circulating cholesterol is more correlated to dietary saturated fat than dietary cholesterol itself.. we dont require any cholesterol from

outside .the body knows how to make its own cholesterol internally. and cardiovascular disease[heart disease etc] can arise due to excess of circulating cholesterol.

that is how we limit saturated fat. and people worry about ldl vldl , . the solution is either limit saturated fats or take statins[a group of drugs for excess cholesterol ]. animal fat is predominantly saturated,coconut oil by exception unlike other vegetable oils contains near 95 percent saturated fats. agre or disagree?please criticise.

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  • USA is a country of people eating more and more animal fat and naturally, fat food industries.

    if the American heart association says saturated fat and cholesterol causes an accumulation in the inner side of blood vessels [athero sclerosis] .[ see foot note 1 &2] –

    certainly they are losers ,moneywise because they will not get any funds from the larger industries.

    High circulating ldl is risk factor for heart disease as per both American heart…and Harvard unversity.

    In science circles quite often people use the terms-reasoning, mathematical reasoning, statistical reasoning ,as distinct issues. they all do not mean the same thing.

    The above given atherosclerosis is a physiological reasoning.

    It can be a myth… ok , agreeing for the sake of arguments,.

    But if statistically if among people with high circulating cholesterol ,more and more people are found to carry atherosclerosis ,narrowed arteries and heart disease, we have no other alternative but accept the numbers .

    if this is the case, then

    It is not the business of the physiologist or biochemist to come and tell us ‘our 40 years studies did not prove ldl-heart disease’.

    Because when it comes to statistics there is no necessity of proving.


    Smoking and lung cancer..

    Hyperglycemia and eye ,kidney ,nerves heart disease…..all these can be substantiated statistically.

    Finally using the word ‘cause’ is different from using ‘having a risk factor’and trigger factors are not causes

    Dust is a trigger and not the cause in asthma.

    old age and hyperglycemia are

    Risk fators for cataract and cannot be called causes.

    High circulating cholesterol [ldl] is a risk factor

    Though people often habituate in equating them [risk and cause]].

    I would like to join with u against the evils of ada imperialism if what u said is really true, but what is the use ?we will shout and hurt our lungs.

    When big people say something everybody goes after them.

    When Pauling said vitamin C. all said ha ha

    When Metchnikkof said bulgaricus , all were after the special yogurt, but later someone proved bulgaricus cannot live inside the gut.

    But what to do? When big people say something we just agree

    Thanking u for patient listening.

    see u

  • Just like it has not been proven, CLINICALLY, till date that smoking causes cancer!!!

  • thanks sweetmind,

    u have written this after reading my long lecture above?or just commented on the main question?

  • dear medfree,

    in any field of science , in general when a research paper is submitted , it comes first in a journal,then it goes in journals round the world, scientists round the world if they acknowledge, the principle discovered,in due course ,they appear in a text book. from a text book only non research people and even scientists of a slightly different discipline can even understand it. not to speak of agreeing or disagreeing.

    Therefore it is unethical to fling a paper like this on to someone when no one round the world approves it .if so can u show it in a text book like Harrison or so.

    U see cox2 inhibiters were removed from the market compulsurily by government. then one company even voluntarily removed it due to reported cardiovascular events

    Innumerable papers like the one u sited by u had to be published before approval by the food and drug bodies..

    During the last centuary what happened to thalidomide babies?.thousands died and nealy a lack abortions in germany alone.

    I am not competent to comment on this paper . I have not even gone through, I tried to SCAN through and I found that he like u is making a jump from saturated fat to cvd right is beyond my grasp . my understanding is diatery saturated fat giving circulating cholesterol ,then ldl giving atherosclerosis then heart attach . which of this chain u approve or disapprove?

    For cheap people there may be some such thing as a doctors mind or an engineers mind- there is no such thing- we are to be cosmopolitan within science and technology. there is no such thing as engineering even ,it is just applied science only[ if u can set aside a ‘technique’for a moment, as not a tenet of the physical world] philosophy and politics people have such usages. But not in science….

    More over who is opposed to saturated fat?- if that is the case why should it be adviced to limit to 10% and later they even reduced to 8%.around the turn of the centuary. Cholesterol is one of the most wanted chemicals inside. What we are opposed is hyper cholesterolemia.See chapter diabetes para diet in CMDT 2005[a text book of medicine].if u want to say 2005 is long ago then go to American heart association article 20013.and the Harvard university paper given in my last post.

    I will give one more incident and conclude.

    There was a drug –don’t remember the name-aproved in Europe.when the Americans wanted to approve it

    They requested all details like small tabulations in the lab like milligrams per deci litre etc- the concerned laboratory and their people did not give the data.what does it mean?

    It is waistage of time to stick on to some hasty or incorrect research , in correct because, the scientific community round the world does not acknowledge . if so let the heart associations of the world, let them say –eat fat indiscriminately!!! it is unethical to advice to eat fat in discriminately.

    I do certainly approve of your enthusiasm and the efforts u put up ,in order to relieve people from the cluches ada drug imperialism.

    Thanking u,


  • medfree i agree with u partly,

    because i purchased isopropyl alchohol and doubting wat it is

    try to burn it

    but it extinguished my fire

    the smell teells me it is water with some thing-benzalkonium?

    and in cochin university for a viva for phd the candidate could not even explain his own thesis. it came in a news.

    someone else wrote the thesis. do u want a doctorate? u will get it.

  • coconut oil is no exception and contains good amount of cholesterol, next only to palm oil.

    coconut oil is the main oil consumed in Kerala and cardiovascular diseases are as common as elsewhere.

    circulating cholesterol is contributed mainly from liver from a common poolof all cholesterol including the dietary source .

  • Wrong. Coconut oil does not contain any cholesterol.

    Dietary cholesterol has nothing to do with serum cholesterol.

    Read here also

  • Plants don't have cholesterol which is needed by animals.

  • You are wrong and dead wrong. Obviously you turn a blind eye and repeat the same LIE that has been repeated over past 5 decades about SAFA because you have never ever lived a LCHF lifestyle and most of the life you spent eating so called HEALTHY diet and still messed up your health/heart. Lots and Lots of studies I have been posting for your reference but you turn an absolute blind eye to all of them.

    Dietary cholesterol has no relation with serum cholesterol and has absolutely no relation to cell level cholesterol.

    160 diabetics here on this forum who have gone on LCHF are proving this wrong day in and day out. So, Where's the proof buddy? Proof of LIPIDS going haywire because of saturated fat on LCHF diet. It's the CARBS that mess up cholesterol.

  • And, the entire Cholesterol SCAM was propped up by feeding cholesterol to rabbits. What a joke really. Here's to DEBUNK your's and indiacratus MYTH

    BTW, research about metabolism of MCT (wrt VCO) otherwise your statement is like calling VODKA same as WATER because both a colorless. PUFA loaded oils are worst enemy of human health as they elad to inflammation. The above link refers to trials with 2-4 eggs/day. I am eating 15-18 eggs/week and my LIPIDS are as sure-footed as a Mount Everest. In fact my LDL has dropped.

    So, you are WRONG, because just like all fat-phobics, you haven't lived even a single day on LCHF diet, so comprehending is beyond you. You view everything from High Carb Theory. Bumping up a year old post?

    Doesn't Kerala eat a lots of Rice also? Why skip that?

    Here's one on your Kerala "OPINION".

    And one on CO/Coconut:

    Bottom Line: CARBS Kill! SAFA is innocent on LCHF unless you suffer from FH.

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