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I m on Met 500 + Glime 1(Glimestar M-1) x 1 Tab and Voglibose 0.2 1 Tab per day.Later just added after increase in PPBS.Any Side effects Pl

Diabetic since 10 yrs.PPBS well under control till 5-6 km regular morning walk was possible. Since 6months developed Knee Joint Pain.Walikg paralysed & PPBS shoot upto 175-200+ Pl suggest indoor solution to overcome this walking loss & regain normal BS levels.earlier Drug was M-1 once.Now Dr added Voglibose 0.2

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Knee joint pain could be due to several reasons like arthritis,sciatica(this pain moves all over from hip to feet)or disc degeneration( this also causes pain from hip down at different places).You have to get the pain properly diagnosed.I tried weight reduction,reduced driving and a device called multi point brace which you wear on the legs.

For exercising without walking I suggest Tai Chi,a chinese form of dance.It is also called 'meditation in movement.'You will find videos on you tube. It looks simple but quite exhausting.

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At home one can do Yoga....it helps


if ur over weight reduce it,u will see the improvement in knee pain, visit any physio therapy centre & learn knee exercise under proper guidance.


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