Diabetes ( Blood Sugar ) Cure :


> 1 - Wheat flour 100 gm.

> 2 - Gum (of tree) (gondh) 100 gm.

> 3 - Barley 100 gm.

> 4 - Black Seeds (kalunji) 100 gm.

> Method of Preparation:

> Put all the above ingredients in 5 cups of water.

> Boil it for 10 minutes and put off the fire.

> Allow it to cool down by itself. When it has become cold, filter out the seeds and preserve the water in a glass jug or bottle.

> How to drink it ?

> Take one small cup of this water every day early morning when your stomach is empty. Continue this for 7 days.

> Next week repeat the same but on alternate days. With these 2 weeks of treatment you will wonder to see that you have become normal and can eat normal food without problem.

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  • Wheat flour with gum shall make a thick paste. How it can be drunk like a water?

    Write me a name with contact so that I can ascertain that the above mixture cures diabetes.

  • i have the same question


  • write me a name so that ican ascertain that the above mixture cures diabetes

  • Yes there is a problem of the mix becoming thick paste. I put more water , boiled and filtered. But the effect is significant. My sugar levels came down. However I have not discontinued medicines. I was having high sugar in the night even with medicines. These levels came down significantly with this remedy. I am in the second week. should see whether It lasts or use it again

  • Wat ur latest result

  • Tikoo. ..

    It's wheat grain...whole grain and not flour. So it won't make it sticky...

  • Use whole wheat

  • what is proper diet and name of Medicine vitamin B

    With regards.


  • Sir,

    Will appreciate if you can substantiate the treatment with medical tests and facts to authenticate this process.


  • Sir,

    I agree this helps.

    NOTE :-We have to use wheat grains and not wheat flour


  • what is difference between Wheet Grain and wheet flour. what is black seeds.

    With Regards.


  • Black seeds are popularly known as "Kalaunji" which is easily available at any Provision store.

  • black seed or kalaunji is Onion seeds.

  • sorry kalonji is not sama e as onion seeds

  • As per my experience it has a risk if you continue beyond 2 weeks to slide in to hypoglycemia...

    One week is sufficient...and you may repeat if so desire after a month...

    Second week on Alternate day is best for those who have very high sugar level and it is found in blood and urine both.

  • Wheat flour & Barley would make a sticky dough from which after boiling water can't be separated. It would be like a viscous liquid, like a soup, given the fact 5 cups of water is used. Please check efficacy of such dubious recipes plagiarised senselessly from elsewhere.

  • What is the sprout ? How it is used ?

  • Hi use wheat grains i am using from last one week with regular exercise.

    I feel lots of change, mainly i am out of nerve and body pain.Because of my hectic schedule i have not stopped my regular medicine.

    Let me use for some more days.

    Hope gor good

  • Wheat grain...barley grain, kalonjira grain, gondh crystals, add 5 cups of water and boil.....the cooled n strained liquid will be about half a litre. Divide into 7 portions. Very bitter to swallow due to the gondh being gum from neem tree.

  • Mr.EuroAsia.

    Please authenticate your comments.

  • Wheat flour when boiled with water becomes a thick paste even if large quantity of water is added. correct proportion of water may please be indicated. And pray what are black seeds? Please give it's telugu or kannada name.


  • please reply


  • Black seeds referred here are cummin seeds.These seeds are said to cure everything other than death since past 2000 years.Balck cummin seeds or kaala jeera seeds have to be pan dried before being used and help in reactivation of beta cells of pancreas.They have also been helpful in treatment of pancreatic cancer.

  • no black jeera and onion seeds are different from kalonji

  • Hi Good Morning!

    Is it possible to post the image of Kalonji Seeds or

    can you please post a link where everyone view the Exact Images of the same.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sridhar Srigiri

  • Hi use wheat grains i am using from last one week with regular exercise.

    I feel lots of change, mainly i am out of nerve and body pain.Because of my hectic schedule i have not stopped my regular medicine.

    Let me use for some more days.

    Hope gor good

  • Nigella sativa

  • Nigella sativa

  • I have used this theropy.for three months . Sorry to say nothing happened.




  • Is gondh same as stationery gum??

  • No. Gondh for eating is quite different. So while buying tell specifically to the provision store that you need eating gondh. Usually this eating gondh is being used in post-delivery period by ladies.

  • ty tikoo. looks like most people don't favor this treatment and see it as a hoax. I know for sure, some people who took ayurvedic or herbal med got their diabetes well controlled. It is quite hard to know when it is a hoax and when real...unless u deal first hand with a person who got the results.

