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Tips for the travel trips for diabetics

Do’s -

•Before going to the trip collect information about the climate of the zone you are visiting

•Also find the Diabetologist in that area & other best medical facilities for emergency help

•Before going to the trip get your medical examination done

•Carry Sufficient medicines along with you

•Try your best to manage your Diet as adviced, Carry some edibles with you

• if any unusual symptom seen,Get your blood sugar test done urgently,

•Take special care of you feet, if going on a long walk trip

•Carry Diabetic card with you


I am Diabetic




Medicines name taking regularly…..

Emergency phone no. of your nears& dears…..


Walking bare foot/excessive walking

Eating unknown food article/recipie

Alcohol intake

Empty stomach more than 5 hrs.

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You are doing the best. Medicine will tend you to eat more junk. If you don't take medicine ther is no question of low sugar. All the travel tips given in the blog are not necessary. Ear sprouts, protein and regiular weight resistance training. What you are doing is the best, no practising doctor will suggest, it means loss of business for them . Control the sugar at the input stage you will lead a healthy life and you will live unlike others who survive. Wish you all the best


Noted your points Sir,

Could you kindly reveal/account over your day to day activities including the type of food intake and details of the exercise that you take daily/usually.

Your measurement of 5.4/5.0. Is it the average of measurement in India, I hope so.

Because I am used to this western (UK) measurement.

Hoping to have your detailed response

With best of regard,




i had gone recently on Europe Trip along with Insuline injector/BP & Glucometer. Here in India, I was taking18-20 units Insuline whereas, i started taking 26 units in low temperature zone of europe, even though, I felt suffocation while sleeping in Paris & lisa where world wonders like eiffel tower & pisa are located. Interestingly, enough, while I did not feel any problem while travelling Holland, Germany,Austaria, Rome & Italy. Can u tell the reasons for my suffocation in the mid night of Paris & Lisa/


Just to share your view by being an ordinary type 2 diabetic and lives in the Western country quiete long.

You mention about suffocation - may be the reason that you would have been new/the room temperature etc might be the reason. I am very well familiar with the place you mentioned in Paris.

Obviously the weather condition makes different on diabetic and so the different or higher usage of insulin when compare with our Indian weather condition.#

I did experience the same while in India and the advisable point is that we should carry sufficient medicines and the meter to measure flood.

thank you


As I am concerned I had stayed in Rhode Island in US during 2001-2002.I am a known diabetic then.I had my B/S levels were 125 fasting and 160-180 PP before I left INDIA..I was taking EUGULUCON 1+1.It is a wonder on me that my B/S level has come down drastically then.and It was 90/125 till I stayed there.


someone talking about not taking any medicine and b/s levels are in limits. my spouse diabetic since 1998 but never took medicine till 2004 and in limits for b/s due to change in food habits and regular exercise. but an antibiotic medicine changed the scenerio and under medication since then. another case of my brother too diabetic since 10 years and rarely took medication for diabetic and he having BP too last 2 years. recently he suffered paralytic stroke. be cautious. Once diagnosed for diabetic not taking medicine is risky.


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