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Some do's and don’ts for Diabetics ...........


Some do's and don’ts

1.Eat half of your hunger; we are in the habits of eating too much.

2.Eat natural – Say no to processed food. Prefer whole grains/splits to flour.

3.Eat only if hungry, otherwise skip meals.

4.Chew properly.

5.Take food in small installment. Prefer six meals instead of three main meals.

6.Take live veg. food. It has healing power (Pran Urja).

7.Add sprouts in diet.

8.Reduce tea/coffee. In case of urge, drink only half a cup. Do not drink empty stomach; 9.drink after eating some thing.

10.Eat as much vegetables as you can ,but reduce potato and other starchy veg.

11.Eat orange, papaya, melon, watermelon, citrus fruits, guava, pineapple, apple, pomegranate, plum, peach, jamun, strawberry etc.

12.Avoid or reduce banana, mango, cheeku, grapes custard apple. You can eat in small quantity if your HbA1C test is below 7.

13.Take almonds and walnuts in modest quantities. Say no to pista.

14.Increase curd/lassi(butter milk ) but reduce milk. Milk increases sugar level but curd do not.

15.Restrict oil two 2 tsp per day. Preferably mustard, soya oil, rice bran oil.

16.Take salad before meals. It will not increase sugar level suddenly.

17.Say no to maida (refined flour)/sugar/fried/bread /burger/pizza.

18.Use Himalayan rock salt ( saindha )salt

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Lokks to be a perfect advice.

Thanks .............try to follow as many as you can ,even if not diabetic

Very useful,for DIABETICs & to prevent DIABETIC.

very useful tips & thanks

Perfect advice


Sound advice.

One side you say "Skip meal". On the other side you say,"Prefer 6 meals in stead if three."?

Also experts say that watermelon is not good for Diabetic

try to skip evening meal ,if not feeling hungry .Sometimes we are not hungry and take meals as if it is a ritual .Regarding 6 meals ,it is advised to take small meals 6 times instead of 3 large meals .It will prevent sudden increase of blood sugar

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