  • I have experienced results mishti...

    The error here is...It is 7 glass and not 5 cups. Means appx 1.5 ltr water. And it is to be boiled till it becomes almost half and then to be preserved in a glass bottle in fridge. 

    My sugar was 555 and it came down to 180-190.

    The mistake I made was...continued for second week and I slide in to hypoglycemia...and my sugar would deep to 60-65. And I would require to eat something in 40-60 seconds or would feel sinking...

    I later learnt that I was to take a week break and then was to continue alternate days for 7 days...

    It took good 7-8 months for me to come out of it slowly...

    So doing it wisely it surely helps...

    You must continue your medicines and keep checking your score everyday for fbs and ppbs both...

    The best way is to first keep a daily score of both while you are on medication and 

    Later, when you are on medication and this treatment both.

    You would find significant difference.

    This can further be made more effective by keeping citrine and rutile crystal tumbles in to water glass bottle overnight and drink regularly from that. But that I would suggest as 3rd week after you are done with this and feel the difference yourself. 

    All the best...

    Which way you are determined it depends whether it's there or not there...☺☺🙏👍🍁

    Stay blessed.

  • Plz can u whatsup me the recepy of the barley wheat and goond. How to make. So kind of u my leg is footless. Suger level is high.03224809711 from pak.

  • Ask for Dink (gum)

  • Black cummin seeds,kaala jeera,kalaunji,seeds of onion who is the odd man out?

  • Thanks for clarifying.


  • I also heard quite a lot abt this treatment. If some people can come up who got results thru' this...then it can only help us diabetics. I know some herbal meds really work on some people and not on some, based on the body type.

  • I am not hearing this new. This idiotic formula was floating around in the Internet almost six years before. In my anxiety to get rid of Diabetes, among others, I did experiment this treatment being promoted by few quacks. Nothing happened. Beware of such advises. Just follow diet control, take your medications and don't abdicate regular physical exercises.

  • Dear Friends I am a Diabetic for the last 8 Years..would say reasonably well controlled, except for some periods where I have not been sensible and listened to my doctor"s advice. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters all are Diabetic, my Mother was a Diabetic, my Mother in Law and Father in Law are Diabetics, my sister in law is a Diabetic. Just a friendly chat and advice to all those who visit this site. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease just like obesity,but, unlike obesity which can be "cured", Diabetes cannot be Cured but can be reversed, reversing does not mean that your Diabetes is cured,it is temporarily halted.Diabetes is a lifestyle disease means the only way you can control diabetes is by modifying your Lifestyle and using some prescribed medicines to support your system. If you are not exercising, start an exercise programme, may be you can start with a 20 minutes walk and build up slowly to 60 minutes, if your present health permits start some weight training after consultation with your doctor, exercise, any form, will help your heart and above all help to utilise Glucose. Eat small frequent meals, more vegetables, salads, Fruits and fibrous foods. Small meals will prevent severe spiking of your Blood Sugar levels. Fibre helps to bind with sugar molecules in your blood and flush out blood sugar. Try to reduce stress as much as possible at least for your health's sake, high stress results in high release of insulin in the blood for type II diabetics whose Pancreas is still producing insulin. Above almost all the herbal and Ayurvedic medicines are frauds, they are made, marketed and sold by quacks and cheats out to make a quick buck at the cost of innocent ,desperate and dumb Diabetics. I said almost. However there are certain herbs, vitamins and extracts which can be used as an adjunct to the Diabetic medicines your Doctor has prescribed. No herbal or Ayurvedic medicine will ever "CURE" your diabetes. If you really care about your health, then don't let these smart ass crooks rob you of your precious money and health.

    I will keep posting a lot and regularly in this forum about Diabetes. Keep tracking. Wishing you all a happy healthy Night.

  • Monali 1990 I fully agree with you. I am a diabetic for 22years with fairly good control with the help of allopathic medicine, exercise, properdiet and pranayama.All other so called cures are all fraud and don't be victims of it.

  • This information is exactly correct and please follow this for your health. Never believe in all sort of quacks and this defficiency can only be controlled and it can not be eradicated/wiped off completely. But it is a blessing in

    disguise also : a well controlled disbetic person may not have any other serious illness (mind it ..well controlled diabetic person)..Wish U all have have good health - SANTHANAM (a TYPE II- INSULIN PATIENT FOR LAST 9 YEARS)....!

  • Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your kind advice. Hope to hear more from you. I agree with you regarding the Herbal & Ayurvedic medicine, nothing can cure.

  • please don't mix ayurvedic knowledge with those of small time quacks.Ayurveda is complete science and purely technical.Ayurvedic medicines are not frauds at all.Arjun chhal was declared good for heart and arteries some 7000 years ago-still relevant now.Amla is a good source of Vitamin C -declared some 7000 years ago -still relevant today without any changes.On the contrary allopathic medicines researched and formulated with millions of dollars of public and private money are forced to discontinue a couple of years after use.reason being this side effect or that.No offences please.Just loved to share!!!!

  • Hi,

    Pl be aware that in medicine, nothing is "uncurable" if "diagnosed" at appropriate stage and the "treatment" is followed properly without laxity. This rule applies, whether you follow allopathy, ayurveda or any other almost dozens of different forms of medicine. Ayurveda is not a quack system of medicine - it has evolved over 10,000 years of research! Thats, 50 times compared to that of Allopathy!

    Most important here is the "frame of mind" of the patient, which hardly any doctor or any form of medicine mostly addresses. Mostly patients are viewed as "objects" for doing their "well tested / prescribed" medical procedures. Brain of a patient most actively takes part in the treatment process, even for illiterates or otherwise commonly referred to as "dumb". It is therefore the mind set which is very critical.

    Now, unfortunately most of the allopaths are subdued by the antics of the pharmaceutical companies around the world, mostly based out of the US. There are several practices being followed by them around the world.

    My present article is not going into details of those - any knowledgeable person may be able to guess to some extent, what are those.

    Back to basics, please do not live under a mindset that your diabetes will live in your body till the end of it. If you are, you are half dead anyway.

    In India, several multiple times of the number of diabetics' deaths, have been cases of death due to nutritional and communicable diseases!

    So you can cure and get rid of your assumably the lifelong body - intruder!

    But of course, if your brain wants to!!

  • This is a hoax recipe doing the rounds for years. Someone had already proved on the Internet that the original writer simply disappeared after being asked questions. Please do not publish such silly recipes which are simply fooling people.

  • Is there any member in this forum who got real relief.He may mention it with real time story.Because every one here want a sure cure and not bull and cock information.or hearsay information.

  • ??????? ?????????? ???? ???????? ????....... then why this ganesan picture...... we are speaking about Diabeties....... we not speaking about any godamn

  • May I know what is GONDH and black seeds KALUNJI, can you please give me its English name or Botanical name?

    Kindly mail me at -


    Reply to this

  • i am interested in finding friends in hyderabad miyapur area

  • i want to complete mixture details in telugu so that i can approach a vendor

  • i am on insulin morning 32 and night 6 todays morning fbs is 110

  • Leave this medication alone for him to try. Unless it is medically substantiated, nobody can trust it's veracity.

  • Dear Friends, once again a small comment from me. Diabetes is incurable. Only weight loss ( maintaining your correct weight if you are overweight ) , exercise mild to medium intensity, small low carb frequent meals, may be with 3 main meals and 3 more Fillers and proper medicines is the MANTRA. Please understand even the best controlled Diabetic is going to slowly have his/her organs, nerves etc. affected overtime. The only thing we Diabetics can do is to control the Blood Sugar levels as tightly as Possible and live happily. Just because you are a diabetic does not mean the end of the world. In our ignorance of understanding Diabetes and our desperation of the so called "CURES" (preached by Frauds and Quacks) many a times we fall prey to these cheats who suggest and or sell miracle cures.Let's be realistic Diabetes cannot be cured as of today- period. So what do we do ---- we control the disease. How????? 1) Regular Medication 2) Regular exercise 3) Regular medical check up. 4) Distress yourself. 5) Controlled/Diabetic food,not necessarily in that order. That simple. Everything else is just supportive-Allopathy,Homeopathy,Accupressure, Accupuncture,Vitamins, Herbs,Minerals you just name it.

  • Go through my comnent

  • More info to control sugar at

  • I have personally tried this.No one can drink such a thick mixture.

  • home remedies take time to show their effects.but these may work on some and may not work on some.what is required is a little patience and perseverance .ultimately we need to be our own doctors some time in life and listen to what our body is saying.Act accordingly diabetics.

  • It has been write to mix all the ingredients in 5 cup of water. Later it is written that a small cup liquid is to betaken on empty stomach. Please let me know the quantity of water in which all the ingredients are to be mixed. and also tell me what is the size of small cup.

