Cow Urine Therapy for diabetics

any takers?

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6 Replies

  • very good comment
  • Urine , whether of cow or other animals including human, is considered to be a waste discharged from the body may have toxic effect if consumed. It may be more harmful than cure to diseases, if consumed. Unless it is proved otherwise through lab and practical tests, Can anybody provide with reports substantiating the medicinal effect of cow urine please.
  • Hi,

    I have read about an Indian prime minister drinking his own urine. Was he diabitic? Is there any research done regarding this claim?

  • He would heave lived longer if not used urine
  • I am agree the nitins comment. But drinking our own morning 1st urine define the diseases.My personal experience cure diabetes & other diseases.
  • Will someone please provide scientifically proved facts on ths topic with verifiable references?


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