LCHF Again!!

Do check out the link for a nice explanation on LCHF. It has many recipes too...:-)

has the following questions and discussion points answered right there!

1. What is LCHF and a low carb diet?

2. Does that sound like the complete opposite to what you have learnt so far in your life? Well, it is…but it´s also what makes the most sense, and here is why:

3. If you cut down on the carbohydrates the levels of glucose and insulin in the body will decrease, and that will activate the body´s fat burning system. The body will take from the stored energy i.e. the energy that is stored as fat. It will start using fat instead of the sugar from the carbohydrates as fuel.

4. What to: Eat & Avoid

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  • I will be the first to join



  • What you need ? I am retd engineer electronics( old school 1956-61)

    I am free 73yrs diabetic, no complications ,good health and a consultant /contractor to GE Healthcare working. I can contribute my time and energy to the welfare of fellow members.


  • Oh! that sounds like something to look forward to! all the best

  • what is LCHF

  • Hi JRaman

    One click here

    will tell you much more than I can ever explain.

    LCHF stands for Low Carb High Fat

  • One click on the site says 404-Page Not Found. NG

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