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Govt bans popular diabetes drug and analgin


MUMBAI: The government has banned three popular medicines—the widely prescribed anti-diabetes drug pioglitazone, painkiller analgin and anti-depressant deanxit—in the wake of health risks associated with them. While it's believed that pioglitazone can cause heart failure and increases the risk of bladder cancer, analgin has been discarded the world over on grounds of patient safety. Deanxit, on the other hand is a harmful combination, which has been long banned even in Denmark, its country of origin.

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are you a doctor or a medical professional?

yesterday took two eggs without yellow after very long time, able to manage/ digest without gas?

what is your ration / combo of LOW CARB HIGH FAT menu?

Thanks, in advance!


Fantatic, we need the LCHF food




Tnx for valuable info.


As I was undergone Angioplastery *yrs back,i was consuming 'AVAS'20 mg & "Ecosprine150 mper day.Recently I was Diognised with Type 2 Diabet(156/198)& Along with GEMER1 (1 tab bl)&Fagomet 1 tab bd)& 1 tab"AZTOR 75 mg(ad).Now this aztor contains ASPIRIN ip 75 mg.

Question is whether this 75 mg aspirin is harmful or not?(If I take this tab continuous for 4/5 days, blood start coming out from teeths)


Analgin was banned decades back in other countries. Doctors were not prescribing it. But chemists were selling it because it was made available to them by pharma co;s Our. sleepy govt, this is the case with many drugs. GOD save us from this congal Govt.


Is it ?! why God in the middle ?


As they say, Knowledge is strength...so let us hold on to the LCHF lifestyle which helps us to take less medicines while keeping us physically and mentally fit...


I am taking Galvus 50 mg and melmet 1000 mg for the last two years . Is there any side effects for those medicines? mohan


is it true ? pls give the order copy of the Govt. If it is banned why the medicines r in the market?plz. clarify -Rajan from AP

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Satyarajan, Pls refer to the article link from Time of India


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