say bye to diabetes naturally without medicine just by diet

I would first like to clerify that i am diabetic but has joined this forum to help those people who are suffering from it and instead of spending lakhs of rupees in medication have no relief and many loose eyes, kidneys and get their legs amputed daily. I am glad to share my experienes with them to help them recover in their life. I would start by to say that certain situations arised in my life and despite of myself being an electrical engineer had to start studying human nutrition and research about the problems that people are facing in their life today despite eating the best and nutritious diet, still suffering from diabetes, heart attacks and blood pressure. how can every 1 in 5 to 6 indians have their pancreas functioning not properly. How can every 1 in 6 indians have high blood pressure and that also for unknown reason that doctor also does not know himself. I trialed on myself and then found out that their are just few nutrients that are deficient and the liver problems give rise to diabetes. The first nutrient is omega - 3 and mostly indians are deficient in it. I myself was pure vegetarian and deficient in it so started taking roasted flaxseeds, and the situation started changing. Fist is also a good source of it or use a good omega 3 supplement. THe other is vitamin b-12, which is there only in non vegetarian foods and only milk which people do not drink enough for being fat. The third and most important is vitamin c, and indians are poor in that also, take atleast a lemon a daily and a tomato in the salad in the afternoon and the things will start changing. THe most important is repairing your liver functions which are damaged either by alcohol or by drugs doctors prescribe today. I found that liv 52 of himalaya is excellent in it but do not take it regularly just 1 every two days, and withing 2 months your liver would be smiling so would be your sugar levels turning normal and if your having lots of weight and side waist, all will be gone, your skin will be glowing fair and you will be juvenile by 5 years. It is a miracle and many near relatives of mine had sugar levels of upto 400 and are now having normal sugar levels and stoped the medications too. A friend of mine had blood pressure of more than 150 and in 1 month his blood pressure was 120/80 and all his stomach gone and reduced. A relative of mine was having a combination of type i and type ii diabetes and sugar levels changed from 50 to 500 in a day and taking insulin and did not have any effect of any medications. THat person is now having a sugar levels of around 100 fasting and 160 after food. and the variations are nearly gone and had started eating fruits, sweets in small quantity too. and many more cases to share. I do not want to earn anything from this it is just to share with you so that you all can become well and health, as I dream of a strong nation with a strong society and people and it cannot become without disease free peoples. And yes it would also help people with arthritis, vein vericos , eczema , skin problems and hair problems too. just try it is not too costly, natural and no side effects. Just be careful that after taking falxseeds one spoon after lunch and dinner, chew it properly, the sugar levels might go down, so please take care at that time and eat some sweet if you feel so. Please try this, omega 3 with falxseeds or supplement or fish atleast 3 times in a week, vitamin c daily with one lemon, orange or other fruits no fruit juices readymade only fruits and himalaya liv 52 to cure your liver and make it young again. if you are feeling dizzy, tingling in fingers and in depression check out your vitamin b12 levels and take necessary medications. this will not cost more than 200 rs. so cure your diabetes in 200 only.


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  • You are welcome.

  • You are welcome.

  • Please be sure that you are prescribing to the world that diabetic can be controlled easily by taking 1. Roasted flax seed one teaspoon two/three times daily . 2. One lemon juice and one tomato. 3. Liv 52 , twice or thrice one tablet. Can I publish in national and internal journal. Please confirm.

  • yes i have the same question???? agree with #Public1954.

  • dear sir, i had my self controlled my blood pressure, my cholesterol levels were more than 250 triglycerides more than 340 and now they are normal , and many of my friends have been benefited by this thing, I am not prescribing I am sharing my experiences that I had with this tablet and not taking 2 to 3 times, just 1 in a day or may be 1 in two days, that is all, I had seen many people in my contacts reducing weight due to just this thing, yes many more people should try this thing, but i had tried it and found it effective, just last month, mother of my friend was having sugar levels above 240 and doctor was going to place her on insulin, i told them to wait for 1 month and told them that the above thing is very effective, she started taking it, and in 1 month her sugar levels was 170 only, and now after few days after 2 months i will come to know about the next sugar levels. so it is effective and people may benefit from it. Omega 3 is very essential for mind, heart, nervous system, skin and so on and all the indian nearly are deficient as they are vegetarian and non vegetarians too eat large amounts of chicken and meat which is not so rich in omega 3. I would love more people to try for this and that is why i had posted here, as it has no sideeffects and if more people are benefited than it would be worth publishing.

  • Dear Sir

    Thanks for your blog . Please tell me if diabetics can take Himalayas Liv.52 syrup which is sweet in taste.My understanding is that sweet in any form should be avoided by diabetics. Please tell me whether you have tried with Himalayas Liv.52 syrup or tablets.Your experience is inspiring to persons like me who has researching on the web and trying various natural functional foods .



