can anyone give a guideline on food ,exercise[work], and medicine for a diabetic

theoretically speaking it is easy to determine diabetes medicine and dose.

we should eat an amount of food just necessary for the work we do.

and take an amount of insulin for the amount of food.

here the work mentioned includes all activities -even chit chatting or just seeing or hearing something.thus consider EXERCISE as part of the total work u do.reasoning further will be long but we can win in adjusting dose , food and work,;once u arrive a standard pattern by trial and error ,then from the standard pattern deviating and taking

more food means weight gain and higher blood sugar ,

less food -loss of weight and hypoglycemia.

more work[-exercise including-]means hypoglycemia and loss of weight,

less work -weight gain and higher blood sugar,

more medicine---------------

less medicine ----------------------------------

u can easily fill up

hope i have made the point clear enough

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  • Are you factoring in that not all of the macronutrients are turned to blood glucose as easily as one another?

    Carbohydrate is easily turned to blood glucose, and indeed about 93% of ingested carbohydrate does usually become glucose. For protein, in studies, only 58% was found to be converted to glucose. For fat it was found to be less than 10%. Correspondingly, ingesting carbohydrate requires more insulin than ingesting protein, and more especially than fat.

  • concrned,

    thank u for responding,

    my understanding is that if carbs are adequate in blood

    then carbs will be used first , only excess protein will be converted to glucose because protein cannot be stored.[ and some lysis of muscle cell- fixed amount per day]

    but this is after entering the blood from s intestine..

    i think we r a bit away from each other in wat we mean . wat i wanted to say is given below

    How much?Food ,work and medicine in diabetes Many advices r there about -don’t over eat, do exercise, etc. but how muc -read on

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    How much?Food ,work and medicine in diabetes

    Many advices r there about -don’t over eat, do exercise, etc. but how much is rarely recommended.see the following steps.

    1]Measure ur bmi or look in a chart and find if u require weight reduction


    then settle down into calorie category ,say 1500 ,calories after considering if u are active, moderate or sedentary

    3]then by trial and error and the with thedoctor determine the dose of medicine.

    Of course u have to follow the USDA food plate and the 60 %carb 20% protein 20 to 30 percent fat combination.etc

    Adjust exercise to below hypoglycemia and exercise enough not to gain weight ..

    As I said earlier – it is so ‘easy’ THEORETICALY speaking

  • Pl follow the advise of doctor to keep sugar under control.

    Check Hb A 1 C. Try to maintain between 6 and 7. And weight under control -BMI. To achieve this you adjust intake and medicine and burn by walking or/ and exercise They medicine and walk or yoga i to get above result. If your exercise is effective you may reduce medicine but keep a watch on result. Advisable to be on diet with selective food items which on its own might control sugar with lowcarb high fiber and fat rich foods. If you cannot do this you get advice of diabetic specialist and pay fees to be safe and sound..

    Best wishes

  • liverane,

    thanks for responding,

    i have given several steps 1,2,3 like, starting with the bmi,work level. then food,then medicine-- a triple balance of these last three is safest solution. but choose from the usda food plate.these recomendations r taken from standard sources only. i am not giving out of my personal experience..kindly also see the expanded question above

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