Internet is like a market place, it is a free for all place. how to keep away from misleading information.what

what are the good and trustworthy websites where we can get the right information on diabetes .

can u give the web sites in a serial order of reliability in your opinion, that means the most reliable one comes first and so on.

Eg. in my opinion

1]NIH -national institutes of health; the ammerican diabetes association- these two are effectively same

2] mayo clinic- this is site which gives very clear presentation- it is charity organization i think

3]diabetes uk , one of this is no loss no profit organization?

4]the WORLD health organization - they give very less information

and so on.

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  • ok ,which other website u will recomend

  • International Diabetes Federation - its mission is to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide.

  • thank u ranj

    but they give very little information'

    they also do not give who wrote the article. updating etc

    that is why i did not put it in the top most list

  • Have you seen the video for diabetes awareness? It's awful, like the high carbohydrate diet recommendations!

  • no i havnt seen the video.

    it is about what?

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