Reversal of Diabetes!

Reversal of Diabetes!

Following is the physical results & sharings of some of our participants at RJC.


she came with Back pain& left leg pain,over weight & blood sugar.On examination she had BP:120/90 mm Hg,weight 57.5kg(Normal:50kg),Fasting Blood Sugar:113mg/dl(Nomal:60-100).

when she went after 10days got relieved from Back & leg pain and her reports were:BP-100/80mm Hg,weight 54.0kg,Fasting Blood Sugar:84mg/dl & Random Blood Sugar:120mg/dl.She is too active & looking younger.

Regular follow-up is must for complete cure.

Sharing: I like seva bhava of everyone here.My soul is touched by the greenery which is everywhere here.All treatments,meditations were very very useful & enjoyable.All the people giving treatment & guidance are caring & loving.Company of other participants is nice.Enthusiasm of 100%Memory Program children & Gurukulam children was energizing.


she came for Obesity,skin problems,Palpitation of Heart on climbing stairs & while walking,has to take rest in between while walking only for 500meters.Her weight was 76.8kg(Normal-51),BP-130/90 mm Hg.

when she went after 15days her weight was 69.4kg,BP-108/70.Her skin problem almost relieved & she was able to walk 500meters without taking rest.

Regular follow-up to pursue complete cure & joyful life is must.

Sharing:The difference between outside treatment & Rishi Joy Therapy treatment is here mainly Seva Bhava is seen than a Business.


he came with Diabetes since 5yrs & Cirrhosis of Liver under treatment since 6months without any improvement.His Fasting Blood Sugar with taking medicines for Sugar-310mg/dl(Normal:60-100),Total S.Bilirubin-5.1mg/dl(Normal:upto 1.0),Direct S.Bilirubin-2.47(Normal:upto 0.2),Indirect S.Bilirubin-2.63mg/dl(Normal:0.8).

when he went after 21days Fasting Blood Sugar-98mg/dl,Random Blood Sugar-126mg/dl,Total S.Bilirubin-1.38mg/dl,Direct S.Bilirubin-0.56mg/dl.

He was advised to prolong his stay till his Liver gets fully alright,but he wanted to attain some family religious function.So allowed to go with strictly following & doing as per prescription of our Doctors & has to give follow up after 25 days.

His sharing:I got cured around 70%after getting treatment here.



Call : 09900023240/44/42

Reversal of Heart disease & Diabetes Camp

At Rishi Joy Therapy Center

Dodda Maralawadi, Bangalore

2nd June to 22nd June 2013

Camp is for people with Heart disease & Diabetes to bid good bye to suffering and live without any Medicines.

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  • When the two Diabetic persons (A & C) came to you & left you, how much were their HbA1c?

    Before returning were they subjected to Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) ? If yes what are the blood sugar values at different times?

    At home what diet are they advised to follow during a typical/normal day? Are they allowed to eat Carbohydrates, Fruits, Bakery items, Desserts in feasts & Coffee/Tea with sugar?

    I do not think that reversing Diabetes is possible in days or weeks. I have not only reversed but cured my diabetes; but it took much longer than the time frame you quoted here.

  • pl share how you got cured from diabetes, what type of treatment you have undergone in detail

  • thank you for a wonderful article, the treatment should be tested for more number of persons to prove that it would work for all.

  • u can find the info. about the camp. at the following address.

    it is not mere a treatment. the experiences are true experiences.

    our aim is to see the people can live and leave happily.. with out poisonous medicine through out life..

    for more information about the camp. pl. contact the no. 09900023240/44/42

  • yes,curing diabetes is not done in days or needs long term.they have to go through the proper diet plan.these participants A & C are under follow-up and we have to monitor FBS,PPBS & HbA1c as you have mentioned.

    here we start reversing & than keep them on prescribed diet with regular follow ups. its long term journey to reverse the cells & tissues of the systems to normal functioning.Any chronic illness can be reversed but it demands Time,Patience & Commitment.

    we congratulate for your success & thanks you for your sharing,it inspires & encourages many.

    love & regards,

    Rishi Joy Therapy & Wellness Centre

  • Thank you for the reply & encouraging remark.


    Former Scientist of ISRO

  • Mr. Shooter pl share your experience for the benefit of masses.

  • Please read the comment above or click my picture on left side & read profile notes or visit

    Ask me if you have more doubts

  • send your process

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