  • i had tried liv 52 tablets and that also one in 2 or 3 days is enough, as it is just to reverse and improve your liver functions. i had not tried the syrup. But the method and combination i am telling is great and have a very positive effect. It can bring sugar levels to normal and i had seen many cases that had positive result in the above combination.

  • Hi Hotleo. In ur post u didn't mentioned the name of medicine what u r taking please post it thanks

  • Sir, I welcome the above information but one thing I want to share with you is that if a person is having normal weight and by taking omega3 as you mentioned that wt.loss is also there. Pl sugeest for normal wt people.

  • it does not make a slim person more slim, it is necessary for all types of people, so please start taking, even if you will ask your doctor he will tell you to take omega 3 regularly for healthy life

  • Omega 3 is Brand Name or the medicine name? Please tell , if it is available in Gulf countries?

  • omega 3 is fatty acids that our body does not make. please read my comment below and you will have the idea

  • omega3 is a medicine you can ask any medical store for omega3 capsules ....range starts from INR100 to 1200-00. it is available in market under various brands like ..forever living consultant / Amway... i have used and still using it .. but never take more than 1 capsule with meals in a day which i will suggest or ask your medical adviser (recommended).

  • It is name of vitamin or mineral what you want to say,it is found in fish if you are non vegetarian

    for vegetarian you can take is source of omega 3

  • omega 3 is very essential fatty acids that our body do not make and we have to take them in our diet. It is very essential for health metabolism, heart functioning, nervous system, mind, skin and everything. It is found plenty in fish and sea food, but also in walnuts and flaxseeds which are the vegetarian sources. some companies make omega 3 capsules from fish, and according to my experiene amway nutralite is costly but of good quality. You will find that if you are having arthritis it will be nearly solved, and you can see effect on your whole body after using it.

  • I would advise people to be careful about taking liver tonics or supplements like Liv 52 before consulting doctors as Liver is one of the largest internal organ and is one of the busiest and most efficient organ. telling it to run faster has lead to some complications with one of my friends.

    Caution: Take Liv .... ONLY after consulting medics

  • Sir ,Liv 50 Himalaya tablets are at what mg to be taken alternative days and what are flexiseeds called in telugu

    Ravi Rao

  • liv 52 tablet come in two versions normal and ds taken normal one, and yes flaxseeds are called in english, and hindi name is alsi, it is just like til red in colour, i mean to say just like sesame seeds but are dark brown in colour

  • Dear Ravi Rao,

    Avise Ginjalu is the Telugu name

    Have a nice day


  • Linseed or flax seed are different names for the same seed. Avisa Ginjalu (అవిస గింజలు) in Telugu). You can get/buy this oil in capsule form. Flax seed contains Omega 3,6 & 9 and are considered a better option as oil gets absorbed better and faster than eating flax seed.

  • How long to take liv52 tablets once come to normal Blood sugar can we stop or to continus.

  • once your sugar levels come to normal according to me first reduce your allopathic medicine ifyou are taking first, and then slowly stop taking liv 52, do not worry everything will be fine, and yes if you cannot find falxseeds use omega 3 supplement of amway it is good.

  • Sir hotleo1974

    Thanks for your immediate response. Sharing your experiance with this blog is really great. I am grateful to your invaluable information. God may bless you long live with health and prosperity.

    Ravi Rao

  • perfect.

  • Cure for all and everything? Blood pressure, cholosterol, blood sugar, have I left out anything? Just not able to digest. Indigestion?

  • haha, liver is the main thing and is responsible for producing all the harmons and enzymes in the body, so if it is fit and you give the nutrients that you are deficient all can be well, i had tested it positively in the above cases. The liver makes cholestrol and if it is not functioning properly than it will make more cholestrol, so why not to repair the liver to lower the cholestrol. and yes diabetes is itself a metabolic disorder and is a result of bad functioning of liver and glucose is itself stored in liver did you know that. look i am sharing for good purpose if you want to take advantage take or leave it

  • I will try

  • it is a general health tonic and a liver tonic too. if liver is good all is good in life

  • does anyone know that the side waist and fat around belly and double chins you have are as a result of fatty liver or metabolic disorder of liver, than can be caused either due to bad diet, alcohol or drug induced prescribed by the doctors. and the dull face and dark circles around eyes are result of omega 3 and vitamin c deficiency

  • if you are having viral fevers more often or sinus regularly true vitamin c and omega 3 and see the result in 1 month, i had no viral fever and sinus after started taking omega 3

  • Number of years back I used to consume plenty of Alcohol and my doctor who is no more now used to advise me to take Liv-52 and Becozol on a regular basis. I am not aware whether it has done anything good.

  • only liv 52 is not enough, omega 3 and vitamin c deficiency is also necessary to take with it, only than you will find good results, i had found, now it may vary from case to case

  • liv 52 and omega 3 fattyacids may not harm but are not going to bring down sugar in diabetes, the way it is claimed.

