A diabetic person with medicine, if his glucose readings are normal like that of a healthy man, how many eggs he can take per day?

i cannot advice but i wll give a calculation ,

if there are any dietitions in the forum please help and comment.

in an egg the white is mostly protein and the yellow is fat.

the fat is mostly saturted fats and cholesterol together,

an egg gives 44 calories from fats [there are many nutrition charts in the net.,just google-http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-egg-whole-i1128]

if u are on 2000 calories diet then an egg gives

2.2% .if saturated fats are to be limited to 8 %then u can take 3.6 eggs per day—safely. But this is a clear fallacy –your food will contain other fats from milk , oil , nuts,etc- you have to estimate them or use food exchange techniques to find the rest of the fats.

For that don’t coumt each teaspoon but better do as: Per month u take half kg oil ,10 kg milk and the like from which u can find out a rough figure.

Don’t get disappointed ,once you are on the right track it will solve itself .

In the beginning of a month if u keep half kg of salt in the kitchen window sill-and find it is fully consumed by month end, u are sure u consumed 500 by 30 grams perday…[ a large figure compared to 2300 mg of sodium as the national institute prescribes for u.!!!! remember the number of family members!!]

In the early days it will look ridiculous to calculate all these[ and egg will become negative calorie because u will use all the energy from the egg and more!!! to cover the headache- just joke.]

but in a few months it will become simple and any h/f can do it.

And all this is with the hypothesis that you are not a diabetic, glycemia-cally speaking . because you have the readings of a healthy man with medicine.

With thanks

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  • medfree ,

    sorry , data not available. it is a translocated question ,from the forum and i thought to emphasise it.


  • my grand father and sister died of d .

    it is in my family.

    when my blood fbs rose to 115

    i was worried about kids so

    started out elaborate lifestyle changes. now fbs below 100 , ppbs used to sometimes shoots to 180 - but not nowadays.

    otherwise below 100.

    i am not on any drug for d.

    but i have many other problems.

    like isolated systolic, hypercholesterolemia

    and some others too. but after strict diet and living everything now under control.

    when my daughter went to united stats i told her once on phone all my diseases ran away because, safety of her carrier and marriage was a cause of anxiety and disease for me. which my son in law interprted to mock her as - he struggled so many years to get rid of you!!!

    i live near a hospital ,many doctors come to my home, .. as such luckily i need not go to doctor ..the whole hospital is at my aquaintance.

    i have conducted several experiments on my health. some of them successful.

    thanks for the care and concern,see you

  • You may consume white of the egg moderately. Avoid egg yolk.

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