Someone asked few days ago

what is the ideal diet for a sugar patient? What is LCHF diet?

some people in the forum may know better..

as far as I know

the latest trend is–

there is no ‘one’ ‘ideal diet’ for all dibetics taken together.

it has to be tailored individually . means, for each diabetic, the doctor , dietition and the patient ,have to confer together and take decision .

most people would say -low carb foods are good .

low carbohydrate food means foods low in starch, sugar etc

but this is to mean u will increase your protein and fats, if your total food is to remain constant.

this will not be a balanced food any longer as recommended food for healthy people.

but we are diabetics.must adjust.

from a given balanced food if u remove carbs and increase proteins, it is ATKINS Diet.

similarly if u increase fat alone it is LCHF.low carb high fat

if u increase both protein and fat to compensate for the removed starch.,

it is just lowcarb food.

Have u observed, some people are bulky even if they do not eat too much food?

Some are pencil thin whatever they eat.

this group of females find even difficult to find marriage match partner though they are really healthy people.

They have different capacities to store fat in the skin and everywhere. Storing fat is an insulin mediated technique.

So this insulin is, in effect, stolen by fat cells in overweight people. I hope u have understood the point as to why there is no uniform food for all diabetics.

See wikipedia for low carb foods .

there are several other food patterns

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  • I agree with this view.Moderation and portion size are very important.Each one should work out his own formula.Trial and error may be inevitable,but in the end one will know what suits him best.

  • thanks sir for responding

  • thanks sir for responding,

    it is a bit difficult to understand u quite often'.

    "to tell that something is difficult to grasp is not a criticism in itself.

    it is neither compliment nor adverse comment".

    we are talking about ideal diet and ,not any diet that works.

    there are many diet patterns that can work.

    if a diet gives either zero or nearly zero damage

    it is ideal.

    i had pointed out the [bulky] over weight person and the pencil thin girl consuming fat.

    for the first person it is a trouble and for the second it is

    metabolic waist.

    fat does not enter straight away, they r split into fatty acids before absorption' ,.. the enzyme lipase releases from fat free fatty acids and monoglycerides .

    if not absorbed it is a nuisance in intestine


    if absorbed it does not reach the adipose cells ,where does it go? arteries?the girl remains thin and pencil like. lot of unwanted work for the liver and elsewhere. trouble and waistage.

    indescriminate fat consumption cannot be advocated.

    The very purpose of my post was to show that we are all not alike , each has to tailor his own diet.

    i make many mistakes so I don’t mind corrections rather invite criticisms

    with thanks

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