Can any body advise me for any changes on my present diet in order to control my BS (I am from Bangalore & vegetarian)

Though I am on Insulin with medicines, but even after my regular diet /walking my BS not under control and offcourse, stress also contributing:-

7.00 AM - Coffee and two Biscuit (WITHOUT SUGAR)

8.30 AM - Half cup coffee

9.30 AM - Two Chapatti with two cup Raw & boiled vegetable, D-Protin without milk.

11.00 AM - Half cup coffee with two Biscuits

12.00 No - One Fruit like orange/ 2/1 apple etc

12.45 PM - Half cup coffee

01-30 PM - One small cup rice with sambar & Two cup boiled & raw vegetable

3.00PM - Half coffee with two Biscuits

4.30 PM - Half coffee again

6.30 PM - Half coffee and two biscuits

8.00 PM - Raw vegetable (one cup)

10.00 PM - One cup rice with Sambar & Curd with little raw vegetable.

My coffee in take is more due to head ache, probably it may be due to high BS, the hot coffee is giving little relief. But I am taking coffee without sugar, whether this also perhaps increasing my calories intake

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  • I think you can avoid the biscuits except in the evening.For lunch and dinner, reduce the rice quantity by half and replace with boiled mixed sprouts.Coffee is OK once or twice.Think of reducing one by one slowly.Morning chapathi may be replaced with long wheat porridge and a tomato or some almonds.I am also a Bangalorean,given up coffee and follow all my above suggestions.My sugar levels are in control with oral medication.

  • What quality of biscuits you are taking.---Give up coffee and biscuits. Take sprouts (soaked) in good condition if not it leads gastric disorder. Dont take curd night time; take butter milk at night times. Exercise is must. Yoga or brisk walk

  • Resp. D. S. Sureshbabu

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  • I Suggest slight modification, in case you observe improvements, contact at with your daily activities chart

    After morning work out

    8.00 AM - Half cup coffee with sprouted Moog + India black chana, you can mix little salt and fine chopped tomato for test + 2 cloves of lehsun. .( its easy )

    10.00 AM - One Chapatti with One cup Raw & boiled vegetable, D-Protin without milk.

    12.00 No - One Fruit like orange or 1/2 apple small size etc

    01-30 PM - Two small chapati or one small cup boiled rice + green salad to fill your stomach & Two cup boiled & raw vegetable

    4.30 PM - Half coffee again + one Biscuit ( Non Creamy)

    6.30 PM - 1/2 apple, papaya or any fruits or veg. recommended for diabetics and of your choice

    8.30 to 9.00 PM - Dinner ( One chapati + 1/2 cup rice with Sambhar or Curd with green salad.)

    Try this schedule we wish you will notice improvement in your BS level, its always better before going to bed do some light walking even in your drawing room, watch TV in waling mode instead of sitting, and do some physical domestic work of your choice, even helping your wife in kitchen and work like dusting your own home furniture may help you to destress and maintain your BS.

  • In 15 hours you have 12 food intakes - according to me it is the first mistake.

    You have coffee intake (half cup, true but) 7 times. Is it with milk or only black? If with milk - second mistake.

    Eight biscuits during the same time period! You said without sugar. Does it mean that those biscuits do not have sugar or you do not take sugar with biscuits?

    You take orange or apple daily.


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  • Thanks Mr. George, Yes, I am taking coffee with milk but ZERO sugar and biscuits is "Britannia Nutri Choice Oats Cookies" which i believe is diabetic friendly. Do you think this a matter of a concern in controlling diabetic? any idea about extra calorie which I am taking by taking coffee and biscuits

  • Please ask the admins of the DIHU site to restart marking questions to my email id to enable me to answer easily. Meanwhile I will verify the biscuit facts & try to report here.

  • Dear friends,

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your valuable suggestions and accordingly, I have modified my diet chart hoping to reduce my medicines and diabetic problems.

    This new diet is not yet implemented by me and requests all of you to share your valuable suggestions to fine tune it:-


    6.00 am Water 2/1 litre

    6.30 am Coffee & two biscuits - 7.00 to 7.45 am walking

    8.30 am D-protin with mixed nuts - No milk to D-Protin

    9.30 am Long wheat ganji or one chapati, boiled mixed spout, Raw & boiled vegetables

    11.30 am coffee and little mixed nuts

    12.30 noon 1/2 Apple

    1.30 pm One cup rice made from broken wheat & white rice, sambar, raw & boiled vegetables

    4.30 pm coffee and mixed nuts

    7.30 pm 1/2 apple or little papaya or one cup boiled mixed sprouts & half coffee (walking 1/2 an hour again)

    9.30 pm One cup Rice made from broken wheat & white Rice, sambar & Curd, raw vegetables

    10.30 pm One cup milk (before going to bed doing little light walking)


    The following vegetables will be grating by a Vegetable GRATER in the morning and used for 3 times

    Cucumber I Nos

    Knol Khol I nos

    Radish white I Nos

    Tomota I Nos

    Capsicum Green little

    Carrot I Nos -Small

    Cabbage- little

    Onion -one small

    Also I have few questions on my chart and request you advise me please:-

    1) Mixed Nuts:- Almond,peanuts and walnut and is there anything else I can add.

    2) Qty of mixed nuts :- How much qty I can take for one day

    3) Whether this mixed nut will increase my weight / cholesterol

    4) One cup rice:- what should be weight for one cup

    5) One chapati:- what should be weight of one chapathi

    6) Is it posible to workout the total calories involved on this chart?

    7) What about FLAX SEED AND FENUGREEK SEED and when & how to take.

    8) Should I take Mixed spouts Raw or boiled ?

    Brief details about me:-

    Diabetic (Type -II) - 20 Years

    BP - 15 Years

    • Vegetarian - South Indian

    • Non-smoker

    • Non-alcoholic

    • Age – 54 Years

    • Weight 80.7 Kg

    • Height 176 CM

    My medications:-

    TAB- METAFORTE G-853 1-0-1

    INJ - MIXTARD 30/70 16-0-10

    TAB - TELSARTAN AM 40MG 1'-0'-1

    COLSPRIN 100 MG 1'-0'-0 Not - getting this tablet now days any alternative?

    TAB- PLOZ MF -15 1'-0'-0

    TAB- ROSEDAY 10MG 0'-0'-1

    Multivitamin – OPTISULIN 1'-0'-0

    Waiting for your valuable suggestions,

    Thanks once again,

    Suresh Babu

  • Thanks Mr. Pankaj,

    I am glad to know that, your are also in Bangalore and indicate me your convenient time to talk to you. This diet and medicines are changed now. I will discuss on the same

    Best regards

    Suresh babu


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