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10 Things Dietitians Say About Low-Carb Diets That Don’t Make Sense

Here is a very interesting post. Pls go through. They have explained each and every point in detail. May be not a dietician, i have been confronted with these points while discussing LCHF with people around me!


10 Things Dietitians Say About Low-Carb Diets That Don’t Make Sense

1. Low Carb Diets Are Hard to Stick to

2. Low Carb Diets Exclude Food Groups That Are Essential

3. Low Carb Diets Lead to a State Known as Ketosis, Which Causes Harm

4. Low Carb Diets Are High in Saturated Fat and Therefore Dangerous

5. Low Carb Diets Are Not Proven to be Safe in The Long Term

6. Most of The Weight Loss on Low Carb Diets is Water Weight

7. Low Carb Diets Lead to Deficiencies in Vital Nutrients

8. Low Carb Diets Don’t Supply Carbs That The Brain Needs to Function

9. Low Carb Diets Raise Your Risk of Heart Disease

10. Low Carb Diets Are Not Proven to Work

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..... And the chairman of a "junk food" company in the erstwhile Americal Diabetes Association, now renamed as Academy of Nutrition and Diet ( A.N.D )

.....And if some body brings such a piece of information,which is already in the public domain, he is branded as an 'ENEMY ' of diabetes people.

.....And along with food and life style changes we should also go in for a mind set change.

Those who are interested to know how this "low fat- good " concept came out, at least Dr Bernsteins experience, can read the three pages which gives a fascinating account of a man who at the age of 12 years was diagnosed Type I and is now in early eighties.

The link for the article

My life with diabetes (Well beyond half a century)

64 years of living with diabetes,Type I



Oh Yes, lastly, there are counter points ( Remember there are always points and counter-points, there is no right or wrong ) to all the points mentioned by meenaraju. Compiling it would take some effort and time but can be done, notwithstanding one may have to buy a basket to collect the thrown rotten eggs........


I recall one story which my mother used to tell me.....

One man was reluctantly going to village market on a Sunday. When he was under a coconut tree, a crow started crowing, a coconut fell down on his head.

When he was told to go to the market , the next sunday, as he heard the crow crowing, he said " I can't go since coconut will fall".........

To Prove: or To say "I will not go " is already decided.

Some people will understand only what they want to understand........


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