  • are you diabetic ? have you tested same ? if yes than please suggest .

  • This HOAX. Surprising people believe that this will work.

  • Nothing works better than diet. There are number of such remedies. None of them work.

    This is like you have fever and you want to dance in the rain. :) :D

  • kindly tell me that will be good for type one diabetes also

  • is it really working....anybody tried plz reply...what is mean gondh

  • In this treatment you should use whole wheat & barley. Not powder.

    This is effective in type-2 diabities. All items are natural. I think there is nothing wrong to try it.

    I have very good article regarding is written in Gujarati & published in Gujarati news paper by famous colum writer.Any body want this pl write to me

    After reading this article you have more faith in this nuskha.

  • I tied this but when i leave two and three hours for cooling.It becomes dry because it (wheat,barley, kironji and gum) absorbs the water itself. Then how can extract the water.Please suggest

  • This is a HOAX. Don't waste your time and money on this.

  • Hi, pls send me this article at my email address :, Sunil Madhogarhia

  • Hi. I had made this water. But have boiled it for around. 20 minutes instead. Can it be still consumed??? Is it if this mix is over boiled than the prescribed time ten-minutes????

  • hi

    I have tried this but 5 cups of water with with all these 400 (each 100 gm) gms in 5 cups of water and put on the flame for 10 mins and left for cool itself.

    after that i have not able to drain at leat 50 ml from that mixture.

    please let us know more clarification on how much water did we need to take (In Liters)

    and time to cool.

  • Har har mahadeo to all .jai properly what I am writing for must have heard of giloy and gudmar.I boil giloy wood(stem) 50 gram dry stem in 4 glass water.when water dry to one glass I cool it and drink empty stomach in morning whole day I feel a month 20 day I drink this and remaining ten day I don't has power to reduce blood sugar.but be cautious excess drink is danger so consult vaidya before drinking this.You can increase and decrease from 50gm to 75gm or 50 gm to 20 gm this depend on your body type.very good ayurved stem no adulteration in this.I take 5 leaf of gudmar daily to rejunevate my pancreas.its ayurved powder allowed.but be cautious in start gudmar affect on blood pressure so do not drive uptil two hour of taking gudmar.take it in evening.My personal experience very good.after eating(chewing)gudmar leaf uptil two hour sugar will test you like sand.please do regular morning walk on grass bare foot.consult your vaidya before starting this stem and leaf.very good treatment in chattisgarh tribals adhivashi area.mail me on not get scared of daibetis.our ancient used all this.god bless you.this all was shown on surya tv channel in tamil.

  • My sister was able to prepare this  once but I could not drink. So I feel its really very very difficult to drink



  • Hi all,

    The gondh mentioned here has the tendency of completely absorbing the water. Eg: 10 grams of gondh absorbs around 1litre of water and cystalizes. This being the nature of ingredients 7 glass of water absolutely solidifies on boiling all listed items together. How did people who have shared experiences try. Could you please explain me how water was extracted.


    gondh - 100 grams; whole wheat - 100 grams; barley - 100 grams; black seeds - 100 grams. All together was boiled for 10 mins and brought to cool.

    Result : the mixture completely crystalized leaving behind no water. Please post your valuable responses / email respective details at which will really help.

  • My name is Krishna Karki and live in New Zealand. I have prepared this above mixture for my wife. She is living with the type-2 diabetic since last 10 years.With two to three type of medicine her sugar level is near normal and some time goes up. I have prepared the solution of the above four ingredients and result is yet to be seen. But I have question that is there any use of the material after the filtration? There should also be some use of the materials. As any one tried ?

  • You will never see good results. This HOAX is on the internet since 2008. Diabetes management is not about these "jugaad" but more about diet as carbs spike the most.

  • I tried the above preparation last week of March/April 16 as mentioned. I was testing fasting and PP sugar and found not much change in the sugar readings I also was doing the some hand mudras for heart/weight loss/heart simultanously. Between November 15 and March 16 two times I tested my HBA1C once the reading was 7.2 and next time 7.6. Recently I tested my HB A1C and the result was 6.02 and was surprised about this reading. My own reading during the period April/June showed sugar levels were under control. I have still not discontinued allopathic medications. I am not sure if the the current result is because of the preparation or the hand mudras I was doing side by side. I would appreciate any feedback from the prescriber of the treatment particularly on whether the preparation should be taken periodically and if so at what frequency.

  • Use whole wheat

  • i am trying this from last 2 days ,but no effect on my sugar level , after how many days effects will observe . please suggest.

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