How much?Food ,work and medicine in diabetes Many advices r there about -don’t over eat, do exercise, etc. but how muc -read on

How much?Food ,work and medicine in diabetes

Many advices r there about -don’t over eat, do exercise, etc. but how much is rarely recommended.see the following steps.

1]Measure ur bmi or look in a chart and find if u require weight reduction


then settle down into calorie category ,say 1500 ,calories after considering if u are active, moderate or sedentary

3]then by trial and error and the with thedoctor determine the dose of medicine.

Of course u have to follow the USDA food plate and the 60 %carb 20% protein 20 to 30 percent fat combination.etc

Adjust exercise to below hypoglycemia and exercise enough not to gain weight ..

As I said earlier – it is so ‘easy’ THEORETICALY speaking

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  • dear medfre,

    i have given the standard advice. this so called LCHF is not universally adviced .

    ketosis is a problem which need not be explained i suppose.

    i will give a quote from the wikipedia

    In 2004, the Canadian government ruled that foods sold in Canada could not be marketed with reduced or eliminated carbohydrate content as a selling point because reduced carbohydrate content was not determined to be a health benefit, and that existing "low carb" and "no carb" packaging would have to be phased out by 2006.[citation needed]

    more over i am not competent to opinionate on contraversial issues.

    usda food plate is designed for the healthy man.or the one who wants to be healthy'

    a diabetic if he reaches control, ie , standard glucose levels with medicine, it looks reasonable that the food plate is the right guide line.

    50 to 60 percent carbs is wat they recomend, i just mentioned 60 limit cursorily meaning that there is a recomended conbination of carb,protein, fat etc

    this low carb high fat diet may be followd under strict medical supervision and cannot be the universally accepted advice by the science community- if so why the canadian government just ban such foods?

    and about fat causing cvd:fat is a general term, the standard advice: avoid transfats , limit saturated fats and so on .

    Mary enig's famous lecture on saturated fats is already history only i think.

  • This calorie, portions, USDA food plate, etc are all not only good but very good; the only question that remains is how far all these are practical for people who do not depend on packaged food but cook food at home?

    When I became diabetic in 2006, I designed a diet of my own & could in fact CURE my diabetes in three years. Now for the last four years I am on normal diet with no blood sugar escalations. Please see my blood sugar results at and their pictorial/graphical representation at below that.

    That diet named as Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen is simple, easy to follow & very effective; it can go with current medication.

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