Permanent solution for Diabetes Normalise your blood sugar level within 90 days. with natural products.

By god"s grace

We Indians get rid the epidemic Diabetes

with using natural products which are clinically proven.

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  • brother! kindly establish your credentials????? write it all in one go! inform all of us in full detail, what magical wand do you suggest in name of 'natural products'. why do you wait for us all to get back to you with our queries? what product, mfr. since when???? ingredients???? are you posting out of commercial considerations or do you really want to help all patients???? get mature, pls write it all in detail.

  • if this is really true , let others also get beneafit of this . tell openly . why you documented 15 people only . public at large is waiting for this kind of miracle. i do hope you will sure open your formulas to all and get blessings from huge sufferers.

  • dear

    when you write in this column then be careful not cheating anybody. Many people are well known to all type of gimmick and hence if you have anything to share do it honestly. As there are herbal medicines which helps to genrate insuline from pancreas. However total control and within 90 days are not good words

  • It is over to you, Rajaraman63! Pls respond to the queries raised (that is, if you are genuine enough!).

  • we should recommend for Nobel prize , that man cures diabetes in 90 days

  • Mr Rajaraman63

    You seem to create sensation by such loose comment without giving any details about yourself and what you are suggesting.You have not responding to comments even after 19 hours.

    J K JAIN

  • This blog should be deleted if not responded as I have strong belief that after so many comments, he wont dare to respond

  • Please specify what the medicines are

  • How can he give the details? It is secret medicine he want to posses and earn lots of money!!! Let others die, I must get money is current world philosophy!!!

  • There is no Medicine to eradicate diabities only it can be controlled. This is my personal experiance

  • Diabetics cannot be cured but can be controlled by medicines etc. It looks like that curing diabetics in 90 days as claimed by Mr. Rajaramn63 is hypothetical.

  • Mr.Rajaraman63,

    If you have any experience to that natural product please give the details of that. Otherwise please don't write this type of foolish things to this column.

  • it not not possible at all if it so please give the details. i will strictly follow the details for 90days and if it really finds fruitful we will come together to hold a seminar at nashik

  • Need money ? to get open your formulas, I am sure if people really cured with 90 days course i will pay you ten times more what you demand for . come out dear and tell what you have . orelse you are making fool to all

  • I am sure,online communication is a boon to mankind. Most democratic! It should not be misused. A topic like Diabetes is extremely serious. My humble request to all concerned, please be informative with honesty and with conviction! Regards to all, AKGI

  • There is no medicine to cure diabetes in 90 days, you can control only, through proper diet, exercise, medicine, yoga etc. Many suggestions about diet, exercise, medicine , yoga are useful in this blog

  • why does not the writer disclose everything. I hope it will not be a Mega serial to reveal the mystery.

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