600 calorie diet,

scheme called ,600 calorie-

conducted at new castle university.seemingly innocent diet -is there any one who tried it

it drastically reduces your food , nearly 70 percent success.

it takes only 8 months-afterwards u can take normal food..

the reserchers give definite physiological explanation.they make this claim

after scanning ur pancreas!!!!before and after the study.


A Newcastle University study, funded by Diabetes UK, examined 11 people with ... Diabetes.co.uk .... The Newcastle Study is also known as the 600 calorie diet

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  • since 80 %of all diabetics are overweight, bmi above 25,

    even a random selection ought to be mostly overweight people. Scans before and after 2 months showed definite fat removal from pancreas.

    when the bmr is nearly 1200 [depends weight ..etc] ,this 800 calorie diet means

    it is intentional that they wanted burning of stored fat in the body..to meet even bmr requirements.

    but that is only for two months they say. afterwards they are diabetes free and for a life time they live normally.

    "People in the study were on the diet for 8 weeks. After the diet, participants returned to a normal diet taking on board advice on healthy eating and portion size."


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