    I have tried and these claims are too tall and will not withstand scientific scrutiny.

    Do you think Even Himalaya drugs the liv52 manufacturer is unaware of the claim you are attributing.

  • i do not know about himalaya but in few cases of my friends it had turned positively in reducing the sugar levels, it is just my experience, i am not advising anyone just sharing my experience and even these things are not going to harm anything and instead would help your liver against the damage the allopathic drugs are doing to our liver

  • Hi All,

    I think hotleo1974, is just sharing his experience which he has felt could help someone who are in needy so has he advised in the blog. If we are confident then we will take it, if not consult a doctor's advise who is again a stranger to us with a certificate (Most of the time we do not know if the doctor is really qualified, who gives us consultation as we do not cross verify) it is just a belief that the doctor would do go to us.

  • There are so many mis conceptions about omega fats, Liv 52 supplements for normal men ( including diabetics) , flax seeds, metabolic disorder of liver etc, etc in this blog and various replies. There is no harm in people discussing or giving their views and experiences. But not everything are based on scientific facts. Our reliance on doctors or RDs for 'authentic info' has its own pitfalls. I would not like to go into them. There are a number of sources of authentic info if only readers know how to scan through...

    Kindly read my latest blog on Omega fats and other fats ... This would , I believe enrich your knowledge about fats..........

  • with liv 52 you can add Tab Geriforte himalaya then you wil find more better results.

  • what is tab geriforte and is used for what purpose

  • Tab geriforte is for proper maintaining of several organs from himalaya drug company.geriforte imprves liver heart pancreas kidney brain and stamina

  • Dear Sir, I have read your writeup carefully. a. Liv. 52 ( normal) Himalya - 1 Tab / day.

    b. Alsi seeds - 3 Tea Spoons / day. c. One Lemon and Tomato/ day.d. Vitamin B-12 - 01 Tab / day. e. Milk everyday. I shall start this from 1st July 2013, and post you the changes

    every fortnight. My Wt: 90 Kgs. Diab. + B.P. Let us hope for the best results.

  • Dear Sir

    With regard to medication it is well and good. Liv52,flax seeds and lemon. It is O.K.

    But you have not mentioned what diet during the course of the above medication you are taking. If that is also is given it will more useful for us. Please provide information.

    Ravi Rao

  • eat a balanced diet, vegetables, protiens, and fruits whatever you can take. The best thing about it is , that once your sugar levels are around 100 you will be able to take all the fruits and that would improve your results greatly. if your sugar levels are not very high take liv 52 only once in 2 to 3 days, you will see the result in just one month and feel great

  • leave the tea if you are taking, because it creates acidity and gas and has no health benefit, take one glass of milk at night it will help you surplus vitamin b12 only source of vitamin for vegetarians and also help reduce acidity as you are taking lemon and other fruit


  • flax seed atle alsi, i am also from gujarat, it is available at masala stores, and sarayia stores and may be some big grocerry stores, tell if you cannot find i would help you manage from baroda







  • People with diabetes should intake apple cider vinegar regularly, as it lowers blood glucose levels. It relieves heartburn and digestion problems. The effect of vinegar on blood sugar levels is perhaps the best researched and the most promising of apple cider vinegar's possible health benefits. After all, it was the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, who endorsed ACV as a healing elixir and cleansing agent in 400 BC.

    Visit to know more or drop a call at XXXXX for a free home delivery

  • this a true TREATMENT. i truly support this treatment . Liv52 tabs are a great a remedy in "diabetes type ii and hypertension". My uncle took these for about an year and he is now totally free from DIABETES , his blood sugar levels remain constant even if he's eating too much sugars. Then he also started giving these Liv52 tabs to his wife (my aunt) who had tachycardia or high blood pressure and now she has completely normal blood pressure .

    LIV52 Tabs really work. Recommend it to all your near and dear ones

  • Hi Dear,

    I will try your describe content then i will tell you about my health.

    i hope it will work for me.

  • dear sir madam

    li 52 is working pls tell me how many days to take omega 3 multivitamins

    i want to ask more my name is srinivas sharma from hyd

    thank u once again i would appreciate an mail from u

  • Hi,

    I have started taking omega 3 capsule and liv 52 and flax seed . But I noticed that the day I take liv 52 or omega -3 capsule the reading of BS goes up next day. I have started these 2 weeks back. The covering of Liv 52 is sweet, so I believe the BS is rising. Please guide me.

  • Is liv 52 good for high blood pressure

  • Any more positive results from this ?

  • The main idea here is balancing omega6:omega3 which can remove insulin resistence . More chance are there to work . But haven't tried ever.guys please let we also know if it works.if it fails it may be problem of difficiency of zinc/ magnesium/vit d / testosterone. Or your pancrease may be not working properly. Go for a labtest and act accordingly .

    Kudos to dudehotleo1974. Thanks bro for sharing.

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