Dr(Professor)Brian Kirby at presnt on the board as member of National Heart Forum UK and earlier worked in British hospitals for more than 40 years diagnosing and treating all types of diseases and who has carried out research on heart and lung diseases in particular and has been author of more than 200 scientific articles and reviews has this to say in his book "your comprehensive guide to a healthy life" I Quote

"For reasons that are not yet fully understood cells become less sensitive to insulin .Instead of one insulin molecule triggering them into action it may take upto ten.This condition is called "insulin resistance".

it is becoming increasingly common .millions of people in UK now have insulin resistance to some degree.. It has a number of unpleasent consequences

1.Even with a lot of insulin you may have high levels of glucose for long period in blood--we have seen the damages this can do

2.High levels of insulin changes how fats are handled .Increase the risk of blood clotting (and therefore of heart disease ), potentially raises blood pressure and is associated with higher risk of cancer.

Insulin resistance depends partly on your genes .so if parent,brother or sister has it you need to be extra avoid other factors that put you at risk.The risk is higher if you are a man who is asian,black or some other specificracial group.

It also becomes more common with age past 40.

By and large insulin resistance comes from too much body fat specially fat around your internal organs .If your waist line is expanding it is worth taking action early .

Insulin resistance is also associated with lack of physical activity and with glucose and insulin levels that remain high for long time." Unquote

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  • The real problem lies with middle obesity.We can some how reduce the weight and come with in safe BMI range but it is a tough job reducing the waistline.Very good advise.

  • if any one wants to dissolve fats at tummy and wants to reduce toxins from blood which r provided by every meals in the shape of fertilizer, insecticide & pesticides. then one should take SPIRULINA with rich water intake. it can help u to grow better & is promoted by WHO (iimsam). I know a source which provides self cultivated for RS.380/- months diet. if any one wants can call me 09415126016 or can mail me

  • Spirulina is a veg protein and is safe to give any one even for prolonged use. this is reported by WHO through IIMSAM. U CAN WATCH THE CONTENTS ON GOOGLE SEARCH. thousands of diabetics r using it as food supplements and r feeling good. so before any statement one should be confident of his note. this product is given free to malnutrition countries through UNO.

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