienced relief in walking. footreliefinsoles.com/Affil...

  • Thanks for the information, I also brought the items from healthatpain.com though it gives little relief, but I am not fully comfortable and now try this item too. Once again thanks

  • I got relief in totality with KENKOH brand Japanese massage footwear & these were purchased in Hong Kong; try searching online, excellent sandals, very comfortable, albeit I had no heel pain or any kind of pain but this footwear has given tremendous relief and must have, for sure, assisted fantabulously in blood circulation

  • Hi dssureshbabu,

    If you are diabetic, the cushion & all will not help you much longer. You will have to bring down your blood sugar to normal level. If you have failed in that it is due to the mistake of the tools you have used - like medicines, diet, lifestyle etc. Do not get disheartened. By following the LWMDR I cured my diabetes in just three years. I feel, with my experience others can cure diabetes in shorter duration.

    First of all you please read my experience explained at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Then we have to discuss here because from person to person, conditions varies.

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